It's My Prerogative; Updated Biased Pick for the Alamo Bowl!

OMZ, could it be more poetic that the Texas Tech Red Raiders are scheduled to play in the Alamo Bowl, in the wake of their coach's unsuccessful last stand?

Under Mike Leach the Texas Tech Red Raiders were catapulted out of Big 12 obscurity and into the shootinest rootin tootinest of spotlights.  Over the last 10 years, Leach's teams have racked up more offensive yardage than a Project Runway Red Carpet Challenge.

I'm not really sure what happened in Lubbock - or who to believe, but I do know that the Texas Tech players need to zip their lips - and ESPN should abandon the story - because no matter what they broadcast (one way or another) it is going to come across as biased...

Speaking of bias, as the genesis of my biased choice for the Alamo Bowl has been unceremoniously upended, I am (because I can) hereby handing a letter of termination to Texas Tech, and, in the interim, naming the Michigan State Spartans as my pick.

So be it.


AmandaKT said...

Should I fall into the trap of changing my pick as well? ummmm...Looks like Sparty caught a lucky break...ugh...i don't know what to do.

barrister said...

Flip a coin Amanda-but of course if you win the toss go on defense first!