The Bowled and the Beautiful; Biased FBS Bowl Predictions, 2009 Edition.

It's baaaaack - 2theLion's Biased FBS Bowl Predictions (a little redundant, we know) - Now better than ever with the addition of AmandKT!  Different from most other bowl predictors, we consider the finer, and consequential nuances of college football - such as: school location; coaches' and players' cuteness; past personal and Penn State history; and, of course, Matthew McConaughey.  Let's get things started (in here) with our picks for the 2009 bowl games...

December 19, 2009
4:30 pm, ESPN
Albuquerque, NM
Fresno State Bulldogs vs. Wyoming Cowboys
Pat Hill vs Dave Christensen
Pat Hill was just granted a contract extension by Fresno State for his 12th year at the helm.  Hill looks like the Warner Brothers Bull Dog to me, which is great since he coaches the Bulldogs.  And Wyoming is coached by a guy that shares the name of one of my best friends, Dave Christensen.  Can I ask why does New Mexico has a bowl?  Why don’t the other states?  I mean, who would not love to go to the Pennsylvania Keystone State Bowl?  AmandaKT’s pick:  Wyoming Cowboys.  Guys with guns always win.
I can't go against the 'stash.  It's one of college football's greatest treasures.  PSUgirl pick:  Fresno State.

8 pm, ESPN
Saint Petersburg, FL
UCF Knights vs Rutgers Scarlett Knights
George O'Leary vs Greg Schiano
Wow, the (formerly Golden) Knights versus the Scarlett Knights. Mickey Mouse U versus (near the) Jersey Shore. I really think I have to go with Rutgers, they're a northeast corridor school and while they will probably all end up living in Florida when they retire... PSUgirl Pick: Rutgers
The great State University of New Jersey Scarlett Knights vs the Knights of the Sun.  Is there a difference between Scarlett Knights and regular Knights?  No idea.  AmandaKT:  I have to pick Rutgers because a friend of the family is the defensive coordinator for Scarlett Knights.

December 20, 2009
8:30 pm ESPN
New Orleans, LA
Southern Miss Golden Eagles vs Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders
Southern Miss is the home of Brett Favre.  Really.  How was a guy that was from the deep south successful in the home of the frozen tundra of Green Bay?  That’s about the only thing we’ll probably hear about watching this game too.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Middle Tennessee.  Cooler looking mascot.
It's a very colorful and directional game, although I'm not sure that "middle" is a direction.  I think I too will have to go Blue.  PSUgirl pick: (stuck in the) Middle Tennessee.

December 22, 2009
8 pm, ESPN
Las Vegas, NV
Oregon State Beavers vs. BYU Cougars
Mike Riley vs. Bronco Mendenhall
The Oregon State Beavers had a great season this year, and came just one game away from going to the Rose Bowl.  In general, I'm pro Oregon State - we had a great experience with the Oregon State fans that made the trip to State College in 2008, and they're not Oregon.  PSUgirl Pick:  Oregon State
Can't disagree with you.  Apparently Coraopolis is just an adorable tiny version of Happy Valley.  AmandaKT: Therefore GO BEAVERS!

December 23, 2009
8 pm, ESPN
San Diego, CA
Utah Utes vs Cal Golden Bears
Kyle Whittinham vs. Jeff Tedford
This is basically an extended season game, not post season, since PAC-10 and the Mountain West conference face each other all the time.  BORING.  Both have been to seven straight bowl games.  Cal leads the series 4-2 but Tedford lost in his first match up to Utes.  AmandaKT’s pick:  eenie meenie miney Utah Utes!
Hmm, no really strong biases one way or another on this one.  I'm certainly not a Pac Ten fan, but I think I have to go with them on this one.  PSUgirl Pick:  Cal

December 24, 2009

8 pm, ESPN
Honolulu, HI
Nevada Wolfpack vs SMU Mustangs
Chris Ault vs. June Jones
Nevada vs. SMU.  I really don't know too much about the Nevada Wolfpack - really, their only distinction, in my opinion, is that they spell their mascot name as one word, as opposed to the the NC State Wolf Pack.  All the same, there's some old fashioned "bad blood" between Penn State and SMU - so let's go with the singular Wolfpack.  PSUgirl Pick:  Nevada
Like you PSUgirl, I know nothing about either team.  However I do love the name June Jones for a guy.  Best name EVER!  AmandaKT: I pick SMU!!

December 26, 2009

1 pm, ESPN
Detroit, MI
Marshall Thundering Herd vs Ohio Bobcats
Ahh…the great Motor City Bowl.  I vehemently dislike anything coming from Ohio so this makes me want to choose Marshall.  But then Marshall fans think they started the “We Are…” chant.  Go get your own chant.  Why not try “Go Herd.”  Or “people only care about us because Matthew McConaughey starred in a move about us.”  And the campuses of these fine institutions are literally two hours apart.  It seems unfair to make people drive to Michigan to see this game.   AmandaKT’s pick:  Gotta go with Matthew McConaughey every time.  Marshall.
Oh Amanda, we stole adopted the "We are..." chant from usc - just because we do things better doesn't mean we started them (although this has never stopped us from re-writing history).  I'm going to rely on a random and somewhat embarrassing bias - this summer there was a really annoying "houseguest" on BB that wore Ohio garb - so, We are... PSUgirl's pick: Marshall.

