I'm Coming Home; Blue White Roundtable - Penn State v minnesota.

Thanks (again) to Kevin (Penn State Clips) and WFY for putting together some questions for this week's roundtable. The rest of us were too busy pomping (I pomp, you pomp, she pomps, we pomp) the Roundtable Float...

First up, Kevin's questions...

How does Penn State stop the Minnesota offense (a/k/a Eric Decker)?

Pressure on the quarterback will be key. If they can't get the ball to Decker, then he can't catch it (hopefully) - of course the kid has a passing TD under his belt and a qb rating of 244 - so maybe he can. minne has scored at least 20 points in all of their games this season - and PSU has been burned by passing games much less proficient - the front line is going to have to be dominant and the linebackers are going to have to step up their coverage in the middle.

The gophers have a good kicker - he hasn't really be tested with a lot of long kicks - but he's been very accurate in the mid-range (feel free to continue your distaste for golden gopher kickers). If they get into the redzone - they'll probably come away with (at least) 3 pts.

Is Minnesota's defense as awful as their statistical rankings make it look?

minne's losses have been (relatively) close matches - and their d has created/made scores. But they gave up 21 pts (as the result of 3 long drives) to wiscy in the 2nd half of that loss - and Cal ran all over them in their other loss.

We'll have to see how Penn State comes out against this team - they've looked "better" since the 2nd half of the (non-directional) illinois game - hopefully it continues.

Mid-point of the season, which of the PSU freshmen do you project as future stars?

Sean Stanley, DT, has shown great promise; Devon Smith is a cute little sprite - and very quick; and of course, I have high hopes for our Mr. Newsome.

Next, William's quick fire challenge:

Where were you when Minnesota got lucky because Penn State did not put them away at Homecoming '99?

In the stands, cursing Joe for punting on the 35. But I was in a car, listening to the game on the radio and driving downtown to go the Phyrst the year that Penn State stole the game away from the gophers - that was a great day.

Will Minnesota open with an on-side kick?

You know, that play just infuriates me - I hope they do and I hope that Penn State covers and returns the ball into the endzone. That's what I hope.

What is your best homecoming memory (that you can say in this forum at least :p)?

I have a lot of great memories from homecoming. My best memory while in school was walking in the Parade - the theme of our group's float was "Dr. Seuss" and my character was the little girl (Sally) from The Cat in the Hat - I was so excited to actually be in the parade. My best memory out of school was last year's award winning tailgate. Honorable mentions: The "four time NCAA champion" adventure; Egyptian theme float with Asp madhatter; and, beating tosu 63-14.

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