It's My Prerogative; Updated Biased Pick for the Alamo Bowl!

OMZ, could it be more poetic that the Texas Tech Red Raiders are scheduled to play in the Alamo Bowl, in the wake of their coach's unsuccessful last stand?

Under Mike Leach the Texas Tech Red Raiders were catapulted out of Big 12 obscurity and into the shootinest rootin tootinest of spotlights.  Over the last 10 years, Leach's teams have racked up more offensive yardage than a Project Runway Red Carpet Challenge.

I'm not really sure what happened in Lubbock - or who to believe, but I do know that the Texas Tech players need to zip their lips - and ESPN should abandon the story - because no matter what they broadcast (one way or another) it is going to come across as biased...

Speaking of bias, as the genesis of my biased choice for the Alamo Bowl has been unceremoniously upended, I am (because I can) hereby handing a letter of termination to Texas Tech, and, in the interim, naming the Michigan State Spartans as my pick.

So be it.

Texas Tech Fires Mike Leach; Mutiny in Lubbock.

I think this sums it up nicely...

"Did You Order the Code Shed? " on EDSBS.


Yeah Sure, You Know It; Penn State Men's Basketball Opens Big Ten Season at minnesota.

Tonight (December 29th) the Penn State Men's Basketball opens their Big Ten season with a visit to Minneapolis.  The 8 - 4 Lions will face the 9 - 3 golden gophers at 9pm (EST); the game will be televised on ESPN2.

Check GoPSUsports.com for this and other Penn State stories.


THIS JUST IN: Texas Tech suspends Coach from Bowl Game

Texas Tech has suspended head coach Mike Leach following a complaint from a player and his parents regarding his treatment of the athlete following an injury.

Juicy Details Found Here

Except there are no juicy details. But I bet some will be gossip with be forthcoming.

But one has to wonder if this will help MSU in it's bowl game. Pretty sure Dantonio will find a way to mess this up. However if they do win, it will only be because Leach isn't coaching.

And hopefully this will stop the Meyer talk as well.

Updated info on SB Nation.  The player is Adam James, Craig James' son (yes, the Craig James who still holds a grudge against the 1982 Penn State Championship team).

Penn State v lsu, 2010 Capital One Bowl; What Will the Boys be Wearing?

Now that Boxing Day is behind us, you are probably working out your outfit for the Capital One Bowl game.  I recommend something loose fitting and comfortable - whether you're going to the game of watching it on the television.

If you're one who faithfully wears a team jersey, either in home blue or away white, based on what the team is wearing, word on the (internet highway) streets is that Penn State will be wearing blue on Friday.

lsu is considered the host/home team for the Capital One Bowl game, and due to some rule in the Napoleonic Code (not really, maybe), the tigers wear their white jerseys for their home games.

Accordingly, the Nittany Lions will be donning their "home" blue jerseys.


Will He Stay or Will He Go? Urban Meyer Will Return Following Leave.

So, yesterday, Urban Meyer shocked the entire sports world by announcing his resignation from his position as head coach of the Florida Gator's football team. Meyer stated that, due to health reasons, he had given his heart and soul to college football, but that he would be calling it quits after the Gator's contest against Cincinnati in the 2010 Sugar Bowl.

Meyer, reportedly, had been suffering from serious chest pains for some time, but had lost consciousness and was hospitalized following the SEC Championship (loss) game in December.

But then, early this morning, his "resignation" was upgraded to an "indefinite leave of absence" and following his pre Sugar Bowl press conference, ESPN is reporting that Meyer will return - hoping to be back on the Gators' sideline by the beginning of next season.

I'll admit - I was shocked when the original announcement was made - but now it's just confusing/sad.

The Bowled and the Beautiful - Biased FBS Bowl Predictions; The Early Results are in!

Thought I'd post the results of our Biased Bowl Predictions (and the corresponding bowl games) so far...

... AmandaKT is tearing it up ... please email your thank you cards to her directly...

December 19, 2009

New Mexico Bowl
Fresno State*   28
Wyoming^  35
PSUgirl(*) > 0 - 1
AmandaKT(^) > 1 - 0

St. Petersburg Bowl
UCF  24
Rutgers *^ 45
PSUgirl > 1 - 1
AmandaKT > 2 - 0

December 20, 2009
R + L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Southern Miss  32
Middle Tennessee^* 42
PSUgirl > 2 - 1
AmandaKT > 3 - 0

December 22, 2009

MAACO Las Vegas Bowl
Oregon State*^ 20
BYU  44
PSUgirl > 2 - 2
AmandaKT > 3 - 1

December 23, 2009

Poinsettia Bowl
Utah^ 37
Cal*     27
PSUgirl > 2 - 3
AmandaKT > 4 - 1

December 24, 2009

Nevada*  10
SMU^ 45
PSUgirl > 2 - 4
AmandaKT > 5 - 1

December 26, 2009

Little Caesars Motor City Bowl
Marshall^* 21
Ohio 17
PSUgirl > 3 - 4
AmandaKT > 6 - 1

Meineke Bowl
Pitt*^  19
unc 17
PSUgirl > 4 - 4
AmandaKT > 7 - 1

Emerald Bowl
Boston College   13
USC^*  24
PSUgirl > 5 - 4
AmandaKT > 8 - 1


The Bowled and the Beautiful; Biased FBS Bowl Predictions, 2010 Edition.

