The Bowled and the Beautiful; Biased FBS Bowl Predictions, 2010 Edition.

 January 1, 2010

Outback Bowl
Tampa, FL
11 am, ESPN
Northwestern Wildcats vs Auburn Tigers

Ahhh…the beginning of the New Years Day bowls. This game is played entirely way too early and I know I will miss it because I shall be appropriately hung over. Which is a shame because I would like to watch Northwestern beat up on the Tigers. Auburn is a huge favorite in this game. I’m still a little sore about that 2002 Capital One Bowl. If Northwestern can show up all four quarters, this will be a good game. If not, Auburn is going to run all over the Wildcats. AmandaKT’s pick: In this cat fight, the Wildcats win in the end.

I agree. Go Wildcats!  I was in Orlando for the 2002 game (against auburn) - it was just such a blah game and the auburn fans that we encountered were just, well, rude and poor sports.  But that's alright, and that's okay, Northwestern's got a better GPA.  PSUgirl pick:  Northwestern.

Gator Bowl
1 pm, CBS
Jacksonville, FL
florida state seminoles vs West Virginia Mountaineers
bobby bowden vs. Bill Stewart

Oh, don't worry - I'm not going to get sentimental about this one. I'm not going to say anything other than I hope that the Mighty Mountaineers win - big. PSUgirl Pick: West Virginia

Ok, I'll go sentimental. Bobby Bowden did not deserve what happened to him. He made the Seminole football program. AmandaKT: Go FSU!!!

You're right. bowden did make the program - Gee, Dr. Frankenstein, why are you so surprised that the creature has turned into a monster?

Capital One Bowl
1 pm, ABC
Orlando, FL
Penn State Nittany Lions vs LSU Tigers
Joe Paterno vs. Les Miles

My personal opinion is that Penn State is the greatest team in sports - so yes, Penn State is my pick. PSUgirl Pick:  Penn State (forever).

This is the crème de la crème of bowl games this year. Well, outside the BCS (not including the Fiesta Bowl). This has the potential to be a great game. If the Lions we know and love show up, we should be able to handle the Tigers. If the Lions that showed up against Tosu shows up, well the I hope the team had fun at Disney. PSU leads LSU in almost all statistical offensive categories. But then there is special teams. Please, please, please do not kick it to Holliday. AmandaKT’s pick: WE ARE…PENN STATE!!!

Rose Bowl
4:30 pm, ABC
Pasadena, CA
Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Oregon Ducks
Jim Tressel vs. Chip Kelly
Ducks vs Bucks

Wow. This is an incredibly hard game for me to pick. Ken Doll vs Chip n Dale. Oregon has an amazing offense behind three great runners. The Buckeyes have a really great stringent defense.  But the Ducks defense is pretty darn good too. I think this one is going to come down to Cry…oopsies I mean Pryor. And for some reason, I have faith in kid. It hurts but…AmandaKT’s pick: THE Ohio State University

Oh Amanda, you spent way too much time in the land of the horse-chestnuts.  I really hate having to pick either team. Evil Sweatervest McCheatypants vs Nike U.  Many Penn State fans are going to tell you that they have a bias against the ducks because of the 1995 Rose Bowl - sure the Ducks lost, and it wasn't their fault that Warren Sapp, and his compatriots, pranced around the Orange Bowl like maniacs and were, thus, gassed by the 3rd quarter, the Ducks have become an adverse stimuli all the same - their preposterous uniforms haven't made them more palatable over the years.  Oh how the bucknuts annoy me - just about any other Pac 10 team would be getting my vote, but like you, PSUgirl pick: tosu.

