When Someone loses, Someone wins,

but for now it's just the end of the season...

Tonight is the final game of the College Football season - florida vs oklahoma - oh joy -

it should, in theory, be a good game - can't really say for whom I'll be rooting - a few weeks ago I was leaning toward ok - but I just really don't want either to win.

The iPod picked ok to win; Charlie likes the gator's chances.

we'll see -

In the meantime - let's see how the iPod and Charlie did with the remainder of their picks.

Papajohns.com - NC State vs. Rutgers

Song 1: "Something So Strong" - Crowded House (NC State)
Song 2: "Devil's Party" - INXS (Rutgers)

iPod: NC State
Charlie: NC State

So, the Scarlet Knights were victorious - party party.

Charlie: 0-9
iPod:  8-5

Valero Alamo Missouri vs. Northwestern

Song 1: "Believe" - Cher (Mizzou)
Song 2: "Friends in Low Places" - Garth Brooks (Northwestern)

iPod: Mizzou
Charlie:  Mizzou

Missouri wins.

Charlie: 1-9 (WHAAAHOOOO!)
iPod:  9-5

Roady's Humanitarian Maryland vs. Nevada

Song 1: "Breakthrough" - Hope 7 (Maryland)
Song 2: "Hands" - Jewel (Nevada)

iPod: Nevada
Charlie:  Maryland

The Terrapins win.

Charlie:  2-9 (he's on a roll)
iPod:  9-6

Texas Rice vs. Western Michigan

Song 1: "Communication Breakdown" - Led Zepplin (Rice)
Song 2: "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" - Leslie Gore (Western Michigan)

iPod: W Mich
Charlie: n/a

Rice rolls.

Charlie:  2-9
iPod:  9-7

Pacific Life Holiday Oklahoma State vs. Oregon

Song 1: "St Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" - The Beatles (Ok State)
Song 2: "Cult of Personality" - Living Colour (Oregon)

iPod: Ok State
Charlie: Ok State

The duck's have a following.

iPod:  9-8
Charlie:  2-10

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Houston vs. Air Force

Song 1: "Crusin" - Smokey Robinson (Houston)
Song 2: "Super Trouper" - ABBA (Air Force)

iPod: Houston
Charlie:  Houston

Houston won.

Charlie:  3-10
iPod:  10-8

Brut Sun Oregon State vs. Pittsburgh

Song 1: "Just Like Heaven" - The Cure (OSU)
Song 2: "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus"- Patti Page (Pitt)

iPod: OSU
Charlie: Pitt (well, he really picked "hamper")

The hampers lose.

Charlie:  3-11
iPod:  11-8

Gaylord Hotels Music City Boston College vs. Vanderbilt

Song 1: "Run Away" - Real McCoy (BC)
Song 2: "Stacy's Mom" Fountains of Wayne - (Vandy)

iPod: BC
Charlie:  BC

Well, Vandy wins.
Charlie:  3-12
iPod:  11-9

Insight Kansas vs. Minnesota

Song 1: "Basket Case" - Green Day (Kansas)
Song 2: "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" - Pet Shop Boys (Minne)

iPod: KU
Charlie:  Kansas

Jayhawks win.

Charlie:  4-12
iPod:  12-9

Chick-fil-A LSU vs. Georgia Tech

Song 1: "The Mighty Quinn" - Manfred Man (LSU)
Song 2: "I Will Buy You a New Life" - Everclear (Tech)

iPod: Tech
Charlie: LSU

So Charlie was right with his Tigers pick...

Charlie: 5-12
iPod:  12-10

Outback South Carolina vs. Iowa

Song 1: "I'm too Sexy" - Right Said Fred (USC)
Song 2: "I Fought the Law" - Green Day (Iowa)

iPod: iowa
Charlie: South Carolina

The only team to beat PSU (in the regular season) and the only b10 ten team to win (during bowl season).

Charlie: 5-13
iPod:  13-10

Capital One Georgia vs. Michigan State

Song 1: "Walk don't Run" - The Ventures (UGA)
Song 2: "The Best is Yet to Come" - Frank Sinatra (MSU)

iPod: UGA
Charlie:  UGA

Dawgs win.

Charlie: 6-13
iPod:  14-10

Konica Minolta Gator Clemson vs. Nebraska

Song 1: "Don't Give Up" - Petula Clark (Clemson)
Song 2: "Spin the Bottle" - The Juliana Hatfield Three (Nebraska)

iPod: Clemson
Charlie:  n/a

Huskers came from behind to win.

Charlie:  6-13
iPod:  14-11

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi Penn State vs. USC

Song 1: "I Feel Lucky" - Mary Chapin Carpenter (Penn State)
Song 2: "Bad Day" - Daniel Powter(USC)

iPod: Penn State
Charlie: Penn State

Let's not talk about it.

Charlie: 6-14
iPod:  14-12

FedEx Orange Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech

Song 1: "Ring of Fire" - Johnny Cash (Cincy)
Song 2: "Tubthumping" - Chumbawamba (Va Tech)

iPod: Va Tech
Charlie:  Cincy

Beamer's boys won - no one watched, but they did win.

Charlie:  6-15
iPod:  15-12

AT&T Cotton Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech

Song 1: "Working for the Weekend" (Ole Miss)
Song 2: "All Over You" Live (Texas Tech)

iPod: Texas Tech
Charlie:  n/a

Mississippi won.

Charlie: 6-15
iPod: 15-13

AutoZone Liberty Kentucky vs. East Carolina

Song 1: "Can't Stop the World" - The GoGos (Kentucky)
Song 2: "Love Grows" - Edison Lighthouse (ECU)

iPod - ECU
Charlie:  ECU

So Kentucky won.  huh.  go figure.

Charlie: 6-16
iPod: 15-14

Allstate Sugar Utah vs. Alabama

Song 1: "Different Drum" Stone Poneys (Utah)
Song 2: "Symphony No. 5 in C Minor" Radio Symphony Orchestra (Bama)

iPod: Bama
Charlie:  Bama

I'm not gonna lie - Utah surprised me. Well done.

Charlie: 6-17
iPod: 15-15

International Buffalo vs. Connecticut

Song 1: "18 and Life" - Skid Row (Buffalo)
Song 2: "I'm Coming Out" - Diana Ross (UConn)

iPod: Buffalo
Charlie:  n/a

UConn wins the battle of the teams that "done Temple wrong."

Charlie: 6-17
iPod: 15-16

Tostitos Fiesta Ohio State vs. Texas

Song 1: "Good Luck Charm" Elvis Presley (tOSU)
Song 2: "Stay" Lisa Loeb (Texas)

UT wins it at the end - it was a much closer game than I thought it would be.

iPod: UT
Charlie:  tOSU

Charlie: 6-18
iPod: 16-16

GMAC Tulsa vs. Ball State

Song 1: "Picture Book" Young Fresh Fellows (Tulsa)
Song 2: "Unforgettable" - Nathalie Cole (Ball St)

iPod: Ball State
Charlie: n/a

So much for David Letterman and Phil Donahue's alma mater...

Charlie: 6-18
iPod: 16-17

After a great start - the iPod now needs Oklahoma to win to finish at .500 -

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