 January 1, 2010

Outback Bowl
Tampa, FL
11 am, ESPN
Northwestern Wildcats vs Auburn Tigers

Ahhh…the beginning of the New Years Day bowls. This game is played entirely way too early and I know I will miss it because I shall be appropriately hung over. Which is a shame because I would like to watch Northwestern beat up on the Tigers. Auburn is a huge favorite in this game. I’m still a little sore about that 2002 Capital One Bowl. If Northwestern can show up all four quarters, this will be a good game. If not, Auburn is going to run all over the Wildcats. AmandaKT’s pick: In this cat fight, the Wildcats win in the end.

I agree. Go Wildcats!  I was in Orlando for the 2002 game (against auburn) - it was just such a blah game and the auburn fans that we encountered were just, well, rude and poor sports.  But that's alright, and that's okay, Northwestern's got a better GPA.  PSUgirl pick:  Northwestern.

Gator Bowl
1 pm, CBS
Jacksonville, FL
florida state seminoles vs West Virginia Mountaineers
bobby bowden vs. Bill Stewart

Oh, don't worry - I'm not going to get sentimental about this one. I'm not going to say anything other than I hope that the Mighty Mountaineers win - big. PSUgirl Pick: West Virginia

Ok, I'll go sentimental. Bobby Bowden did not deserve what happened to him. He made the Seminole football program. AmandaKT: Go FSU!!!

You're right. bowden did make the program - Gee, Dr. Frankenstein, why are you so surprised that the creature has turned into a monster?

Capital One Bowl
1 pm, ABC
Orlando, FL
Penn State Nittany Lions vs LSU Tigers
Joe Paterno vs. Les Miles

My personal opinion is that Penn State is the greatest team in sports - so yes, Penn State is my pick. PSUgirl Pick:  Penn State (forever).

This is the crème de la crème of bowl games this year. Well, outside the BCS (not including the Fiesta Bowl). This has the potential to be a great game. If the Lions we know and love show up, we should be able to handle the Tigers. If the Lions that showed up against Tosu shows up, well the I hope the team had fun at Disney. PSU leads LSU in almost all statistical offensive categories. But then there is special teams. Please, please, please do not kick it to Holliday. AmandaKT’s pick: WE ARE…PENN STATE!!!

Rose Bowl
4:30 pm, ABC
Pasadena, CA
Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Oregon Ducks
Jim Tressel vs. Chip Kelly
Ducks vs Bucks

Wow. This is an incredibly hard game for me to pick. Ken Doll vs Chip n Dale. Oregon has an amazing offense behind three great runners. The Buckeyes have a really great stringent defense.  But the Ducks defense is pretty darn good too. I think this one is going to come down to Cry…oopsies I mean Pryor. And for some reason, I have faith in kid. It hurts but…AmandaKT’s pick: THE Ohio State University

Oh Amanda, you spent way too much time in the land of the horse-chestnuts.  I really hate having to pick either team. Evil Sweatervest McCheatypants vs Nike U.  Many Penn State fans are going to tell you that they have a bias against the ducks because of the 1995 Rose Bowl - sure the Ducks lost, and it wasn't their fault that Warren Sapp, and his compatriots, pranced around the Orange Bowl like maniacs and were, thus, gassed by the 3rd quarter, the Ducks have become an adverse stimuli all the same - their preposterous uniforms haven't made them more palatable over the years.  Oh how the bucknuts annoy me - just about any other Pac 10 team would be getting my vote, but like you, PSUgirl pick: tosu.

All State Sugar Bowl
8:30 pm, FOX
New Orleans, LA
Cincinnati Bearcats vs Florida Gators

Yeah - feel a little sorry for the Bearcats - this so reminiscent of the exit made by rich rod in '07.  Of course, now they've gone and pilfered Central Michigan's coach (he won't be coaching in either game). Little Timmy Tebow is a fine young man and I wish him all the best. But I'm going to go underdoggian on this one. PSUgirl Pick: Cincinnati

Clearly the Gators are the favorites in this game. Led by Jesus, aka Tim Tebow, Florida wants to avenge their poor performance in the SEC Championship game. I don’t see where the motivation is for Cincinnati. Sure, to go undefeated, which would be great, but at best, they are only playing for second place in the BCS. Not to mention we will have to listen to the commentators talk the entire game about Kelly fleeing to Notre Dame after the game. AmandaKT’s pick: Jesus and the Gators walk on water all over the Bearcats. God is on the side of little Timmy Tebow, or as the media has dubbed him, Jesus. And He shall smite thee for rooting against His team. I'll miss you PSUgirl.

Timmy is a herald of the good news, but not its origin. Fear the Zug.

January 2, 2010

International Bowl
12 pm, ESPN2
Toronto, OT
Northern Illinois Huskies vs USF Bulls
Jerry Kill vs. Jim Leavitt

When the games leave the United States, I can’t really bring myself to care. I feel bad. I’m going with the Huskies because I don’t think the Bulls will even be able to walk, let alone run, in the cold Canadian air. AmandaKT’s pick: Northern Illinois.

Jerry Kill is a menacing name, but I'm counting on USF being strong like bull and bearing the Toronto climate - PSUgirl pick: USF

PapaJohns.com Bowl
2 pm, ESPN
Birmingham, AL
South Carolina Gamecocks vs UConn Huskies
Steve Spurrier vs. Randy Edsall

I still have a difficult time thinking of UConn as a football team. They've been enjoying moderate success for quite a few years, so I guess it's time I accept it.  (the other) USC has had a tough year, but they looked great in their final game of the regular season against Clemson.  And then, of course, there is The Old Ball Coach - You have to applaud the underdog.  And the Huskies are underdogs. PSUgirl Pick: U Conn

Some schools should just stick with what they are good with.  AmandaKT:  Go Cocks (am I allowed to say that? tehehe)

Not really sure if you're talking about UConn or USC...

