Blue White Roundtable - Penn State vs eastern illinois.

Oooh, thanks to WFY for putting together some questions for this week's Roundtable. Most folks are blah about this week's matchup against eastern illinois - me? I can't wait!

1 - Penn State played its most complete game of the season thus far against Illinois. What pleased you the most about the performance?

By complete, I assume that you mean "balanced" (ie run/pass - offense/defense) - because the offense did not look good in the first half - not good at all.

All that said, the thing that pleased me the most about the game was the improvement in the offensive line. Certainly, the illinois defense wasn't/isn't the toughest squad - but it was as if something "clicked" with the team - and the scoreboard reflected it.

2 - Has your outlook on the season changed dramatically compared to this time last week? What about before the Iowa game?

It's still pretty much the same for me. I hope that Penn State gets to a bowl game and I hope that they win the rest of their games. However, after iowa, I just didn't see how it was possible that Penn State would be able to compete with their Big Ten opponents - and through much of the (aforementioned) first half of the illinois game, nothing was changing my skepticism. However, the team really played well in the second half of that game - It was a joy to watch - which was pretty much the first time I felt that way this season.

3 - Eastern Illinois actually looks like a decent I-AA err FCS team, having been in that division's top 25 this season. How long can they stay in it with Penn State?

Ack. PSU has to "show up" for this game - I'm hopeful that PSU gains an early lead and that certain players are able to rest/nurse their injuries - but I am sure that the panthers are going to be ready - and I think that eiu will be pesky for the first half.

Lightning round

Will the scoreboard be fixed by Saturday? Some panels blew off in the wind on Wednesday.

I hope so.

Anybody having luck selling their Eastern Illinois tickets at face value?

I know people who did - Me, I'll be at the game.

What is your favorite college football blog that isn't about Penn State?

hmmm. I'd have had an easy answer a few years ago. Ah heck, I can't think of anyone else.

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Jim T said...

Question! Is the current Suey a decendant of Steve Suey of the 1945 team?

PSUgirl said...

As I say, every time the kid gets the ball, "that's Matt's boy." Joe is Matt Suhey's son, Steve Suhey's grandson, and Bob Higgin's great grandson (and Paul and Larry's nephew).

He's a legacy.