This past week I...

- visited the National Soccer Hall of Fame
- visited Brewery Ommegang
- toured Cooperstown, NY
- visited the Baseball Hall of Fame
- visited University Park, PA
- visited State College, PA
- acted like a tourist in my hometown
- went to the Tavern, and drank champagne
- had breakfast at the Waffle Shop
- went shopping at SBS, UBC, Lion's Pride, Moyer's
- went to the Creamery
- took pictures at the Lion Shrine and Beaver Stadium
- went to the Farmers Market and Auction in Belleville, PA
- drove over a Central PA mountain on a gravel road
- went to a little league game in Half Moon Township, PA
- went to Altoona, PA
- visited Penn State Altoona Campus
- watched tennis
- went to the movies
- planted flowers and shrubs
- drove by Yuengling Brewery


Tailgating Coordinator said...

didn't have time to take the brewery tour?

Sounds like a cool trip.

Unknown said...

Tennis huh? Wouldn't have happened to be the Wimbledon final would it? If so.. what'd you think? I loved it. Federer and Roddick are my two favorite players. Feel really bad for Roddick though.

PS: If it wasn't the final, sorry lol.

PSUgirl said...

I thought that quality of tennis at Wimbledon was exceptional this year - the women's matches were just as compelling and entertaining as the mens - Serena Williams really earned her title -

but yes, the Federer Roddick match was epic - Federer is a great champion - as one sports writer put it - he was just better at winning.

oh - and regarding yuengling - we only had time for a drive by. :(

Anonymous said...

I like your page. My family loves Penn State. We live in Ohio and are going to be in the University Park area in August. Are you allowed to watch any practices?

Anonymous said...

Wow! How did you ever find out about the auction that has occured every wednesday in Belleville? I grew up in that village and am curious what led you there

PSUgirl said...

well, growing up in State College, we would travel over to Belleville a few times every summer - it had been years since i had been to the auction - but I go to Peachy's market whenever I can - it's great for tailgating supplies!

Unknown said...

Serena's match against Dementieva was excellent, but unfortunately the final didn't live up to the hype. I honestly think Venus does not try as hard against her sister. Based on interviews and other things, she certainly doesn't take it as hard when she loses. I do think had they both played the way they were leading up to the tournament, Venus would have won. Unfortunately I didn't get to see many great women's matches since all that's typically shown on TV (ESPN) are Serena's and Venus' and they dominated all of their opponents (with above exceptions). Back in the days of Graf and Seles, the quality of play in Women's tennis was exceptional, but I don't think Serena or Venus live up to that. No offense if you're a fan though.. I am too, I just don't think they're as good.