Cotton Bowl
2 pm, FOX
Dallas, TX
Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. Ole Miss Rebels
Mike Gundy vs. Houston Nutt

The “Oh My, What Happened to Our Season” Bowl Both teams had high hopes for this season, watched as their seasons dreams fall apart with early losses.  They then came back from the dead with wins only to die for a final time, losing to their respective rivals.  The Cowboys and Rebels are very much alike in stats too.  However, I noticed that Okie State does not have the typical passing stats that most teams in the Nintendo 12 do.  Amandakt Pick: Rebels are the favorite for this game.

Mike Gundy has contributed to some of the most enjoyable YouTube offerings to ever grace the internets. Houston Nutt just sends scary emails. PSUgirl pick: Oklahoma State.

Liberty Bowl
Memphis, TN
5:30 pm, ESPN
East Carolina Pirates vs Arkansas Razorbacks
Skip Holtz vs. Bobby Petrino

This is an interesting match up. Each coach has his (or inherited) bias baggage. Easy U Pirates vs the now Nutt Free Razorbacks. Purple vs red. I think any self respecting Pirate would agree that Arrrrrrrrrrrrrkansaw is a lot more fun to say. PSUgirl pick: Arkansas.

Skip? Lou named his son Skip? HAHAHAHA. And he coaches the Pirates? LMAO!!! AmandaKT: I think the Skipper of the Pirates finds a way to win!

Alamo Bowl
9 pm, ESPN
San Antonio, TX
Texas Tech Red Raiders vs Michigan State Spartans
Mike Leach vs. Mark Dantonio

This game does not look good for the Spartans. Texas Tech has the Nintendo like offense that one knows and loves about the Big 12. And well, after we beat up on Dantonio’s group for the second straight year like they were a JV squad I see very little hope for them. While the colors of both teams might suggest Christmas is still here, only the Red Raiders will be opening gifts at the Alamo. AmandaKT’s picks: Red Raiders.

I think that the Spartans have the game to make this an interesting match up, and I know that an MSU win is "on paper" better for Penn State - but Mike Leach is easily the most entertaining personality in football. Assuming that they don't give Dantonio some extra time outs... PSUgirl pick: Texas Tech.

January 4, 2010

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
8 pm, FOX
Glendale, AZ
TCU Horned Frogs vs Boise State Bronos
Gary Patterson vs. Chris Petersen

Does anyone even care about this game? Do you? I mean, I like this game in theory. I love how the little guys finally get a chance in the big games. But we’ve already watched this game last year in the Pointsettia Bowl. The only winner in this game I think is FOX. AmandaKT’s pick: Broncos get revenge for last year's loss.

I hope it's a thrilling, highlight reel moment filled extravaganza - that everyone has to see on Sports Center because they spent Monday night watching TNA iMPACT (or WWE RAW, if that's more your thing). As far as the teams go, there really isn't a more unique mascot than the Horned Frog (which is really a lizard) shooting blood from its eye sockets - Still, Boise is a fun team to watch and root for...PSUgirl pick: Boise State

January 5, 2010

Orange Bowl
8 pm, FOX
Miami, FL
Georgia Tech Yellowjackets vs Iowa Hawkeyes
Paul Johnson vs. Kirk Ferentz

When this game was first announced I was really looking forward to a land dwelling wasp win - but I've mellowed in the past few days - and it's much more clear to me that the Hawkeyes must win. PSUgirl Pick: iowa

Yay for Iowa!! They deserve to be in this game. And with the Comeback Kid Stanzi back for the Hawkeyes, I see them pulling this game off in just the manner that they have all season. Ugly and in the fourth quarter. AmandaKT’s pick: I-O-W-A!!!! I agree with you, Iowa must win. The Big11Ten needs it. I think this game is going to hurt the eyes with all the yellow.

7 pm, ESPN
Central Michigan Chippewa vs Troy Trojans

Chip Chip Chippewa - the victors of the MAC against the Troy Trojans. The game is in Mobile and, of course, Troy is located in Troy, Alabama (again, so much for the "neutral bowl site"). I'm leaning toward CMU - PSUgirl Pick: Central Michigan

A directional Michigan in a bowl game. At least Michigan fans will have something to root for this post season. Too bad, just like all things from that state, they will lose. Home team wins. AmandaKT: Troy.

January 7, 2010

Citi BCS National Championship Game
8 pm, FOX
Pasadena, CA
Alabama Crimson Tide vs Texas Longhorns
Nick Saban vs. Mack Brown

Not going to lie, I am kind of excited for this game. Surprise of surprises Texas kills in passing yards. And the Crimson tide rolls in the rushing game. In order for Bama to win, they need to shut down the McCoy/Shipley combo. Texas will need to find a way to stop Heisman winner Ingram. I want Alabama to win that way when we beat them next fall our SOS goes through the roof.  I know, I have great dreams. AmandaKT’s pick: Roll Tide!!!

This is one for the story books - Alabama vs Texas - Bear Bryant vs Matthew McConaughey - Joe Namath vs Vince Young. This is a game for the football historians and fans alike. I'm going with Texas - I just can't bring myself to root for the Tide. PSUgirl Pick: Texas

You're not thinking long term! We need Bama to win. If we beat them in September, we just beat the National Champions. If we lose, well we lost to the National Champions. Either way, we win. Roll Tide Roll!

