Penn State is Perfect - PSU Wins Women's Volleyball National Championship

The Lady Lions clinched an undefeated season - and a national championship Saturday night.

They won it 3-0 against reigning runner-up Stanford - but each set had its own brand of excitement.

PSU trailed (at some point) in each set - but rallied back to win each.

They did so in spite of some TERRIBLE officiating/score keeping (my head is still reeling) in the 2nd set - the score keeper lost track of the score - and, despite being told the score by both the Penn State and the Stanford benches (and Penn Staters screaming in the crowd and in their living rooms), deducted one point from Penn State's score - it was a distracting, time consuming and frustrating error - but Penn State won the set anyway (not sure what would have happened if they had not): 26-24.

Penn State came out of the (long) post 2nd set break playing pretty well - Stanford kept it close but Penn State pulled away at the end to earn a string of match points - On the "final" match point PSU won on a "touch" - which is a little less dramatic than a clean "kill" - but a point all the same - making PSU back-to-back National Champions with a long trail of awards, honors, records and titles.

Congratulations Penn State!

Well done.

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