Quick Citrus/Capital One Bowl Preview

Ok, so I've returned from a weekend in Buckeye Country and watching a Saturday full of great football (I am so mad I missed Teabow crying). We've all had a chance to digest the Bowl Selections. And despite's the Athletic Department Pimpin' of the Fans, we're going to the Captial One Bowl, or the Bowl formerly knows as Citrus, facing the LSU Tigers.

Outside of Louisana, what does anyone know about this team? What I know can be limited to the following three things:

1. they supposedly have the Best Tailgating in the country.
2. Les Miles is linked to Michigan
3. LSU's pwnage of The OSU in the National Chapionship two years ago was absolutely fantastic.

Even though two of those reaons is clearly reason enough to Hate the Tigers (guess which two I am talking about), I clearly have some boning up to do on our oppenent. Which I plan on working on the next three weeks. Yet, I find it easy to already hate LSU. I want to beat LSU because I doubt that they deserve the "Best Tailgating" moniker. Everyone knows the best tailgating can be found in Lot 19 in Happy Valley with Diesel-2theLion Tailgate. And I hate because they are a SEC team. Everyone outside of the SEC is tired of the Love that people seem to have for a conference that is really only two decent teams. Any time we can shut the media up, I am all for that.

So, I am happy to be going to the Citrus, opps Capital One Bowl. We all know that we didn't deserve to be going to the Orange Bowl. Sure, it would have been nice to return the favor to Iowa and been chosen to go over them, but whatever. We are where we should be.

There are benefits to playing in the Capital One Bowl. And the little I know about the Tigers doesn't have me worried like I would be if I were a Buckeye fan about to play the Ducks (I don't think there is any way they can stop all three Oregon running backs). But PSU does not do well in the Captial One. We are 1-3 there, most recently being owned by Auburn in a game we should have won. And that there has me concerned.

Three weeks of prep time for our beloved Lions. Hopefully that will be enough for us to find consistent O-Line work and maybe some special teams, and we can show the SEC how it is done up North.


jd said...

the real tailgaters show up when there is snow on the ground, and not just when it's nice out.

i would love to see the LSU faithfull show up for a late november game at happy valley.

PSUgirl said...

I'm not going to question the awesomeness of lsu's tailgating - I love tailgating in general, so more power to them.

I know, personally that the best tailgate in the nation is at Penn State!

PSUgirl said...

oh, and, sadly, there's no real tailgating at the citrus bowl. They have shuttles from downtown orlando into the game - it's like there's a snow storm or something.

which is too bad, because there would be some fantastic tailgating.

oh (again), and Lions are way cooler, better, smarter, more handsome and tougher than tigers.

Anonymous said...

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