Oh, I'm thinking long term - because I've already heard it from 'bama fans how honored we should be at the prospect of losing to the MNC next year (of course, they omit the M; they always have) - we'll do just fine beating runner-up 'bama - a "defending national champion" means absolutely nothing - ask the Penn State 1983 team.

Penn State Women's Volleyball National Champions! Live Blog Text

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Live Blog during the super exciting, match of a lifetime, Women's Volleyball NCAA Championship Final - which was won by our Penn State Nittany Lions!!!!!

Full text of the Live Blog after the jump if you missed (or want to re-live) it -


PENN STATE Women's Volleyball - NCAA National Championships - LIVE BLOG.

Better Know an Enemy: Texas Longhorns Women's Volleyball Edition

Tonight, the PSU Nittany Lions Women's Volleyball team faces off again their counterparts at Texas Longhorns for the 2009 NCAA Women's Volleyball National Championship. Unless you have been living under a rock, you should already know that if they win, this will be the third in a row for the Lions. I figured this would be a good opportunity to get to know our foes.

But before I do that, I would be remiss not to mention that yesterday all around femme fatale on the volleyball court, Megan Hodge, was named the 2009 AVCA PLAYER OF THE YEAR. Megan was named BigTen POTY in both 2006 and 2009 and has been a First Team All-American in all four of her years at PSU. This is also the second year in a row a Nittany Lion has won this award. Last year Nicole Fawcett won the honors.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

There are a couple things you are going to hear about ad naseum during tonights game. First, the fact that this is PSU's third appearance. Yes. We know. Second, the names Hooker and Hodge. More about them later. Third, Texas was hoping for this match up last year and all season long.

Texas has been ranked second all year behind Penn State. In last years semifinals the third ranked Longhorns team lost to Stanford. In this years semifinals they swept Minnesota in three sets. This is a team you cannot count out in any set because they were down against the Gophers multiple times before coming back to win.

I made a pretty little excel spread sheet comparing Penn State and Texas (yes, PSUgirl, I am looking at stats again). The Nittany Lions and the Longhorns seem to be pretty much even looking at the statistics. PSU does have the advantage is a few categories like sets and blocking. And that advantage gets closer in the defense. Which leads me to believe this is going to be a hard fought match. One thing that does concern me is that we do have a slightly higher error precentage in serving, which one could see in the first set in the semifinals against Hawaii. Errors are just free points for opponents. However, Texas makes slightly more errors than we do and statistically, we make our opponents make more mistakes. Which is good.

Destine Hooker. If you haven't heard her name yet, get used to it, because you will hear it a lot tonight. Hooker (trying not to snicker here, but it's hard with her name) is the runner up to Hodge as the 2009 Player of the Year. And she is almost as good. They are both Left side Outside Hitters, so they will not be facing off against each other. But one thing I noticed while comparing their stats is that Hodge attacks slightly more, assists heck of a lot more and makes less errors, both in serving and ball handling. Hooker does block more, but when you have Blair Brown and Arielle Wilson, why in the world would you need to block?

I don't know about you, but I am excited to watch this game. Both teams are so closely matched that I think it will come down to who makes the fewest mistakes.



The Bowled and the Beautiful; Biased FBS Bowl Predictions, 2009 Edition.

It's baaaaack - 2theLion's Biased FBS Bowl Predictions (a little redundant, we know) - Now better than ever with the addition of AmandKT!  Different from most other bowl predictors, we consider the finer, and consequential nuances of college football - such as: school location; coaches' and players' cuteness; past personal and Penn State history; and, of course, Matthew McConaughey.  Let's get things started (in here) with our picks for the 2009 bowl games...

December 19, 2009
4:30 pm, ESPN
Albuquerque, NM
Fresno State Bulldogs vs. Wyoming Cowboys
Pat Hill vs Dave Christensen
Pat Hill was just granted a contract extension by Fresno State for his 12th year at the helm.  Hill looks like the Warner Brothers Bull Dog to me, which is great since he coaches the Bulldogs.  And Wyoming is coached by a guy that shares the name of one of my best friends, Dave Christensen.  Can I ask why does New Mexico has a bowl?  Why don’t the other states?  I mean, who would not love to go to the Pennsylvania Keystone State Bowl?  AmandaKT’s pick:  Wyoming Cowboys.  Guys with guns always win.
I can't go against the 'stash.  It's one of college football's greatest treasures.  PSUgirl pick:  Fresno State.

8 pm, ESPN
Saint Petersburg, FL
UCF Knights vs Rutgers Scarlett Knights
George O'Leary vs Greg Schiano
Wow, the (formerly Golden) Knights versus the Scarlett Knights. Mickey Mouse U versus (near the) Jersey Shore. I really think I have to go with Rutgers, they're a northeast corridor school and while they will probably all end up living in Florida when they retire... PSUgirl Pick: Rutgers
The great State University of New Jersey Scarlett Knights vs the Knights of the Sun.  Is there a difference between Scarlett Knights and regular Knights?  No idea.  AmandaKT:  I have to pick Rutgers because a friend of the family is the defensive coordinator for Scarlett Knights.

December 20, 2009
8:30 pm ESPN
New Orleans, LA
Southern Miss Golden Eagles vs Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders
Southern Miss is the home of Brett Favre.  Really.  How was a guy that was from the deep south successful in the home of the frozen tundra of Green Bay?  That’s about the only thing we’ll probably hear about watching this game too.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Middle Tennessee.  Cooler looking mascot.
It's a very colorful and directional game, although I'm not sure that "middle" is a direction.  I think I too will have to go Blue.  PSUgirl pick: (stuck in the) Middle Tennessee.

