You know it's the off season when... Planning a Super Bowl Party?

Well, as you know, every party is really a tailgate - and you can use (just about) all of you tailgating gear and tricks to make a great Super Bowl Party.

One key to success for a Super Bowl Party is advance preparation - make your food ahead of time and set it out buffet style - that way there's minimal "hosting" required during the actual "watching" of the game.  

Make dishes that are "self serve" - that way guests can pick their own combinations, and easily "refill" their plates.  Consider making an antepasta spread - meats and cheeses - something for everyone. Below is a platter of fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, roquefort, chianti salami, sharp cheddar cheese and tuna w/ white beans with marinated artichokes (out of pic), black olives, marinated mushrooms and kalamata olives.

It wouldn't be a Pennsylvania tailgate without some pork products.  Grilled kielbasa (cut into bite sized pieces and served alongside mustard) is a staple of our tailgating fare.  Lil' smokies (wrapped in biscuits) and cocktail franks (wrapped in bacon!) are a festive addition to the menu.

Serve a variety of foods - that can stand up to "sitting out" and ones that you can make days in advance, like this marinated feta.  Just cut the feta into cubes and marinate in olive oil & balsamic vinegar - add in a few spices and...

let it marinade for a few hours, at least.  

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