4:30 pm, ESPN
Charlotte, NC
Pitt Panthers vs north carolina tar heels
Dave Wannstedt vs. Butch Davis
 Oh my - This game possesses nearly all of my available "negative bias" - either of these teams, either of these coaches - against anyone else and my choice would be so easy.  But by pitting the panthers versus the tar heels, it's become the football fan version of splitting the (devil spawn) baby.  Now this may be a little surprising, but I'm going to pick the panthers.  PSUgirl Pick: pitt
AmandaKT:  Why are we picking a basketball game?  What?  North Carolina has a football team?  Oh wow, who knew.  I would love to say Go Tar Heels but c'mon.  This is football.  Panthers win (but I just threw up a little in my mouth).

8:00 pm, ESPN
San Francisco, CA
Boston College Eagles vs. USC Trojans
Frank Spaziani vs. Pete Carroll
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  How the mighty have fallen!  Wasn’t it just last year the Trojans were complaining about having to play in the Rose Bowl for another year?  HAHAHAHA!!!!  Unfortunately for Backup College, Trojans are probably going to take their embarrassment out on them.  AmandaKT’s pick:  U$C
I wonder what kind of a team usc is - this season is a bit of a test - they've had some emotional set backs this season.  But, I saw an "ESPN wants to make me cry" story this season about an inspiring young man named, Jake Olsen.   Jake recently lost his (one remaining) eye to a rare form of cancer.  Before going into the surgery his one wish was to meet with the usc football team - which he did.  The team was so taken with Jake that they "adopted" him as an honorary coach/cheerleader.  So, nothing against bc, but, PSUgirl pick: usc

December 27, 2009

8:30 pm, ESPN
Nashville, TN
Kentucky Wildcats vs Clemson Tigers
Rich Brooks vs. Dabo Swinney
Wildcats and Tigers.  This bowl season boasts many cat on cat matchups.  I don't have a strong aversion to either of these teams - in past I didn't love clemson - but now I'm more meh.  I don't really have a bias one way or the other for Kentucky.  But this year's picks are going to be "tiger free". PSUgirl Pick: Kentucky
I met this really nice Clemson fan a couple weeks ago at a bar in Ohio.  Lots of drinks later has me convinced that Clemson wins.  AmandaKT:  Clemson
My question is, how does one end up with the name "Dabo"?

December 28, 2009

5 pm, ESPN
Shreveport, LA
Texas A&M Aggies vs Georgia Bulldogs
Mike Sherman vs. Mark Richt
One of the kids in the Nintendo league vs OMG Speed.  I looked at the scores from both teams games.  Both the Aggies and the Bulldogs either Go Big or Go Home.  Winning big or losing big.  Now that’s how you play.  SEC has more defense than the Big12.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Georgia.  
You looked at scores?  
Don't hate either of these teams (at the moment).  I'm loathe to admit it, but I have a tiny crush on Mark Richt, so PSUgirl Pick: Georgia 

December 29, 2009

4:30 pm, ESPN
Washington, DC
Army or UCLA vs TEMPLE Owls
Rick Neuheisel vs. Al Golden
For me this one my second easiest pick - Temple is my grad school alma mater and just the best story of the 2009 football season.  Al Golden is a Penn Stater, he hires Penn Staters and he manages his team in a very Penn State way.  So Fight Fight Fight for the Cherry and the White - Owls win!  PSUgirl Pick:  Temple
AmandaKT:  Who in Pennsylvania does not love the Owls?  What a great story.  I am so proud of them.  But I do not see them beating UCLA.  Sorry for you’re alma mater but they are losing to the Bears.
Booo!  I think you're biased by those "scores" you looked at!

8 pm, ESPN
Orlando, FL
Wisconsin Badgers vs Miami Hurricanes
Bret Bielema vs. Randy Shannon
Alright!  The big boys.  Miami has returned to some sort of national presence since their last loss to a Big11Ten Team.  In fact, every time the U has faced a Big11Ten team in the post season, they lose.  I know, I am ignoring the fact they have only played Tosu and PSU, but it’s my pick and I can ignore whatever facts I want.  I hope Wisconsin will continue this awesome dominance.  But then, I’m dreaming.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Miami.
Generally, I like Wisconsin - sure I hated Bielema circa 2007 - but they're a good school with fine fans (and tasty tailgating food).  The U under Shannon has been less odious to me, but they just have way too far to go before they quell my ancient disdain.  PSUgirl pick: Wisky (actually, I pick Wiki Sours over both teams)

December 30, 2009

Boise, ID
4:30 pm, ESPN
Bowling Green Falcons vs Idaho Vandals
So here's what has always bothered me about Bowling Green - they wear brown and orange.  Yes, I realize that the green in Bowling Green is a noun, not an adjective - but come on.  Therefore, the Idaho Vandals get the nod.  PSUgirl Pick: Idaho (no, you are)
Do the Vandals automatically get to go to this game every year?  Are the Falcons excited to go to Idaho in December?  Bowling Green's star wide receive Freddie Barnes needs five catches to be the all time leader in receptions.  AmandaKT:  Barnes gets them and a Bowling Green win.

