Penn State Assistants CAN get good jobs;

There's been a lot of fussing going on in the internets about Penn State assistants and whether or not they can get succeed outside of the Penn State system (like why would we ever want that anyway).

REGARDLESS - Jim Caldwell has put all your bellyaching to rest - because a former Penn State assistant coach is now the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts - an NFL head coach - Peyton Manning's coach.

Caldwell has worked with the Colts for 6 seasons (acting as quarterbacks coach, assistant head coach and "associate" head coach).

Caldwell coached at Penn State (wide receivers and quarterbacks coach) from 1986 to 1992.


WFY said...

I have a bad feeling we're about to find that a current one can succeed outside of the system.

PSUgirl said...

I guess we would probably disagree about the definition of a "good job" -

WFY said...

Perhaps, but I'm more concerned about whether LJ Sr. considers it a good job.

PSUgirl said...

I have found that my opinion doesn't really sway people - especially people who don't know me.

I don't see working for zook as being a good move. LJ,Sr has (reportedly) "said" that he wants to scale back on his responsibilities - being chief recruiter for ron isn't going to keep you home on Sunday afternoons. but who knows?

I have a ton of theories - maybe the family is concerned about LJ,Jr's future/outlook - he may be cut/traded this year - maybe they want to move somewhere (relatively) closer to him - maybe they're looking to boost the retirement coffers - we'll see - he's obviously a great motivator/recruiter and position coach. I, personally, have no idea whether or not he's a "game day" coach.

I guess that the number of underclassmen who are leaving the D this year may be an indication of his departure - or it maybe in response to the rumors of caps.