The Last Totally Biased Bowl Picks of the Year!!!!

Here are our picks through the end of the year!!!

Champs Sports
West Virginia vs NC State
Orlando, Fla.
Florida Citrus Bowl
Dec. 28
6:30 p.m. ESPN
Mountaineers vs Wolfpack
AKT: This is a big important game. No, really. It’s a battle of which conference is actually the worst—the Big East or the ACC. Since I have been living back in Pittsburgh, I’ve found myself surrounded by WVU fans. And my cousin just started working for them. So Go Mountaineers!!!
TM: Just can’t do it…can’t pick the Mountaineers. But wait…NC State? Really, can I make that pick? Hmmm…I choose neither?
PG: Oh the Mighty Mountaineers, got hairs in their ears (yes, I’m aware that I bring that up every bowl season). Don’t really hate either of these schools - which is a much different sentiment from that of my youth. One of my best pals is an NC State grad (Vet School), so I’m going to go with the Wolfpack.

Missouri vs Iowa
Tempe, Ariz.
Sun Devil Stadium
Dec. 28
10 p.m.
Tigers vs Hawkeyes
TM: Missouri and Iowa are neighbors, but haven’t met since 1910 when Missouri won. Iowa started the season so strong and seemed that they would be a powerhouse. But they ended with 3 losses… On the other hand, Missouri ended the season with 3 wins and they have played in the dry heat of Arizona in 1998 and came away with a win. My pick is Missouri.
PG: Gonna stick with the B1G on this one. I’ve rooted for Mizzou in the past, but not this year. The underdog Hawkeyes defend our honor and show Miss Orry just how much she is missing.

Military Bowl Presented By Northrop Grumman
Maryland vs. East Carolina
Washington, D.C.
RFK Stadium
Dec. 29
2:30 p.m.
Terrapins vs Pirates
PG: I’m not a big fan of Maryland (Go Home Maryland. Go Home.) - it’s like they totally copied the name of our town. Had this been last season, I would have had a serious bias against “Easy U.” But since that bias has skipped town, I’ll go with the purple clad Pirates.
TM: Anyone else wonder why none of the military academies are represented in the Military Bowl? Just a question…. Once upon a time I actually didn’t dislike Maryland. Some quality Penn Staters have come from Maryland, so I coulnd’t disparage Maryland too much. But tdaoy, well, that’s changed. Pirates eat Turtles (at least, I could imagine that) so I go for ECarolina.

Illinois vs. Baylor
Reliant Stadium
Dec. 29
6 p.m.
Fighting Illini vs Bears
AKT: AKT: Honestly? Who out there thought Illinois would have the season that they did? Not me. I thought Zook would be hitting the pavement. I’m proud the Zookers! Go Illini!
TM: With such a creative mascot (really Illinois…the Illini?) who could choose anyone but Illinois? Anyone else notice that both teams have alliterative name/mascots?
PG: Oh the fighting zookers - I’m still incredibly disturbed that we were not able to score against you. I’m glad that they are in a bowl game - now they better win it.

Valero Alamo
Oklahoma State vs Arizona
San Antonio
Dec. 29
9:15 p.m.
Cowboys vs Wildcats
TM: Arizona ended the season with 4 losses and even though it’s been weeks since their last game/lost, it’s hard to come back from a downslide like that. On the other hand, I know that these cowboys aren’t from Dallas, but no matter, can’t ever pick a cowboy. Just can’t do it. Arizona wildcats
PG: Arizona and Ok State. Well, I like red and blue better than orange, and wildcats better than cowboys, but I still heart Mike Gundy and his sassy sun visor. This one is easy Pickens, Gundy and the other men on his team beat Arizona.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces
Army vs. SMU
Gerald J. Ford Stadium
Dec. 30
Black Knights vs Mustangs
PG: This is an easier one for me. I have an age old bias against SMU, which I plan to embrace for as long as Craig James holds dearly onto his. Plus, it’s my 3rd service academy, so I think I’ll go 3 for 3 and back the cadets. I mean really, are you seriously going to be biased against Army, in the Armed Forces bowl game, playing in Gerald Ford Stadium?
TM: I completely agree with PG. Armed Forces bowl game where Army is playing…no brainer that the pick is Army!

