Is he a Linebacker now? Deon Butler changes number in Seattle

According to the Seahawkaddicts, Deon Butler has changed his jersey number (from 85) to 11. Seahawks.com confirms.

He's #1 twice.

He is not normal.

Oh, and Aaron is doing well.

Penn State Tailgating - Time to start planning!

Since the Blue White game we've been discussing/brainstorming some possible themes and improvements for the tailgate. We haven't finalized anything but here are a few ideas...


Oktoberfest (illinois);
Cafe Lionnaise (tba); and,
Clam Bake (tba).


Wild Wild West;
Tea, Sir;
Brunch of Champions;
Caribbean; and/or,

Oldies, but goodies:

Pro Lions;
Retro Diner;
British Pub...


It Takes Two, Baby. Lee and Clark named 2009 Captains.

What's a ship captain's least favorite vegetable?

a leek.

har har.

Anyway - earlier this week PSU announced that Sean Lee (LB) and Daryll Clark (QB) had been elected as co-captains of the 2009 Penn State Football team.

Excellent, obvious choices.

Go State!

Talor Made. Battle invited to US Team tryouts.

Talor Battle is one of 15 players invited to attend the 2009 USA Basketball World University Games Team Trials.

During the camp (in Colorado Springs, Co), the players will compete for 12 spots on the USA touring team.

Battle will join players from schools such as Villanova, unc, tosu, Kansas, Clemson and more.

Go Talor!

It's all coming back to me now...


it has been way too long since I've posted - something, anything.

I blame Twitter!

and the weather.

and Clyde Drexler.


Still Smirking - Derrick Williams, Detroit Rookie Receiver

D Will has a number, 12.

He's still sporting that Katie Holmes smirk!

And, the Pats have assigned Rich Ohrnberger the #62.

Pic from detroitlions.com

And he's smart too! Deon Butler shows his quick wit during Seahawks minicamp.

Apparently, our Deon is a quick study. He impressed his new coach and teammates with his knowledge of the Seahawks' playbook and history.

Check out the article about Deon on Seahawks.com -

Of course he does have some major hurdles to clear on the field - his size, experience and the crew of experienced receivers ahead of him on the depth chart - AND, during practice, DB, Josh Wilson, grabbed an interception off of DB - CAN'T believe it!

But if anyone has drive, ambition and tenacity, it's Deon Butler!

It is mandatory that you love how many of our former Lions practice in navy and look so good doing so (add the Seahawks' to my list of practice jerseys I wish were available for sale).

Photo from Seahawks.com


Would a Player with any other number play as well? NFL teams announce active rosters.

So, many of our recently drafted and signed Penn Staters are now (at least, for now) officially members of NFL squads - with numbers and everything.

Aaron Maybin is now Bills #58.

Deon Butler is Seattle #85 (Bobby was 84).

AQ Shipley will be stretching out the #61 for the Steelers this summer.

Josh Gains is now the Eagles #65.

Arizona's given Tony Davis #37.

Tyrell Sales' new blue and white uniform (albeit for the Colts) will don #46.

And at PSU's newest branch campus, in Charlotte, NC, Anthony Scirrotto will be calling his brother while wearing the #29 and Gerald Cadogen can remember his new number (76) while singing the score to "The Music Man."

While on their teams active rosters, draftees, Derrick Williams (Det) and Rich Ohrnberger (NE), are yet to be assigned numbers.

Mark Rubin (StL) and Lydell Sargeant are not currently listed.

Go State, Make the Team!