You Smell - Like Blue and White...

So, today, I'm sitting there, innocently, surfing the morning tv (something I actually never do), when the "person" on one of the morning programs (it may have been CNN) announces a new line of "collegiate" colognes (cue Nirvana) and up pops a shot of 2 boxes emblazoned with the chipmunk logo - the teleprompter readers snicker a bit and "report" that the company created the cologne based on the colors of the schools. Currently they market "scents" inspired by Penn State and - can you believe it? - unc (I guess that they were most intrigued by blue and white). The commentators remarked - "they'll get those college fans to buy anything."

I, of course, had to further investigate - and yes, the Mastik Company - out of perfumery capital of Central Pennsylvania, Harrisburg - produces both perfume and cologne inspired by Penn State (and unc) -

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