Texas vs The Nation - or - Texas vs Penn State?

This game was already my favorite post-season contest - I mean really - Texas vs the Nation - how awesome is that?

But now they've upped the ante by inviting five (yes, 5) Nittany Lions to play for the "Nation" team.

Tackle Gerald Cadogan, wide receiver Jordan Norwood, guard Rich Ohrnberger, cornerback Lydell Sargeant and safety Anthony Scirrotto will not only be playing for the pride of our nation (minus Texas) but also for some serious bling - check out last year's "participant" rings:

The game will be televised on Saturday, January* 31st at 3pm (EST - not TST) on CBS College Sports Network (which is a bummer because I don't get this channel).

*thanks to KMc for noticing that my brain was taking a snow day


Unknown said...

You may want to check the date of the game. I believe you mean JANUARY 31. :)

PSUgirl said...

ahh, you are correct sir. Much thanks.