Paddy, we hardly knew ye; Pat Devlin Leaves Penn State

As has been reported across the blogosphere - Pat Devlin will be transferring from Penn State. No announcement yet as to where he'll be going - but it is clear that he is off the team, won't be traveling with the team to Pasadena and has cleaned out his locker (he's even already off the team roster).

Reportedly, Devlin and his parents (both Penn Staters) met with Coach Paterno to discuss "a list of issues" - the result of the meeting was Pat saying that he was leaving the team (no indication that this was his intention going into the meeting). It has been further reported that Coach Paterno gave Devlin a few days (Monday - Wednesday) to decide if he wanted to participate in the Rose Bowl - when Pat was unable (or whatever) to come to a decision "Paterno made the decision for him, and by the end of the day, Devlin's locker was cleaned out."

Remembering Pat.

Over the last 2 years Devlin hasn't gotten much mention on the blog - but here are a few quotes from the past...

"If I thought that Devlin would be a "quick fix" then I'd be clamoring for the kid - but I don't see it happening."
Final (poached) Blue White Roundtable - January 10, 2008.

"For my part - I wore my new Pat Devlin Jersey (here's hoping that the kid doesn't transfer) - "
Well, he didn't; but then he did. msu/PSU recap 11/19/07.

"Pat Devlin (QB), backed off of his commitment to U miami (we have Larry Coker and his golden guillotine to thank for this one)."
January 25, 2006.

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