San Diego, CA
8 pm, ESPN
Arizona Wildcats vs Nebraska Cornhuskers
Mike Stoops vs. Bo Pelini
Arizona has been improving the last couple seasons.  So have the Cornhuskers.  Rumor has it that Nebraska is on the short list to become part of the Big11Ten.  Would they leave the Big12 North to join the Big Ten?  I am going to pick any team that has Suh on the team.  That guy is a freaking beast.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Suh-huskers…umm…I mean Cornhuskers.
I've liked nebraska so much more since 2002.  I can't imagine they would ever leave the big 12 - there's just too much history - and it should soon be their "turn" to dominate.  I don't have a bias for or against Zona - so PSUgirl pick:  nebraska

December 31, 2009

12 pm, ESPN
Fort Worth, TX
Houston Cougars vs. Air Force Falcons
Kevin Sumlin vs. Troy Calhoun
I don't really have a strong preference on this one; not one based on the athletic departments anyway.  So I'll have to go (into the wild blue yonder) with the service academy.  Besides, Troy Calhoun is just about the coolest name, ever.  PSUgirl Pick:  Air Force.
How horrible do you think one feels after beating Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl?  AmandaKT:  I am not sure but I bet Houston's going to be able to tell us New Years Eve.

El Paso, TX
2 pm, CBS
Oklahoma Sooners vs Stanford Cardinal
Bob Stoops vs. Jim Harbaugh
Stoops vs Harbaugh.  Both are completely relieved to not be named Notre Dame’s new scapegoat, oops, I mean Head Coach.  They have already won big.  Will Big Game Bob lose again in a bowl game or can he stop his post season FAIL?  I think not.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Stanford.
Sooners versus vs the Michigan Man Cardinal.  What exactly makes Stanford so special that they are "the" cardinal?  Oklahoma has looked a bit lost since the loss (and re-loss) of Sam Bradford.  But Sooner or later they're going to get it together. PSUgirl pick:  Oklahoma
3:30 pm, ESPN
Houston, TX
Navy Midshipmen vs. Missouri Tigers
Ken Niumatalolo vs. Gary Pinkel
I caught a bit of the Army Navy game this year - and I now have a little football crush on Ken Niumatalolo.  He's all Navy, all the way and he and his team impressed me.  You can be assured that there will be a lot of Norwoods rooting for the Midshipmen.  Navy over Mizzou.  PSUgirl Pick: Navy.
I too watched the Army Navy game then I realized that the PSU Women's Volleyball team was on.  Priorities.  Mizzou may soon join the Big11Ten.  Might as well get used to rooting for them now.  AmandaKT:  Go Tigers!
Go Nittany Lions Women's Volleyball!

6 pm, NFL Network
Tempe, AZ
Iowa State Cyclones vs Minnesota Golden Gophers
Paul Rhoads vs. Tim Brewster
The “I just barely managed to make it into a Bowl Game” Bowl.  Iowa State almost beat Iowa.  Then they beat Nebraska.  Minnesota has been to this bowl three times in four years.  Iowa State has a better rushing game.  The Gophers have Decker.  If you stop Decker, you will beat the Gophers.  I want to choose Iowa State, but my friend is a Gopher fan and will probably stop talking to me if I do.  AmandaKT’s pick:  Minnesota Golden Gophers.  Only because they get lucky.
Logically I would pick against the Gophers because they do not have a great record in "big games;" spitefully, I might also choose the Cyclones because any time they win, the Hawkeye sheds a tear; but, these are biased bowl picks - PSUgirl pick:  Minnesota. 

7:30 pm, ESPN
Atlanta, GA
Tennessee Volunteers vs. Virginia Tech Hokies
Lane Kiffin vs. Frank Beamer
Wow - there's going to be a run on hunter orange in Hotlanta this New Year's Eve.  I'm going to be petty and go against the Vols - all the hype following the Kiffin hire was a little off-putting.  PSUgirl Pick:  Va Tech.
Kiffin is a tool.  AmandaKT:  Hokies all the way!
Sounds like a holiday song "hokies all the way - oh what fun it is to play Beamer ball today, Hey!"

So, there you have it, our Biased Bowl Predictions for 2009 - We will post the 2010 edition soon!

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