Will He Stay or Will He Go? Urban Meyer Will Return Following Leave.

So, yesterday, Urban Meyer shocked the entire sports world by announcing his resignation from his position as head coach of the Florida Gator's football team. Meyer stated that, due to health reasons, he had given his heart and soul to college football, but that he would be calling it quits after the Gator's contest against Cincinnati in the 2010 Sugar Bowl.

Meyer, reportedly, had been suffering from serious chest pains for some time, but had lost consciousness and was hospitalized following the SEC Championship (loss) game in December.

But then, early this morning, his "resignation" was upgraded to an "indefinite leave of absence" and following his pre Sugar Bowl press conference, ESPN is reporting that Meyer will return - hoping to be back on the Gators' sideline by the beginning of next season.

I'll admit - I was shocked when the original announcement was made - but now it's just confusing/sad.


barrister said...

I also was shocked by the initial announcement; now I "have no idea" what to make of the situation.

AmandaKT said...

i have to wonder what kind of deal the university is cutting him. he has to know this makes him look bad, and to come back it would have to be one heck of a deal.

PSUgirl said...

I was wondering that myself. A paper in Orlando is reporting (per a "source" that he did, in fact, have a heart attack during the regular season. If so, that would certainly weigh heavily on his (and his family's) mind(s).

Meyer had been built up as a bit super human by the media, and (especially) by the Florida faithful. It's difficult to think of him as weak and/or wishy-washy. This will, at the very least, expose him for what he is, human.

I did think it a bit odd when he was so emotional at the end of the season - his health (and any medication he was/is on) explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

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