Correction - It's Texas and Jordan Norwood vs the Nation

Apparently Jordon is on the Texas team (I guess Daddy's job at Baylor qualifies him as a Texan).

He's also, reportedly, doing quite well - which is great - even if it is for the Lone Star State.

Texas vs The Nation - or - Texas vs Penn State?

This game was already my favorite post-season contest - I mean really - Texas vs the Nation - how awesome is that?

But now they've upped the ante by inviting five (yes, 5) Nittany Lions to play for the "Nation" team.

Tackle Gerald Cadogan, wide receiver Jordan Norwood, guard Rich Ohrnberger, cornerback Lydell Sargeant and safety Anthony Scirrotto will not only be playing for the pride of our nation (minus Texas) but also for some serious bling - check out last year's "participant" rings:

The game will be televised on Saturday, January* 31st at 3pm (EST - not TST) on CBS College Sports Network (which is a bummer because I don't get this channel).

*thanks to KMc for noticing that my brain was taking a snow day


You know it's the off season when... Planning a Super Bowl Party?

Well, as you know, every party is really a tailgate - and you can use (just about) all of you tailgating gear and tricks to make a great Super Bowl Party.

One key to success for a Super Bowl Party is advance preparation - make your food ahead of time and set it out buffet style - that way there's minimal "hosting" required during the actual "watching" of the game.  

Make dishes that are "self serve" - that way guests can pick their own combinations, and easily "refill" their plates.  Consider making an antepasta spread - meats and cheeses - something for everyone. Below is a platter of fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, roquefort, chianti salami, sharp cheddar cheese and tuna w/ white beans with marinated artichokes (out of pic), black olives, marinated mushrooms and kalamata olives.

It wouldn't be a Pennsylvania tailgate without some pork products.  Grilled kielbasa (cut into bite sized pieces and served alongside mustard) is a staple of our tailgating fare.  Lil' smokies (wrapped in biscuits) and cocktail franks (wrapped in bacon!) are a festive addition to the menu.

Serve a variety of foods - that can stand up to "sitting out" and ones that you can make days in advance, like this marinated feta.  Just cut the feta into cubes and marinate in olive oil & balsamic vinegar - add in a few spices and...

let it marinade for a few hours, at least.  


You know it's the off season when... Steelers - yea. Eagles - Wah.

We didn't get our "Pennsylvania Super Bowl" - which is a bummer - but at least, this year, one of the PA teams made it through to the big game.

Of course, this makes things much easier - We'll be rooting for the Gold and Black all the way.


Because we want to; and,

Because they're from Pennsylvania; and,

Because they have more Penn Staters on their active roster (McHugh and Paxson) -

That's why.

you know it's the off season when... East West Shrine Game 2009

I watched about 20 minutes of the East-West Shriners game. It wasn't the most exciting game I've ever seen - but there was quite a lot of...


The kid must be especially charming because the announcers (including Holly Rowe) seemed to be smitten.

They talked about him quite a lot (considering his prospects) and they spoke to him before the game started.

I saw him connect on 2 nice pass plays - prompting more accolades from the booth (in total he had 3 catches for 69 yards).

This week, our dear friend, Derrick Williams will be participating in the Under Armour Senior Bowl (Satuday, 7pm) in Mobile, Alabama - NFL Network will broadcast the game.


Recipe of the month - The Tailgater

Quickly becoming my favorite online periodical - The Tailgater has published one of our favorite recipes...Shrimps on the Barbie.


Penn State Assistants CAN get good jobs;

There's been a lot of fussing going on in the internets about Penn State assistants and whether or not they can get succeed outside of the Penn State system (like why would we ever want that anyway).

REGARDLESS - Jim Caldwell has put all your bellyaching to rest - because a former Penn State assistant coach is now the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts - an NFL head coach - Peyton Manning's coach.

Caldwell has worked with the Colts for 6 seasons (acting as quarterbacks coach, assistant head coach and "associate" head coach).

Caldwell coached at Penn State (wide receivers and quarterbacks coach) from 1986 to 1992.


But does he get to ride the mini motorcycle? Butler to play in 2009 East-West Shriners Game.

Deon Butler has been selected to play in the 2009 East West Shriner's Game.

The game will be played on Saturday, January 17th, at 4pm and will air on ESPN2.

For more info - check out GoPSUsports.com

Way to go Deon!



They're just so darn cute!

Charlie (according to him mom), woke up this morning with one request...

"I want to hear 'Fly Eagles Fly'"


Maybin Announces Intention to Enter the Draft.

There used to be a time when you never "worried" about sophomores (even redshirts) jumping to the NFL.

But now it seems to be the norm.

After just 2 years of playing football at Penn State (wonderfully, of course) Aaron Maybin has announced his intention to enter the 2009 NFL draft.