New Era Pinstripe
Kansas vs. Syracuse
Bronx, N.Y.
Yankee Stadium
Dec. 30
3:20 p.m.
Jayhawks vs Orangemen
AKT: My guess is the Yankees are looking for a way to pay off the new stadium. Syracuse lost a punter to a brain tumor, a safety and a running back. This does not bode well for the guys in Orange. Plus I’m still mad about the whole painting the Lion thing. Kansas for the win!
TM: I acknowledge both points made. Lion painters vs. Blue hoggers. As the tie breaker, I might remind everyone that our ‘rivalry’ with the Orangemen resumes in 2013? I’d like them to start the losing streak now, so Go Kansas!
PG: Good call on the orange paint grudge - who cares if (they say that) Sue Paterno started it all. But I have a bias against Kansas that’s pretty strong - they think they own the color blue (sure they’re being particular about their purply shade, but) - only one team owns the color blue - blue and white. Going with the orange on this one.

Franklin American Mortgage Music City
North Carolina vs. Tennessee
Nashville, Tenn.
LP Field
Dec. 30
6:40 p.m.
Tarheels vs Volunteers
TM: Let’s me double check here, but Tennessee is playing in the bowl game in Tennessee? Wow, I’m not sure they’ll be able to recover from all that travel! I haven’t liked Tennessee ever since the Manning years. Didn’t like Manning in college, don’t like him in the pros and my dislike for him drives my dislike for all things Tennessee. So, even though I don’t necessarily like the Tarheels either, I have to give them my pick (even if it is a pick of my nose…)
PG: Been feeling a little sorry for the Vols since Kiffengate (probably the most insane 3 hours I’ve ever spent on Twitter) and, as you’ve been told before, I have a stale, old, petty bias against the heels - but then, that’s really the spirit of biased bowl predictions. So, for tradition’s sake (sorry Flick), I’m for Tennessee.

Bridgepoint Education Holiday
Nebraska vs Washington
San Diego
Qualcomm Stadium
Dec. 30
10 p.m.
Cornhuskers vs Huskies
PG: So, the Cornhuskers are our new Big-T(w)e(lve)n created “protected” rivalry, so I guess we’re supposed to hate on them. But in all great sibling rivalries (or so I’ve been told), it’s fine if we humiliate them, but we don’t want anyone else beat them. Plus, I just can’t get to inspired by Washington. So Huskers it is.
TM: I agree with PSUgirl. Since Nebraska is going to be joining us next year I’d like them to come in with a win.

Meineke Car Care
South Florida vs. Clemson
Charlotte, N.C.
Bank of America Stadium
Dec. 31
Bulls vs Tigers
AKT: AKT: So I am sitting here for about five minutes, thinking about what to say about this bowl game. I don’t think there is anything remotely interesting about this came. But hey! Take care of your cars folks. Tigers easily take care of the Bulls.
TM: Fifteen fans PSUgirl?!?! I think you’re selling them short by at least 5 fans. There is no good reason to tune in unless you are currently recovering from 2 broken arms and can’t change the remote. To keep it interesting, I’ll take the Bulls for the win.
PG: Again, the ACC vs the Big East. Sadly, I think that Amanda is exactly right on this one. Here’s hoping that it is an entertaining game for those 15 fans who tune in. Tigers FTW.

Hyundai Sun
Notre Dame vs. Miami
El Paso, Texas
Sun Bowl
Dec. 31
2 p.m.
Fighting Irish vs Hurricanes
TM: I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. On one hand we have Notre Dame. Enough said. On the other Miami who I have a deep seeded hatred for going back to an ex-boyfriend who just loved them (back in the late 80s). Add in that they arrived to the 1987 Fiesta Bowl in fatigues (I will never forget or forgive) and now Al Golden leaving Temple for Miami and I will have to give the nod for…wait for it…. Notre Dame. I think I just heard Erin giggle with glee (Merry Christmas Erin)
PG: Oh my. The history of odiousness and distain for these two teams is strong, very strong. The dill whole vs. testaverde - Johnson vs Holtthzzz - As Maven mentioned, our Al Golden will be donning the orange and green (seriously???) next season, and I will probably find myself hoping for his success. So, I guess I’ll get in one last “root against” and pick the irish. They have a superior fight song - so that’s something.

AutoZone Liberty
Georgia vs. UCF
Memphis, Tenn.
Liberty Bowl
Dec. 31
3:30 p.m.
Bulldogs vs Knights
PG: I always think of princesses when I think of the Knights; Disney Princesses, that is. I really don’t have anything against Central Florida, except that they happen to be a Florida team. Sure there are occasions when I will side with a Sunshine State team, but this isn’t one of them. Glory to old Georgia.
TM: Several years ago a person I collaborated with at work (only ever ‘met’ on the phone…never in person) was a huge UGA fan. Every football weekend, she would call and we’d talk about our hopes for our teams that weekend. She was a lovely woman who passed away unexpectedly. In her honor, I always say (as I did to her) if it’s not against Penn State I’ll root for your Bulldogs. UGA for sentimental reasons.

