GO STATE BEAT THE PANTHERS! Penn State vs. Eastern Illinois.

Okay, so maybe it's not those Panthers.

There is a lot of bellyaching across the internets regarding PSU's opponent this week - and yes, I am 100% against the scheduling of FCS teams, but - Tim Curley chose not to give me a call when settling the schedule for '09, so there's not too much I (we) can do about it now.

One should never underestimate any opponent - especially one that starts a former iowa hawkeye at quarterback - however, I am hopeful that PSU is able to use this week to heal some of the injuries that the players have amassed in the early part of the season - and that they have a chance to further "jell" as a team.

The Eastern Illinois Panthers wear uniforms of blue and gray - so do your best to wear blue and white.

Kick off is at 12:00pm - so the parking lots will open at 7am. The game will be televised on ESPN Classics.

The current forecast is "windy and partly sunny - high of 60F" - great - wind, my favorite.

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