Biased Bowl Blusterings - Charlie Pants Edition

I'm working on my own - very important - Biased Bowl picks for the upcoming bowl season (this year, I'm thinking we're going to throw out the subjective blatherings and focus on tangible, reliable facts - that is, cute/good lookingness).

But, in the meantime, I thought I'd offer a few picks from one of my junior associates - Charlie (speaking of cuteness), my 2 year old godson. He is a big fan of "FOOTBAW!" so I asked his opinion on a few key games -

He has an affinity for Tigers, in general - and he had some very emphatic choices...

EagleBank Bowl
Wake Forest vs. Navy

Charlie’s pick: Navy

magicJack St. Petersburg
Memphis vs. South Florida

Charlie’s pick: Memphis

Pioneer Las Vegas
BYU vs. Arizona

Charlie’s pick: BYU

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia
Boise State vs. TCU

Charlie’s pick: Boise State

Sheraton Hawaii
Hawaii vs. Notre Dame

Charlie’s pick: Hawaii

Meineke Car Care
West Virginia vs. North Carolina

Charlie’s pick: unc (much to my dismay)

Champs Sports
Wisconsin vs. Florida State

Charlie’s pick: Wisconsin (whew!)

Miami (Fla.) vs. California

Charlie’s pick: Miami

NC State vs. Rutgers

Charlie’s pick: NC State

Valero Alamo
Missouri vs. Northwestern

Charlie’s pick: Missouri

Roady's Humanitarian
Maryland vs. Nevada

Charlie’s pick: Maryland

Pacific Life Holiday
Oklahoma State vs. Oregon

Charlie’s pick: Ok State

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces
Houston vs. Air Force

Charlie’s pick: Houston

Brut Sun
Oregon State vs. Pittsburgh

Charlie’s pick: “Hamper” - Your guess is as good as mine - I guess he couldn't bring himself to fully endorse the Panthers.

Gaylord Hotels Music City
Boston College vs. Vanderbilt

Charlie’s pick: Boston College - Wait a minute. Is he picking the first team every time?

Kansas vs. Minnesota

Charlie’s pick: “Joe Pa” - Probably he was repeating "Jayhawks" - but when you think about it - they're sorta synonymous.

LSU vs. Georgia Tech

Charlie’s pick: “Tiger Jacket” - He was getting a little bored - don't call PETA.

South Carolina vs. Iowa

Charlie’s pick: South Carolina

Capital One
Georgia vs. Michigan State

Charlie’s pick: “bullpig

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi
Penn State vs. USC

Charlie’s pick: Nittany Lions. Princess Nittany Lions. Honestly, that was his answer. He loves PSU - and "Princess" (he has 2 older sisters) is by far the greatest compliment/superlative he could ever bestow.

FedEx Orange
Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech

Charlie’s pick: Cincinnati - He was really adamant about this one.

AutoZone Liberty
Kentucky vs. East Carolina

Charlie’s pick: ECU

Allstate Sugar
Utah vs. Alabama

Charlie’s pick: Bama -

Tostitos Fiesta
Ohio State vs. Texas

Charlie’s pick: tosu - I asked him twice - and that's his pick.

FedEx BCS National Championship Game
Florida vs. Oklahoma

Charlie’s pick: Florida - without a doubt. Although, when asked, he did say that Penn State would beat the Gators in a head-to-head.

Apparently he too is an advocate of a playoff.


Unknown said...

Nice job in 'The Tailgator'. As soon as I saw that email looking for psu tailgaters I knew you'd response.

Anonymous said...

this boy will someday rule the planet.

kudos on your mention in"the tailgater".

Anonymous said...

Charlie's comments are smarter than those high falutin' high paid commentators on espn.