December 22, 2009
8 pm, ESPN
Las Vegas, NV
Oregon State Beavers vs. BYU Cougars
Mike Riley vs. Bronco Mendenhall
The Oregon State Beavers had a great season this year, and came just one game away from going to the Rose Bowl.  In general, I'm pro Oregon State - we had a great experience with the Oregon State fans that made the trip to State College in 2008, and they're not Oregon.  PSUgirl Pick:  Oregon State
Can't disagree with you.  Apparently Coraopolis is just an adorable tiny version of Happy Valley.  AmandaKT: Therefore GO BEAVERS!

December 23, 2009
8 pm, ESPN
San Diego, CA
Utah Utes vs Cal Golden Bears
Kyle Whittinham vs. Jeff Tedford
This is basically an extended season game, not post season, since PAC-10 and the Mountain West conference face each other all the time.  BORING.  Both have been to seven straight bowl games.  Cal leads the series 4-2 but Tedford lost in his first match up to Utes.  AmandaKT’s pick:  eenie meenie miney Utah Utes!
Hmm, no really strong biases one way or another on this one.  I'm certainly not a Pac Ten fan, but I think I have to go with them on this one.  PSUgirl Pick:  Cal

December 24, 2009

8 pm, ESPN
Honolulu, HI
Nevada Wolfpack vs SMU Mustangs
Chris Ault vs. June Jones
Nevada vs. SMU.  I really don't know too much about the Nevada Wolfpack - really, their only distinction, in my opinion, is that they spell their mascot name as one word, as opposed to the the NC State Wolf Pack.  All the same, there's some old fashioned "bad blood" between Penn State and SMU - so let's go with the singular Wolfpack.  PSUgirl Pick:  Nevada
Like you PSUgirl, I know nothing about either team.  However I do love the name June Jones for a guy.  Best name EVER!  AmandaKT: I pick SMU!!

December 26, 2009

1 pm, ESPN
Detroit, MI
Marshall Thundering Herd vs Ohio Bobcats
Ahh…the great Motor City Bowl.  I vehemently dislike anything coming from Ohio so this makes me want to choose Marshall.  But then Marshall fans think they started the “We Are…” chant.  Go get your own chant.  Why not try “Go Herd.”  Or “people only care about us because Matthew McConaughey starred in a move about us.”  And the campuses of these fine institutions are literally two hours apart.  It seems unfair to make people drive to Michigan to see this game.   AmandaKT’s pick:  Gotta go with Matthew McConaughey every time.  Marshall.
Oh Amanda, we stole adopted the "We are..." chant from usc - just because we do things better doesn't mean we started them (although this has never stopped us from re-writing history).  I'm going to rely on a random and somewhat embarrassing bias - this summer there was a really annoying "houseguest" on BB that wore Ohio garb - so, We are... PSUgirl's pick: Marshall.

4:30 pm, ESPN
Charlotte, NC
Pitt Panthers vs north carolina tar heels
Dave Wannstedt vs. Butch Davis
 Oh my - This game possesses nearly all of my available "negative bias" - either of these teams, either of these coaches - against anyone else and my choice would be so easy.  But by pitting the panthers versus the tar heels, it's become the football fan version of splitting the (devil spawn) baby.  Now this may be a little surprising, but I'm going to pick the panthers.  PSUgirl Pick: pitt
AmandaKT:  Why are we picking a basketball game?  What?  North Carolina has a football team?  Oh wow, who knew.  I would love to say Go Tar Heels but c'mon.  This is football.  Panthers win (but I just threw up a little in my mouth).

8:00 pm, ESPN
San Francisco, CA
Boston College Eagles vs. USC Trojans
Frank Spaziani vs. Pete Carroll
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  How the mighty have fallen!  Wasn’t it just last year the Trojans were complaining about having to play in the Rose Bowl for another year?  HAHAHAHA!!!!  Unfortunately for Backup College, Trojans are probably going to take their embarrassment out on them.  AmandaKT’s pick:  U$C
I wonder what kind of a team usc is - this season is a bit of a test - they've had some emotional set backs this season.  But, I saw an "ESPN wants to make me cry" story this season about an inspiring young man named, Jake Olsen.   Jake recently lost his (one remaining) eye to a rare form of cancer.  Before going into the surgery his one wish was to meet with the usc football team - which he did.  The team was so taken with Jake that they "adopted" him as an honorary coach/cheerleader.  So, nothing against bc, but, PSUgirl pick: usc

December 27, 2009

8:30 pm, ESPN
Nashville, TN
Kentucky Wildcats vs Clemson Tigers
Rich Brooks vs. Dabo Swinney
Wildcats and Tigers.  This bowl season boasts many cat on cat matchups.  I don't have a strong aversion to either of these teams - in past I didn't love clemson - but now I'm more meh.  I don't really have a bias one way or the other for Kentucky.  But this year's picks are going to be "tiger free". PSUgirl Pick: Kentucky
I met this really nice Clemson fan a couple weeks ago at a bar in Ohio.  Lots of drinks later has me convinced that Clemson wins.  AmandaKT:  Clemson
My question is, how does one end up with the name "Dabo"?