All State Sugar Bowl
8:30 pm, FOX
New Orleans, LA
Cincinnati Bearcats vs Florida Gators

Yeah - feel a little sorry for the Bearcats - this so reminiscent of the exit made by rich rod in '07.  Of course, now they've gone and pilfered Central Michigan's coach (he won't be coaching in either game). Little Timmy Tebow is a fine young man and I wish him all the best. But I'm going to go underdoggian on this one. PSUgirl Pick: Cincinnati

Clearly the Gators are the favorites in this game. Led by Jesus, aka Tim Tebow, Florida wants to avenge their poor performance in the SEC Championship game. I don’t see where the motivation is for Cincinnati. Sure, to go undefeated, which would be great, but at best, they are only playing for second place in the BCS. Not to mention we will have to listen to the commentators talk the entire game about Kelly fleeing to Notre Dame after the game. AmandaKT’s pick: Jesus and the Gators walk on water all over the Bearcats. God is on the side of little Timmy Tebow, or as the media has dubbed him, Jesus. And He shall smite thee for rooting against His team. I'll miss you PSUgirl.

Timmy is a herald of the good news, but not its origin. Fear the Zug.

January 2, 2010

International Bowl
12 pm, ESPN2
Toronto, OT
Northern Illinois Huskies vs USF Bulls
Jerry Kill vs. Jim Leavitt

When the games leave the United States, I can’t really bring myself to care. I feel bad. I’m going with the Huskies because I don’t think the Bulls will even be able to walk, let alone run, in the cold Canadian air. AmandaKT’s pick: Northern Illinois.

Jerry Kill is a menacing name, but I'm counting on USF being strong like bull and bearing the Toronto climate - PSUgirl pick: USF

PapaJohns.com Bowl
2 pm, ESPN
Birmingham, AL
South Carolina Gamecocks vs UConn Huskies
Steve Spurrier vs. Randy Edsall

I still have a difficult time thinking of UConn as a football team. They've been enjoying moderate success for quite a few years, so I guess it's time I accept it.  (the other) USC has had a tough year, but they looked great in their final game of the regular season against Clemson.  And then, of course, there is The Old Ball Coach - You have to applaud the underdog.  And the Huskies are underdogs. PSUgirl Pick: U Conn

Some schools should just stick with what they are good with.  AmandaKT:  Go Cocks (am I allowed to say that? tehehe)

Not really sure if you're talking about UConn or USC...

Cotton Bowl
2 pm, FOX
Dallas, TX
Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. Ole Miss Rebels
Mike Gundy vs. Houston Nutt

The “Oh My, What Happened to Our Season” Bowl Both teams had high hopes for this season, watched as their seasons dreams fall apart with early losses.  They then came back from the dead with wins only to die for a final time, losing to their respective rivals.  The Cowboys and Rebels are very much alike in stats too.  However, I noticed that Okie State does not have the typical passing stats that most teams in the Nintendo 12 do.  Amandakt Pick: Rebels are the favorite for this game.

Mike Gundy has contributed to some of the most enjoyable YouTube offerings to ever grace the internets. Houston Nutt just sends scary emails. PSUgirl pick: Oklahoma State.

Liberty Bowl
Memphis, TN
5:30 pm, ESPN
East Carolina Pirates vs Arkansas Razorbacks
Skip Holtz vs. Bobby Petrino

This is an interesting match up. Each coach has his (or inherited) bias baggage. Easy U Pirates vs the now Nutt Free Razorbacks. Purple vs red. I think any self respecting Pirate would agree that Arrrrrrrrrrrrrkansaw is a lot more fun to say. PSUgirl pick: Arkansas.

Skip? Lou named his son Skip? HAHAHAHA. And he coaches the Pirates? LMAO!!! AmandaKT: I think the Skipper of the Pirates finds a way to win!

Alamo Bowl
9 pm, ESPN
San Antonio, TX
Texas Tech Red Raiders vs Michigan State Spartans
Mike Leach vs. Mark Dantonio

This game does not look good for the Spartans. Texas Tech has the Nintendo like offense that one knows and loves about the Big 12. And well, after we beat up on Dantonio’s group for the second straight year like they were a JV squad I see very little hope for them. While the colors of both teams might suggest Christmas is still here, only the Red Raiders will be opening gifts at the Alamo. AmandaKT’s picks: Red Raiders.

