It's Fun to Vote for Things!

Since we all had such a great time voting for Aaron Maybin - I thought you all might like another chance to do some online voting.

This isn't anything to do with football, or even Penn State - but it's very cool, all the same.

One of my favorite blogs, Taxgirl, has been named to the "Top 100 Blawgs" by the American Bar Association (ABA Journal really) in the "niche" category.

Taxgirl is, as described by the ABA:

Fighting for truth, justice and the American way is Kelly Phillips Erb as Taxgirl. A straight shooter who answers all tax questions large and small, Erb of Philadelphia has turned her passion for a practice area that makes some lawyers shudder into a career, a creative outlet and a way to interact with the public.

If you're already a fan of Taxgirl, then be sure to vote for her here. Otherwise, check out the blog, and then vote for her here ;)

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