December 28, 2009

5 pm, ESPN
Shreveport, LA
Texas A&M Aggies vs Georgia Bulldogs
Mike Sherman vs. Mark Richt
One of the kids in the Nintendo league vs OMG Speed.  I looked at the scores from both teams games.  Both the Aggies and the Bulldogs either Go Big or Go Home.  Winning big or losing big.  Now that’s how you play.  SEC has more defense than the Big12.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Georgia.  
You looked at scores?  
Don't hate either of these teams (at the moment).  I'm loathe to admit it, but I have a tiny crush on Mark Richt, so PSUgirl Pick: Georgia 

December 29, 2009

4:30 pm, ESPN
Washington, DC
Army or UCLA vs TEMPLE Owls
Rick Neuheisel vs. Al Golden
For me this one my second easiest pick - Temple is my grad school alma mater and just the best story of the 2009 football season.  Al Golden is a Penn Stater, he hires Penn Staters and he manages his team in a very Penn State way.  So Fight Fight Fight for the Cherry and the White - Owls win!  PSUgirl Pick:  Temple
AmandaKT:  Who in Pennsylvania does not love the Owls?  What a great story.  I am so proud of them.  But I do not see them beating UCLA.  Sorry for you’re alma mater but they are losing to the Bears.
Booo!  I think you're biased by those "scores" you looked at!

8 pm, ESPN
Orlando, FL
Wisconsin Badgers vs Miami Hurricanes
Bret Bielema vs. Randy Shannon
Alright!  The big boys.  Miami has returned to some sort of national presence since their last loss to a Big11Ten Team.  In fact, every time the U has faced a Big11Ten team in the post season, they lose.  I know, I am ignoring the fact they have only played Tosu and PSU, but it’s my pick and I can ignore whatever facts I want.  I hope Wisconsin will continue this awesome dominance.  But then, I’m dreaming.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Miami.
Generally, I like Wisconsin - sure I hated Bielema circa 2007 - but they're a good school with fine fans (and tasty tailgating food).  The U under Shannon has been less odious to me, but they just have way too far to go before they quell my ancient disdain.  PSUgirl pick: Wisky (actually, I pick Wiki Sours over both teams)

December 30, 2009

Boise, ID
4:30 pm, ESPN
Bowling Green Falcons vs Idaho Vandals
So here's what has always bothered me about Bowling Green - they wear brown and orange.  Yes, I realize that the green in Bowling Green is a noun, not an adjective - but come on.  Therefore, the Idaho Vandals get the nod.  PSUgirl Pick: Idaho (no, you are)
Do the Vandals automatically get to go to this game every year?  Are the Falcons excited to go to Idaho in December?  Bowling Green's star wide receive Freddie Barnes needs five catches to be the all time leader in receptions.  AmandaKT:  Barnes gets them and a Bowling Green win.

San Diego, CA
8 pm, ESPN
Arizona Wildcats vs Nebraska Cornhuskers
Mike Stoops vs. Bo Pelini
Arizona has been improving the last couple seasons.  So have the Cornhuskers.  Rumor has it that Nebraska is on the short list to become part of the Big11Ten.  Would they leave the Big12 North to join the Big Ten?  I am going to pick any team that has Suh on the team.  That guy is a freaking beast.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Suh-huskers…umm…I mean Cornhuskers.
I've liked nebraska so much more since 2002.  I can't imagine they would ever leave the big 12 - there's just too much history - and it should soon be their "turn" to dominate.  I don't have a bias for or against Zona - so PSUgirl pick:  nebraska

December 31, 2009

12 pm, ESPN
Fort Worth, TX
Houston Cougars vs. Air Force Falcons
Kevin Sumlin vs. Troy Calhoun
I don't really have a strong preference on this one; not one based on the athletic departments anyway.  So I'll have to go (into the wild blue yonder) with the service academy.  Besides, Troy Calhoun is just about the coolest name, ever.  PSUgirl Pick:  Air Force.
How horrible do you think one feels after beating Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl?  AmandaKT:  I am not sure but I bet Houston's going to be able to tell us New Years Eve.

El Paso, TX
2 pm, CBS
Oklahoma Sooners vs Stanford Cardinal
Bob Stoops vs. Jim Harbaugh
Stoops vs Harbaugh.  Both are completely relieved to not be named Notre Dame’s new scapegoat, oops, I mean Head Coach.  They have already won big.  Will Big Game Bob lose again in a bowl game or can he stop his post season FAIL?  I think not.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Stanford.
Sooners versus vs the Michigan Man Cardinal.  What exactly makes Stanford so special that they are "the" cardinal?  Oklahoma has looked a bit lost since the loss (and re-loss) of Sam Bradford.  But Sooner or later they're going to get it together. PSUgirl pick:  Oklahoma
3:30 pm, ESPN
Houston, TX
Navy Midshipmen vs. Missouri Tigers
Ken Niumatalolo vs. Gary Pinkel
I caught a bit of the Army Navy game this year - and I now have a little football crush on Ken Niumatalolo.  He's all Navy, all the way and he and his team impressed me.  You can be assured that there will be a lot of Norwoods rooting for the Midshipmen.  Navy over Mizzou.  PSUgirl Pick: Navy.
I too watched the Army Navy game then I realized that the PSU Women's Volleyball team was on.  Priorities.  Mizzou may soon join the Big11Ten.  Might as well get used to rooting for them now.  AmandaKT:  Go Tigers!
Go Nittany Lions Women's Volleyball!

6 pm, NFL Network
Tempe, AZ
Iowa State Cyclones vs Minnesota Golden Gophers
Paul Rhoads vs. Tim Brewster
The “I just barely managed to make it into a Bowl Game” Bowl.  Iowa State almost beat Iowa.  Then they beat Nebraska.  Minnesota has been to this bowl three times in four years.  Iowa State has a better rushing game.  The Gophers have Decker.  If you stop Decker, you will beat the Gophers.  I want to choose Iowa State, but my friend is a Gopher fan and will probably stop talking to me if I do.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Minnesota Golden Gophers.  Only because they get lucky.
Logically I would pick against the Gophers because they do not have a great record in "big games;" spitefully, I might also choose the Cyclones because any time they win, the Hawkeye sheds a tear; but, these are biased bowl picks - PSUgirl pick:  Minnesota. 