I think that the Spartans have the game to make this an interesting match up, and I know that an MSU win is "on paper" better for Penn State - but Mike Leach is easily the most entertaining personality in football. Assuming that they don't give Dantonio some extra time outs... PSUgirl pick: Texas Tech.

January 4, 2010

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
8 pm, FOX
Glendale, AZ
TCU Horned Frogs vs Boise State Bronos
Gary Patterson vs. Chris Petersen

Does anyone even care about this game? Do you? I mean, I like this game in theory. I love how the little guys finally get a chance in the big games. But we’ve already watched this game last year in the Pointsettia Bowl. The only winner in this game I think is FOX. AmandaKT’s pick: Broncos get revenge for last year's loss.

I hope it's a thrilling, highlight reel moment filled extravaganza - that everyone has to see on Sports Center because they spent Monday night watching TNA iMPACT (or WWE RAW, if that's more your thing). As far as the teams go, there really isn't a more unique mascot than the Horned Frog (which is really a lizard) shooting blood from its eye sockets - Still, Boise is a fun team to watch and root for...PSUgirl pick: Boise State

January 5, 2010

Orange Bowl
8 pm, FOX
Miami, FL
Georgia Tech Yellowjackets vs Iowa Hawkeyes
Paul Johnson vs. Kirk Ferentz

When this game was first announced I was really looking forward to a land dwelling wasp win - but I've mellowed in the past few days - and it's much more clear to me that the Hawkeyes must win. PSUgirl Pick: iowa

Yay for Iowa!! They deserve to be in this game. And with the Comeback Kid Stanzi back for the Hawkeyes, I see them pulling this game off in just the manner that they have all season. Ugly and in the fourth quarter. AmandaKT’s pick: I-O-W-A!!!! I agree with you, Iowa must win. The Big11Ten needs it. I think this game is going to hurt the eyes with all the yellow.

7 pm, ESPN
Central Michigan Chippewa vs Troy Trojans

Chip Chip Chippewa - the victors of the MAC against the Troy Trojans. The game is in Mobile and, of course, Troy is located in Troy, Alabama (again, so much for the "neutral bowl site"). I'm leaning toward CMU - PSUgirl Pick: Central Michigan

A directional Michigan in a bowl game. At least Michigan fans will have something to root for this post season. Too bad, just like all things from that state, they will lose. Home team wins. AmandaKT: Troy.

January 7, 2010

Citi BCS National Championship Game
8 pm, FOX
Pasadena, CA
Alabama Crimson Tide vs Texas Longhorns
Nick Saban vs. Mack Brown

Not going to lie, I am kind of excited for this game. Surprise of surprises Texas kills in passing yards. And the Crimson tide rolls in the rushing game. In order for Bama to win, they need to shut down the McCoy/Shipley combo. Texas will need to find a way to stop Heisman winner Ingram. I want Alabama to win that way when we beat them next fall our SOS goes through the roof.  I know, I have great dreams. AmandaKT’s pick: Roll Tide!!!

This is one for the story books - Alabama vs Texas - Bear Bryant vs Matthew McConaughey - Joe Namath vs Vince Young. This is a game for the football historians and fans alike. I'm going with Texas - I just can't bring myself to root for the Tide. PSUgirl Pick: Texas

You're not thinking long term! We need Bama to win. If we beat them in September, we just beat the National Champions. If we lose, well we lost to the National Champions. Either way, we win. Roll Tide Roll!

Oh, I'm thinking long term - because I've already heard it from 'bama fans how honored we should be at the prospect of losing to the MNC next year (of course, they omit the M; they always have) - we'll do just fine beating runner-up 'bama - a "defending national champion" means absolutely nothing - ask the Penn State 1983 team.

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