Penn State v lsu, 2010 Capital One Bowl; What Will the Boys be Wearing?

Now that Boxing Day is behind us, you are probably working out your outfit for the Capital One Bowl game.  I recommend something loose fitting and comfortable - whether you're going to the game of watching it on the television.

If you're one who faithfully wears a team jersey, either in home blue or away white, based on what the team is wearing, word on the (internet highway) streets is that Penn State will be wearing blue on Friday.

lsu is considered the host/home team for the Capital One Bowl game, and due to some rule in the Napoleonic Code (not really, maybe), the tigers wear their white jerseys for their home games.

Accordingly, the Nittany Lions will be donning their "home" blue jerseys.


Unknown said...

FYI...When my group bought our tickets, Penn State passed out cards saying, "Wear white to the bowl game".

To me, white has just become the standard color to wear while on the road. Since we're known for our 'whiteouts' its a good way to represent and show our unity.

barrister said...

I too have a white jersey (#22) which I wore to the Iowa game this year-not that it did any good. (I did have a white poncho over it; maybe that was the problem.)

Kate Pierce said...

Thank you! I searched and searched and not even the Capital One site had this crucial info!