South Carolina vs. FSU
Georgia Dome
Dec. 31
7:30 p.m.
Gamecocks vs Seminoles
AKT: I think this bowl has to be my favorite because I absolutely LOVE Chik-fil-A. But why do I get cravings for it on Sundays!?! Jimbo Fisher appeared to be the right choice down there at FSU. Plus they aren’t PC there. Awesome. Go ‘Noles!
TM: PSUgirl is right. My head has exploded and is currently splattered on the wall. Spurrier (aka the devil) vs FSU (aka the devil)? It’s like asking if I could pick between losing a finger or a toe…no outcome is OK. The only outcome that I could live with is one that can’t happen. As I try to reassemble my head, it pains me to pick…FSU (now give me a beer to erase this from my memory).
PG: Maven’s head is going to explode over this one. Spurrier vs the Seminoles. It used to be easy to pick a game like this - but my main bias against fsu has been removed. Arrggghhh - I can not remember ever saying this before - going with fsu. Zuggets.


"I Didn't Know" or Christmas Comes Early

There really isn't words to describe the awesome that is this.  But the "I didn't know" defense is BS.  If you follow college football at all, you know that this is illegal in NCAA.  You know it.  I know it.  You can't make money as a student athlete.

Either way...enjoy Penn State fans!!

2010-11 Totally Biased Bowl Predictions - The Petite Edition.

We'll be posting the rest of our Totally Biased Bowl Predictions after Boxing Day, but, in the meantime, here are a couple more...

Little Caesars
Florida International vs. Toledo
Ford Field
Dec. 26
8:30 p.m. ESPN
Golden Panthers vs Rockets
TM: Pizza! Pizza! For some reason I have a bit of love for Florida International. I sort of view them as the little college football team that can. Going from their first season (2006) with no wins, to a 6-6 record this year is quite an accomplishment. Add in that I was a Panther in High School and it makes me smile to choose FIU!
PG: I still haven't made up my mind about Todelo (I don't s'pose I ever will - 1,000 drinks to he/she who knows that reference). So it's a rare Golden Panthers pick for me.

AdvoCare V100 Independence
Georgia Tech vs. Air Force Shreveport, La.
Independence Stadium Dec. 27
5 p.m. ESPN2
Yellow Jackets vs Falcons
PG: My instincts say to go with the Yellow Jackets, but I hate yellow jackets. They seriously one of my least favorite of the stinging insects. Plus, this is another service academy, so I don’t want to be unpatriotic. It seems right to back Air Force in the Independence Bowl. So defend and conquer airmen - into the wild blue yonder.
TM: My brother is in the Air Force and so…without a hesitation…my pick is Air Force.


If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, Why is pitt in a Bowl? 2010-11 Biased Bowl Predictions.

It's that time of year again! Our Bowled and Beautiful Biased Bowl Picks!!!

We analyze, compare and debate all the finer and complex aspects of college football, such as the teams' mascots, coaches' facial hair, and this year, apparently, whether or not it's a service academy.

So let's get started with the early games, through December 24th...

New Mexico
Albuquerque, N.M.
University Stadium
Dec. 18th, 2 p.m. ESPN
Cougars vs Miners
AKT: The only thing exciting about this game is the fact that its the first game! Other than that, no one cares who wins. But, I must pick…so in the honor of Chi-chi-chi Le-Le-Le—I am picking the Miners!
TM: While I like Chile (and chili!) I will have to go for BYU since I too am a cougar!
PG: I like you’re train of thought here Amanda, how can we possibly root against the Miners? UTEP it is!

uDrove Humanitarian
Northern Illinois vs. Fresno State
Boise, Idaho
Bronco Stadium
Dec. 18th, 5:30 p.m. ESPN
Huskies vs. Bulldogs
TM: Boise in December…I don’t know that this is really a ‘humanitarian’ thing to put football players through? I predict Fresno State won’t be able to stand the cold, so it will be the Huskies of Northern Illinois that will be the winner.
PG: The Huskies had a fine season, but I think I’ve made it very clear how I feel about the ‘stache. Coach Hill and the Bulldogs win.

R+L Carriers New Orleans
Ohio vs. Troy
New Orleans
Louisiana Superdome
Dec. 18th, 9 p.m. ESPN
Bobcats vs Trojans
PG: So, I wouldn’t have usually had a very strong bias toward or against either of these teams, except for a small little incident that happened earlier this season... Although it’s been condemned by all that know better, I have to say, there’s something strangely noble, albeit sad, about a life’s ambition being to crack a bucknut. For that reason, I’m for (the) Ohio; and, besides, slip’n’slides are dangerous.
TM: I’ll admit it. I just can’t make a pick for Ohio. I know, I know it’s not The Ohio State University, but still, it would just feel wrong to pick them. I pick (totally biased) the Trojans of Troy (say that fast 5 times!)