7:30 pm, ESPN
Atlanta, GA
Tennessee Volunteers vs. Virginia Tech Hokies
Lane Kiffin vs. Frank Beamer
Wow - there's going to be a run on hunter orange in Hotlanta this New Year's Eve.  I'm going to be petty and go against the Vols - all the hype following the Kiffin hire was a little off-putting.  PSUgirl Pick:  Va Tech.
Kiffin is a tool.  AmandaKT:  Hokies all the way!
Sounds like a holiday song "hokies all the way - oh what fun it is to play Beamer ball today, Hey!"

So, there you have it, our Biased Bowl Predictions for 2009 - We will post the 2010 edition soon!


Penn State Women's Volleyball; Lions face hawai'i in semifinals.

The NCAA semifinals (the very semifinals, mind you) for women's volleyball are on Thursday, December 17th.  The Penn State Nittany Lions are seeded #1 and they will match up against the #3 seeded hawai'i in the evening's 2nd semifinal.

The match is scheduled to begin at 9pm and will be broadcast on ESPN2.


Get Ready For Some Super Awesome Bowl Predictions; The Bowled and the Beautiful.

Don't make your friendly, for entertainment purposes only, wagers just yet...

We'll be posting our Biased Bowl Blatherings later this week.

We take a look at the really important aspects of competitive college football, such as team colors, coaches' history, fierceness of mascots, and, easily most importantly, how the outcome of the game might benefit Penn State.


Temple has an Opponent; Owls to face Bruins in Eagle Bank Bowl.

With Navy's win over Army yesterday the marquee on the Eagle Bank Bowl can be set.

Al Golden and the Temple Owls (9-3) will travel down to Washington DC to compete against Rich Neuheisel and the Bruins of UCLA (6-6) on December 29th.

As you will recall, Temple lost to Penn State, back on September 19th, to begin the season 0-2 - The Owls had lost their season opener against the FCS Villanova Wildcats via a last second field goal.   From that point, Temple has certainly turned around - and Villanova, a one loss team themselves, will be facing the Montana Grizzlies in the FCS Championship game next weekend.

Kudos to Philadelphia (area) Football!


Women's Volleyball - Win Regional Final and Hit the Century Mark.

The Penn State Women's Volleyball team advanced to the semifinals of the 2009 NCAA Tournament with a win over the California Golden Bears 25/18 25/17 25/22.

With this win, the Nittany Lions record their 100th consecutive win.  Rather unprecedented, the team is currently second in the all time "streaks" in college sports (u miami's tennis team, 50 years ago, racked up 137 wins in a row)

The Nittany Lions will meet up with either michigan or Hawaii in the semifinals, December 17th.


Tailgating at the Capital One Bowl

So, Penn Staters (and lsuers) will have to be a little more imaginative when planning their tailgates before the Capital One Bowl.

Parking, for the public is extremely limited at the stadium. Fans are encouraged to park in the municipal parking lots in the City of Orlando and take the (free) shuttle buses that will be running to and from the game.

However, tailgating is permitted in the Orlando lots! They caution that care should be taken by tailgaters and drivers and spaces are to be used for vehicles only.

When I made the trip down to Orlando for the 2003 Capital One Bowl, we stayed at a hotel in downtown Orlando and took the shuttles to the game - and we did not tailgate - which was fine - it was enough of an experience just going to the game.


Blue White Roundtable - 2009 Penn State Football Wrap-up; I'll take it.

Yea! Another Blue White Roundtable!

The questions this week month quarter time wrap up the 2009 football season and look forward to the 09-10 bowl season.

So, here are our 2theLion responses for (perhaps) the last time in 2009 and for the first time with Amandakt joining in!!!!

1. Penn State finished off this season with 10 wins, but lost the only two games that were really in question. What will your lasting memory of the 2009 season be?
Amandakt: Underwhelming. I am not surprised with the outcome considering we replaced most of our O-Line and wide receivers. But I was surprised at how well the wide receivers performed. I thought our defense would perform a little better but they weren't bad. With all the injuries, they did about as good as they could.
PSUgirl: My lasting memory of the 2009 football (regular) season would be - I really don't know.  I agree with Akt that the competence of the receiving corps was a pleasant surprise; I'd add that the defense came together as a whole a lot better (especially the secondary) than I had thought they would.  But there just wasn't that "big play guy" on offense or defense that stepped up and took control.  Sure Bowman and Odrick were fantastic, but in spurts and not when absolutely critical.  Hull was (sporting a) much better (mustache) than I imagined.  On offense, it took a while, but the line did get better - and Clark was good - not great - but rarely bad; the kid thinks too much and doesn't seem to have the natural instinct/talent/confidence to play "outside of his head" which is what the truly great PSU quarterbacks (okay, Michael Robinson) have had to do to overcome the pressure/playbook/coaching.  Honestly, my lasting memory(ies) from the 2009 (regular) season, having nothing to do with athletics, is the weather.

