Biased Bowl Blusterings - College Football Predictions - The Results Show

Well, Part 1 of the results show...

Let's see how the old iPod (it actually is, in iPod terms, pretty old) and Charlie have fared through the first 1/3 (or so) of bowl season.  

Eagle Bank Bowl - Wake Forest vs. Navy.

Song 1: "Calling Baton Rouge" - Garth Brooks (Wake)
Song 2: "Nittany Lion Special" - Penn State Blue Band (Navy)

Charlie's pick:  Navy
iPod's pick:  Navy

So, old Garth helped the Deacons score "just one more time." Curses.

Charlie:  0 - 1

iPod:  0 - 1

New Mexico - Colorado State vs. Fresno State

Song 1: "A Boy Named Sue" - Johnny Cash (Colorado State)
Song 2: "Je Ne Te Connais Pas" - Prototypes (Fresno State)

Charlie's pick: n/a
iPod's pick: Colorado State

"How do you do?" - well, the CSU won, so they're doin' fine

Charlie: 0 - 1
iPod: 1 - 1

magicJack St. Petersburg - Memphis vs. South Florida

Song 1: "Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall (Memphis)
Song 2: "Jam on It" - Newcleus (South Florida)

Charlie's pick: Memphis
iPod's pick: South Florida

Charlie is too young to understand the power of the wikiwikiwikiwikiwikiwikiwikiwiki - South Florida wins.

Charlie: 0 - 2
iPod: 2 - 1

Pioneer Las Vegas - BYU vs. Arizona

Song 1: "California Dreamin" - The Mamas and the Papas (BYU)
Song 2: "He's the Greatest Dancer" - Sister Sledge (Arizona)

Charlie's pick: BYU
iPod's pick: Arizona

Oh what, wow - Wildcats are winners.

Charlie: 0 - 3
iPod: 3 - 1

R+L Carriers New Orleans - Southern Miss vs. Troy

Song 1: "The Way" - Fastball (Southern Miss)
Song 2: "Skyhigh" - Jigsaw (Troy)

Charlie's pick: n/a
iPod's pick: So. Miss

Southern Miss certainly did find a "way."

Charlie: 0 - 3
iPod: 4 - 1

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia - Boise State vs. TCU

Song 1: "Cha-Cha All the Way" - Capitol Studios Orchestra (Boise State)
Song 2: "With a Little Luck" - Paul McCartney (TCU)

Charlie's pick: Boise State
iPod's pick: Boise State

So, the Horned Frogs did turn their backs on inclement weather (ie, they won).

Charlie: 0 - 4
iPod: 4 - 2

Sheraton Hawaii - Hawaii vs. Notre Dame

Song 1: "Bossman" - Lucky Boys Confusion (Hawaii)
Song 2: "One Way Ticket" - The Darkness (notre dame)

Charlie's pick: Hawaii
iPod's pick: Hawaii

Yeah, the irish took the warriors on their trip, and back - and there and back again. nd wins big.

Charlie: 0 - 5
iPod: 4 - 3

Motor City - Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan

Song 1: "The Name of the Game" DJ Ostkurve (Florida Atlantic)
Song 2: "What's My Name Again?" Blink 182 (Central Michigan)

Charlie's pick: n/a
iPod's pick: Florida Atlantic

Charlie: 0 - 5
iPod: 5 - 3

Meineke Car Care - West Virginia vs. North Carolina

Song 1: "Fascination" - The Human League (WVU)
Song 2: "Beautiful Girl" - INXS (UNC)

Charlie's pick: UNC
iPod's pick: WVU

Oooh, Mountaineers win by one point. Fascinating.

Charlie: 0 - 6
iPod: 6 - 3

Champs Sports - Wisconsin vs. Florida State

Song 1: "Lucky Ball and Chain" - They Might Be Giants (Wisconsin)
Song 2: "Straighten Up and Fly Right" - Natalie Cole (fsu)

Charlie's pick: Wisconsin
iPod's pick: Wisconsin

Ain't no use in jiving - fsu rolled.

Charlie: 0 - 7
iPod: 6 - 4

Emerald - Miami (Fla.) vs. California

Song 1: "Tear You Apart" - She Wants Revenge (Miami)
Song 2: "Modern Way" - Kaiser Chiefs (California)

Charlie's pick: Miami
iPod's pick: California

Cal stopped at nothing to get their way - I predict a riot -

Charlie: 0 - 8
iPod: 7 - 4

Independence - Northern Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech

Song 1: "Face Down" - Katie Todd Band (N. Ill)
Song 2: "Glycerine" - Bush (La Tech)

Charlie's pick: n/a
iPod's pick: La Tech

Could have been easier - but La Tech still wins by 7.

Charlie: 0 - 8
iPod: 8 - 4

So, what I think that we should all take away from this is that Charlie, is, in fact, just a 2 year old child who was busy coloring while he made his picks, and that the iPod (and fsu and nd) are obviously cheating.

And don't worry about Charlie - he'll be fine. After all, he is a racecar driver.

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