Beef 'O' Brady's St. Petersburg
Louisville vs. Southern Mississippi
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Tropicana Field
Dec. 21st, 8 p.m. ESPN
Cardinals vs Golden Eagles
AKT: Um…are freaking for real? Beef O’ Brady Bowl? I’m surprised neither of these teams turned this down. What is the gift for playing in this game? A cube steak? In my opinion, both of these teams lose for saying yes—however Southern Mississippi really goes home the loser. (Louisville)
TM: Let me get this straight. A ‘beef’ bowl, hosted at Tropicana Field? I have visions of beef and OJ that just makes me nauseous. I have to believe in a fight between a real golden eagle and a cardinal the golden eagle comes out on top. My pick…Southern Miss
PG: At first I thought this game was another name for when Gisele and Tom fight. I’m going to go against Southern Miss as well, but just because I don’t care for photo texts of body parts. (Louisville)

MAACO Las Vegas
Utah vs. Boise State
Las Vegas
Sam Boyd Stadium
Dec. 22nd, 8 p.m. ESPN
Utes vs Broncos
TM: Uh, oh! Better get Maaco! Boise State has been on a mission to enter the BCS and get the respect they feel they deserve. Utah looked like they would make an undefeated run this season…until…first they ran into the Horned Frogs of TCU and were sham-rocked by the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. I think Boise State is hungry for this win, but will need to try again next year. My pick…Utah.
PG: The Broncos probably shoulda coulda woulda had an undefeated season. I kinda like Boise - they’re brash and unsung. They win games and get little/no credit for it. Because they’re not in the “club” they don’t get to prove themselves, either good or bad, very often. I’m going with Boise State.

S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia
San Diego St vs. Navy
San Diego
Qualcomm Stadium
Dec. 23rd, 8 p.m. ESPN
Aztecs vs Midshipmen
PG: I don’t really have anything against the Aztecs of San Diego State, but they’re really fighting a losing battle. It’s like 2 home teams really - San Diego and the Navy are pretty much synonymous. For my own personal bias, I heart Navy, the color, the academy and the service branch (and their coach); plus, my high school fight song was “Anchors Aweigh.” So, ahoy Navy!
TM: Anyone who doesn’t pick Navy just isn’t a patriot. There…I said it…. My pick-Navy!

Sheraton Hawaii
Tulsa vs. Hawaii
Aloha Stadium
Dec. 24th,  8 p.m. ESPN
Golden Hurricane vs Warriors
AKT: So Hawaii automatically gets to play in this game unless they qualify for a BCS game. Neoptism at its finest. For this reason alone-Hawaii wins!
TM: Umm…I’m not sure what a ‘golden’ hurricane would be made of (let the mind wander on that…) but it doesn’t sound like something I would want to be a part of. Add in Captain ‘Cane which sounds like a superhero for the drug addict and I just can’t abide by Tulsa. Totally based on Mascot I have to go for the Warriors of Hawaii.
PG: Oh, come on - no love for the creepiest mind image mascot ever? But hey, I am a big fan of Hawai’i (in general), so Aloha Warriors.


That's One for you Nineteen for Me; Vote for the Taxgirl!

Not football - but...

As seen on Twitter:

Hey Attys (and everyone else)! Go vote for @ on the ABA Blawg 100 poll! 

and visit http://www.taxgirl.com/ 


Dream Seats & Dream Sequins

So, we had a ton of fun at the Penn State / Indiana game at FedEx Field.

We had fantastic seats - known as "dream seats" - and Tailgate Maven (who was wearing sequins) got a hug and a pix with a certain former Nittany Lion...


Blue White Roundtable Roundup - PSU v northwestern

Check out JoePa's Doghouse!

PENN STATE vs northwestern - Bistro Une Victoire.

Well, this is shaping up to be quite an exciting weekend.

Penn State hosts the wildcats of northwestern as they battle for that 6th win of the season... to become bowl eligible.

Kick-off is at 3:30pm and the game will be broadcast on ABC/ESPN2.

The weather report is a little daunting:  a high of 45F (low of 30F) with the chance of snow/rain showers.  Dress warmly, with layers and good boots.

What it looks like when it snows in Happy Valley.

northwestern dons uniforms of purple - which is usually easy to avoid in clothing - but let's pass on the blackberry cobbler this week.

