And he's smart too! Deon Butler shows his quick wit during Seahawks minicamp.

Apparently, our Deon is a quick study. He impressed his new coach and teammates with his knowledge of the Seahawks' playbook and history.

Check out the article about Deon on Seahawks.com -

Of course he does have some major hurdles to clear on the field - his size, experience and the crew of experienced receivers ahead of him on the depth chart - AND, during practice, DB, Josh Wilson, grabbed an interception off of DB - CAN'T believe it!

But if anyone has drive, ambition and tenacity, it's Deon Butler!

It is mandatory that you love how many of our former Lions practice in navy and look so good doing so (add the Seahawks' to my list of practice jerseys I wish were available for sale).

Photo from Seahawks.com

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