And it's Good!; Deon Butler Seahawks preseason review

This AM I clicked over to 12th Man Rising to check up on our Deon. Yes, I could go to ESPN or wherever, but I prefer to take the easy way out. I do check the NFL network regularly to see if they are airing any of the PSU branch campus games are on - but I missed the Seahawks last outing.

The Seahawks won the game - which is encouraging -

Anyhoo, they have a review of the Seahawks' preseason game against the Denver Broncos. The title of the post is "the good, the bad, and the ugly." I was just hoping that our boy was not in the odious category. I offered up a quick, quiet prayer to the football gods as I scrolled down the list of "The Good" - and there he was "Deon Butler" - wow!

Deon Butler: After a complete no-show the previous week, Butler returned to make several plays against the Denver Broncos. He reeled in a perfect 34-yard pass from Hasselbeck in the first quarter from [sic] a touchdown, and later made a great diving catch on third and long to extend a drive. Butler finished the night with 47 receiving yards.

You go D! And, Mr. Hasselbeck, a quick tip, Throw the Ball to Butler!

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