Add that to the highlight reel; Derrick Williams Scores First NFL Touchdown.

Sure, it was a pre-season game, but Derrick Williams scored his first NFL (preseason) touchdown in the Detroit Lions (again, preseason) opener against the Atlanta Falcons. Williams scooped in a 25 yard pass from a lesser-known rookie on the team, Matthew Stafford, propelling the Lions toward their 27-26 win. Next up for the Lions? Jordan Norwood's new team.

In scores of other games, okay, only 2 -

Deon Butler made his first big-league catch with the Seahawks in their matchup against the San Diego Chargers. He had 2 receptions for a grand total of 7 yards - and one dropped pass where the SD defender knocked the snot out of him. He also returned 1 kick and 2 punts (17 yards - HEY! it's a start- Kick the ball to Butler!) Seattle did win the game, 20 to 14.

Finally, the Bills battled the Bears in their 2nd preseason game (and first win) - 2 comments: 1. Paul, get a haircut; 2. Aaron, buy a pen; they're on sale at Staples.

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