One Quarter to Rule them All; Penn State 42 michigan state 12.

The Penn State Football Story - the final episode - of the regular season, that is. Penn State at Spartan Stadium - pre-game interview with Sean Lee, stating that the team would have to start fast - that didn't necessarily happen - not on offense any way - but the defense definitely showed up to play - all day.

Is Greene the new leader of the team? Is he the new Deon Butler?

The Penn State Story has a knack for making you forget any and all concerns and doubts you might have had during the game. Especially in the early portion - you would think that the team came out and dominated the game from the first whistle.

But as we know, that really didn't happen until the first whistle of the second half.

And what a second half it was - in the third quarter, Penn State put up 28 points - 28! That stirs up memories of some legendary PSU 3rd quarters.

Next on the show, let's meet with the seniors - these kids have worked hard. It's a good class -

And a fine retrospective of the season.

10 and 2 is a very respectable record - Sure, the Lions didn't face the fiercest of competition this season - but any 10 win regular season is something to be proud of.

There will be a lot of controversy in the coming weeks regarding in which bowl game the Lions will play - no matter the venue, here's hoping that it's a good game and that Penn State comes out on top.

You can catch the Penn State Story on Hulu - Episode 100

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