While we wish he would stay, we wish him well. And sincerely hope that he is immune to the injury/ennui bug that seems to befall former Penn Staters.



When Someone loses, Someone wins,

but for now it's just the end of the season...

Tonight is the final game of the College Football season - florida vs oklahoma - oh joy -

it should, in theory, be a good game - can't really say for whom I'll be rooting - a few weeks ago I was leaning toward ok - but I just really don't want either to win.

The iPod picked ok to win; Charlie likes the gator's chances.

we'll see -

In the meantime - let's see how the iPod and Charlie did with the remainder of their picks.

Papajohns.com - NC State vs. Rutgers

Song 1: "Something So Strong" - Crowded House (NC State)
Song 2: "Devil's Party" - INXS (Rutgers)

iPod: NC State
Charlie: NC State

So, the Scarlet Knights were victorious - party party.

Charlie: 0-9
iPod:  8-5

Valero Alamo Missouri vs. Northwestern

Song 1: "Believe" - Cher (Mizzou)
Song 2: "Friends in Low Places" - Garth Brooks (Northwestern)

iPod: Mizzou
Charlie:  Mizzou

Missouri wins.

Charlie: 1-9 (WHAAAHOOOO!)
iPod:  9-5

Roady's Humanitarian Maryland vs. Nevada

Song 1: "Breakthrough" - Hope 7 (Maryland)
Song 2: "Hands" - Jewel (Nevada)

iPod: Nevada
Charlie:  Maryland

The Terrapins win.

Charlie:  2-9 (he's on a roll)
iPod:  9-6

Texas Rice vs. Western Michigan

Song 1: "Communication Breakdown" - Led Zepplin (Rice)
Song 2: "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" - Leslie Gore (Western Michigan)

iPod: W Mich
Charlie: n/a

Rice rolls.

Charlie:  2-9
iPod:  9-7

Pacific Life Holiday Oklahoma State vs. Oregon

Song 1: "St Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" - The Beatles (Ok State)
Song 2: "Cult of Personality" - Living Colour (Oregon)

iPod: Ok State
Charlie: Ok State

The duck's have a following.

iPod:  9-8
Charlie:  2-10

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Houston vs. Air Force

Song 1: "Crusin" - Smokey Robinson (Houston)
Song 2: "Super Trouper" - ABBA (Air Force)

iPod: Houston
Charlie:  Houston

Houston won.

Charlie:  3-10
iPod:  10-8

Brut Sun Oregon State vs. Pittsburgh

Song 1: "Just Like Heaven" - The Cure (OSU)
Song 2: "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus"- Patti Page (Pitt)

iPod: OSU
Charlie: Pitt (well, he really picked "hamper")

The hampers lose.

Charlie:  3-11
iPod:  11-8

Gaylord Hotels Music City Boston College vs. Vanderbilt

Song 1: "Run Away" - Real McCoy (BC)
Song 2: "Stacy's Mom" Fountains of Wayne - (Vandy)

iPod: BC
Charlie:  BC

Well, Vandy wins.
Charlie:  3-12
iPod:  11-9

Insight Kansas vs. Minnesota

Song 1: "Basket Case" - Green Day (Kansas)
Song 2: "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" - Pet Shop Boys (Minne)

iPod: KU
Charlie:  Kansas

Jayhawks win.

Charlie:  4-12
iPod:  12-9

Chick-fil-A LSU vs. Georgia Tech

Song 1: "The Mighty Quinn" - Manfred Man (LSU)
Song 2: "I Will Buy You a New Life" - Everclear (Tech)

iPod: Tech
Charlie: LSU

So Charlie was right with his Tigers pick...

Charlie: 5-12
iPod:  12-10

Outback South Carolina vs. Iowa

Song 1: "I'm too Sexy" - Right Said Fred (USC)
Song 2: "I Fought the Law" - Green Day (Iowa)

iPod: iowa
Charlie: South Carolina

The only team to beat PSU (in the regular season) and the only b10 ten team to win (during bowl season).

Charlie: 5-13
iPod:  13-10

Capital One Georgia vs. Michigan State

Song 1: "Walk don't Run" - The Ventures (UGA)
Song 2: "The Best is Yet to Come" - Frank Sinatra (MSU)

iPod: UGA
Charlie:  UGA

Dawgs win.

Charlie: 6-13
iPod:  14-10

Konica Minolta Gator Clemson vs. Nebraska

Song 1: "Don't Give Up" - Petula Clark (Clemson)
Song 2: "Spin the Bottle" - The Juliana Hatfield Three (Nebraska)

iPod: Clemson
Charlie:  n/a

Huskers came from behind to win.

Charlie:  6-13
iPod:  14-11

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi Penn State vs. USC

Song 1: "I Feel Lucky" - Mary Chapin Carpenter (Penn State)
Song 2: "Bad Day" - Daniel Powter(USC)

iPod: Penn State
Charlie: Penn State

Let's not talk about it.