2. Though they miss out on a BCS Bowl, the Nittany Lions will face off with a highly ranked SEC opponent in a New Year's Day bowl. What are your initial thoughts about the matchup with LSU in the Capital One Bowl?
Amandakt: I'm really looking forward to it. I think LSU is a team we can beat. We just need everyone to show up. I'm calling it Iowa Part Deux. I am slightly nervous about our past in the former Citrus bowl, only 1-3. Let's just hope we make that 2-3.
PSUgirl:  LSU is a quality opponent.  This hasn't been their most successful season, but two of their 3 losses are to Florida and Alabama; a quick look at their schedule and results suggests that their season was quite similar to Penn State's.   Their defense is pretty stingy with points so our defense is going to have to make opportunities for our offense to put points on the board.  Penn State is going to have to play well in every aspect of the game - and overcome their less than stellar record in the Citrus Bowl.

3. When it's all said and done, where will Daryll Clark rank among Penn State QBs? What will you remember about Clark thinking back on the 2008 and 2009 seasons a few years from now?
Amandakt: Thanks goodness for the 2008 season. Clark was heralded as the next MRob and you could see glimpses of that in 08. In 09, he did well, but there was something missing that was in the previous season. He was afraid to scramble it seemed and there were a couple times that would have been saving. But I guess when you have no viable back up, you can't really do that. I really like Clark though, off the field and on. Statistically he did great. He'll definitely be missed next season.
PSUgirl:  Daryll is a fine athlete and a good leader.  He adjusted into the role of quarterback and captain very well.  He is an ambassador of the Penn State system - he fought and worked hard to get to Penn State and to play for these last two seasons.  The 2008 regular season was great and Daryll was a huge part of that success.  Whether it was the Penn State game plan or Daryll's performance, the 2009 regular season was not spectacular - is was good, but not great - there were many exciting and fun moments, but not that signature win that is "one for the ages," which is sort of the way I feel about Clark.  We can, however, remember him as the one who beat michigan, twice.

4. Which seniors are you most sad to see go? If you could bring one of them back in 2010, who would it be?
Amandakt: It's a toss up between Lee and Boone. Yes, I said a punter. Boone was the one advantage we had on special teams this season and I'm terrified what's left. No return game, piss poor tackling. Oh god. And Lee because well, I love Sean Lee.
PSUgirl:  I adore Sean Lee, I wish him the absolute best for the future.  I will miss his intensity on the field (for some reason, I have a strong sense that he'll be back in State College in a few years); the team will miss him as an example of the ultimate student athlete.  Odrick, of course, is a loss, as is Hayes.  We're going to miss Quarless (freshman and/or senior year, that is) and Shuler - an experienced, tough tight end is critical to a great offense.

5. What are your feelings on the Fiesta Bowl matching up the two undefeated mid-majors, instead of setting up Iowa-Boise State and Georgia Tech-TCU matchups? Does it support a playoff argument?

Amandakt: I laughed when that was announced. Putting two teams that most people don't know or don't care about into a BCS, well, it's their money right.Good for the schools though. I'm kind of over the playoff thing. It's not going to happen. Ever. So let's move on.
PSUgirl:  My initial reaction was that it made perfect geographical sense for those 2 teams to be in the Fiesta Bowl, but I'm happy to hop on the conspiracy bandwagon.  It would be an embarrassment to the system if the mid-majors strolled into the bcs games and stomped the acc champion and the #2 team from the B10 - there's no guarantee that they'd be victorious - and we'll never know.  What we do know is that there will be (at the very least) 2 undefeated teams at the close of the season, and they will have never had the opportunity to play one another.  Such a situation would never and could never arise in any other major college sport - or even little league.  Let the kids play.

Lightning Round:

1. Do either Bowman or Royster (or both!) skip their senior seasons and enter the NFL Draft?
Amandakt: Bowman definitely, Royster maybe.
PSUgirl:  I think that it has everything to do with draft projections.  In my opinion, Bowman is a natural talent, but he still has a lot to learn.  Whether or not he will/can learn that at Penn State, I don't know.  As with every running back, Royster has to consider his health when he weighs his options.  I think either could go.

2. Who wins the MNC Game, Alabama or Texas?
Amandakt: Alabama
PSUgirl:  Texas

3. Will you be heading down to Orlando to watch the Capital One Bowl live? Who wins?
Amandakt: Nope. I will either be in Wisconsin or Notre Dame that day. PSU wins by 3.
PSUgirl:  I'll be watching from home; I made the trip down to Orlando in 2002 - My sincerest hope is that Penn State wins ;)

4. Predict the draft stock of the following Nittany Lion seniors:
  • [Bowman/Royster]--Bowman 2nd, Royster 4
  • Jared Odrick--late first, 2nd
  • Sean Lee--2nd
  • Andrew Quarless--no earlier than 3
  • Dennis Landolt--5th or later/undrafted
  • Daryll Clark--late 2nd
  • Mickey Shuler--5th or later/undrafted
  • A.J. Wallace--late rounds 
  • Bowman/Royster - Bowman (following a great combine) late 1st; Royster - no name on his jersey next season
  • Jared Odrick - 1st
  • Sean Lee - (unless he has a stellar combine)  2nd, early 3rd
  • Andrew Quarless - late rounds
  • Dennis Landolt - Free agent
  • Daryll Clark - n/d
  • Mickey Shuler - Free agent
  • A.J. Wallace - late rounds

Bonus question: How does the BCS work?
Amandakt: "You gather a group of middle-aged, middle-class, middle-income voters who remember with longing an easier time, and you talk to them about family and American values and character." Seriously...I think it's like a secret club that only the initiated know how it works, a mix between the stock market and elementary school playground rules with your teacher's pets. And sorry to all the new kids on the playground. It'll be awhile before you get picked first.
PSUgirl:  it doesn't.

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