Not Gone, or Forgotten - just busy.

Yes, we're still here - it's just been an amazingly busy April (so far).

We're knee deep in planning for the Blue White game - so check back soon for details and updates on the tailgate.

Currently, Accuweather is forecasting a clear, mild day (mid 60s) - but yesterday the forecast was "possible shower; high of 56" - so I'm not so sure...

Be sure to visit the facebook page for the tailgate.

Please email us if you did not receive an evite and (you'd like to see it, or) you're coming to the tailgate - we'll add you to the list.

As always, contributions to the greater good are appreciated; check out the equipment list to see what we might need.

All that said, we here in Philadelphia have been deeply saddened by the sudden passing of our beloved baseball announcer, Harry Kalas. He is the voice of not just the Phillies, but NFL Football, and so much more. We will miss his wit, enthusiasm and personality forever.

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