Charlie: 6-14
iPod:  14-12

FedEx Orange Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech

Song 1: "Ring of Fire" - Johnny Cash (Cincy)
Song 2: "Tubthumping" - Chumbawamba (Va Tech)

iPod: Va Tech
Charlie:  Cincy

Beamer's boys won - no one watched, but they did win.

Charlie:  6-15
iPod:  15-12

AT&T Cotton Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech

Song 1: "Working for the Weekend" (Ole Miss)
Song 2: "All Over You" Live (Texas Tech)

iPod: Texas Tech
Charlie:  n/a

Mississippi won.

Charlie: 6-15
iPod: 15-13

AutoZone Liberty Kentucky vs. East Carolina

Song 1: "Can't Stop the World" - The GoGos (Kentucky)
Song 2: "Love Grows" - Edison Lighthouse (ECU)

iPod - ECU
Charlie:  ECU

So Kentucky won.  huh.  go figure.

Charlie: 6-16
iPod: 15-14

Allstate Sugar Utah vs. Alabama

Song 1: "Different Drum" Stone Poneys (Utah)
Song 2: "Symphony No. 5 in C Minor" Radio Symphony Orchestra (Bama)

iPod: Bama
Charlie:  Bama

I'm not gonna lie - Utah surprised me. Well done.

Charlie: 6-17
iPod: 15-15

International Buffalo vs. Connecticut

Song 1: "18 and Life" - Skid Row (Buffalo)
Song 2: "I'm Coming Out" - Diana Ross (UConn)

iPod: Buffalo
Charlie:  n/a

UConn wins the battle of the teams that "done Temple wrong."

Charlie: 6-17
iPod: 15-16

Tostitos Fiesta Ohio State vs. Texas

Song 1: "Good Luck Charm" Elvis Presley (tOSU)
Song 2: "Stay" Lisa Loeb (Texas)

UT wins it at the end - it was a much closer game than I thought it would be.

iPod: UT
Charlie:  tOSU

Charlie: 6-18
iPod: 16-16

GMAC Tulsa vs. Ball State

Song 1: "Picture Book" Young Fresh Fellows (Tulsa)
Song 2: "Unforgettable" - Nathalie Cole (Ball St)

iPod: Ball State
Charlie: n/a

So much for David Letterman and Phil Donahue's alma mater...

Charlie: 6-18
iPod: 16-17

After a great start - the iPod now needs Oklahoma to win to finish at .500 -


New Years Day - Open House Tailgate

Every year (well, for the last 3 years) Suz hosts an open house/football party on New Years Day.  It's a "come on by, say hello, have a snack and watch some football" event...basically it's an indoor tailgate.

The size of the crowd varies but she always sets out an awesome spread (again, much like a tailgate) - This year the desserts took center stage.  There were lemon curd tarts (the yellow was nullified by the addition of blueberries and blackberries - so no blame there); a cake (see below); cookies; gingerbread; chocolate pops; and more.

Here are a few pictures of the dessert table...

Yes.  That is the cake.  A football trophy.  We've had this (nordicware) cake pan for a while - but I hadn't tried it before.  For the first 67% of the preparation time I was really annoyed with myself that I had tried something new - but the end result was pretty cool - I embellished it with dark blue piped roses.

Suz took the chocolate pops to a new level - by making navy and white paw prints and

navy roses.  She even wrapped the "stems" with floral tape.

The main "spread" included:  pork and sauerkraut (of course); beef caprese picks (don't hate on the tomatoes); burnt kielbasa; bacon wrapped mini franks; lil' smokies in biscuits; marinated feta; olive tapenade; white bean dip; a huge ante pasta platter; meats and cheeses; chips, dips, pretzels and crackers; warm spinach dip; ham spirals; cheese straws; buffalo wings; and more.

I'll post a few more pix later - but for now...


Tailgate - it's always time to plan a tailgate.

We had our first Planners Meeting of the off season this weekend.

Be sure to double circle the syracuse and tosu dates on your pocket schedules - great things are in the works.

I'll be recapping bowl games and posting pix from the New Years Day party -

The Blue Band OWNED that corner.

Tech Difficulties

ARE OVER (for now, at least)

over at 2thelion - and with email -

sorry for any inconvenience - hope to have sorted out soon.

You know it's the off season when... Blue White Game 2009 countdown.

According to goPSUsports.com's television scheduling (thanks Rich!) = The Penn State Blue/White Scrimmage (2009) will take place on April 25, 2009.

So, that means it's just a short 110 days until we get to see our Lions again.

Of course - in the meantime we have:

the remainder of the pro season (GO PENNSYLVANIA!);

Senior games;

Letter of Intent Day;

NFL Combine and Draft speculation; and,

leftover cookies.