We will be serving a variety of (warm) bistro inspired foods, including onion soup, beef with red wine sauce, gougeres, mini quiches, apple pie, and much more.

The lots open at 8am and we'll be parking in the Green Lot (behind the press box), email or message for more specific directions.  Look for a striped PSU flag.  

All are welcome.  Hope to see you on Saturday!


PENN STATE v northwestern Blue White Roundtable - the one where we actually post some answers.

Hey!  We’re actually going to answer these ones!!!
And yes, I am feeling much better now - thanks for asking.

The questions this week are from JoePa's Doghouse:

Matt McGloin played a very good game.  He made some big-time throws, managed the game, and didn’t make the critical mistake.  That said, as long as Rob Bolden is medically cleared, he should be the starter now and forever.  So, with that out of the way, here we go…

1.  Congratulations to Evan Royster for breaking the all-time Penn State rushing record.  Where do you rank him compared to the PSU running backs you have seen play live?
Evan looked great on Saturday - much better than he has all season, and maybe even last.  I do, however, remember thinking he was pretty keen a few years back... - I’ve been watching Penn State football all my life, and the Lions have fielded so many impressive backs over the years (and years).  Where do I rank Royster?  Well, so many fans/pundits 

2. Okay, I guess we need to have one QB question.  Will we see Kevin Newsome get any significant playing time this year? Where do you think he will be in 2011?
No, no I don’t.  Will he transfer?  It’s probably a good idea for him if he is not clicking with the Penn State program/scheme - but I really haven’t thought so much about it.

3.  Against Michigan, Nate Cadogan was used as a "TE" in some goal line situations.  What other outside the box ideas (offense or defense) can you come up with to provide additional sparks?
I’d say that the coaching crew went far beyond the expectations and imagination of just about everyone in the stands Saturday night - What more could they do?  Tackle.

4.  Which lifted curse was most satisfying: Royster converting a 4th & 1, Graham Zug making big-time catches, offensive success in the red zone, or PSU winning as underdog? Do you think it will carry over for the remainder of the season?
Red zone touchdowns, full stop.  However, Royster’s 4th and 1 run was key to the victory and great to see, and, I, personally, was thrilled to see Zug make some big time plays.  
I’m cynical - I think a big part of PSU’s success is owed to michigan - they couldn’t adjust (or execute).  A better (smarter) team (coach) will be the true test - The Lions will have to play very well on Saturday to confirm any progress.

5.  Whether you were at this game or not, we've all had to put up with douchebag Michigan fans.  Give me your best encounter with such a jerk.
Hmmm, michigan.  I guess fans in the stadium were the “worst” um’ers I’ve ever encountered (I mean, in real life they’re pretty darn smug).  But they were pretty “good” last week.  

Kibbles N Bits

1)  If you had to choose, would you rather have JoePa get his 400th win at home this Saturday against Northwestern or next week in front of stunned Buckeyes? I want Penn State to win this weekend - regardless of any records.

2)  Northwestern has given up more sacks than any team in the Big Ten.  Penn State has recorded the second fewest.  I’m setting the over/under at 1.5.  What say you? Oh, let’s hope it’s over.

3)  You have to admit that Northwestern has a pretty ugly color combination.  Let’s throw them a bone.  What’s your most prized purple possession? Interesting question - I dislike all things purple this week - but if I had to choose, it would be... my purple calculator.


Penn State vs Michigan - Fabulous game - Brilliant Tailgate.

We tested ourselves this past weekend - we had some serious system failures (of memory and equipment) - but we prevailed and thoroughly enjoyed our 10 hours of pre-game tailgating.

Cinnamon and walnut monkey bread - warmed up wonderfully on the Weber.

Delicious antepasta platter and straight from the farm sweet potato pie!

The Weber saved the day. It starred as grill, stretched creatively as oven, and understudied brilliantly for the stove - I was lucky to get this last second shot of the rueben sandwiches - they were gone in a flash (and so yummy!).


MVP! MVP! Wagner Secures 2nd Big Ten Honor of the Year

Our own Colin Wagner was named as Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week by the Big Ten for his performance against michigan.  While it was certainly a team effort, Colin did excel in the clutch moments of the game, with "security" points AND yards late in the game.

Per bigten.org:

SPECIAL TEAMS:Collin Wagner, Penn StateSR, K, State College, Pa./State College AreaWagner connected on both field goal attempts and five extra points and helped seal the victory with a fourth-down conversion on a fake field goal in a victory over Michigan. The senior kicker connected on a 32-yard field goal in the third quarter to put the Nittany Lions ahead 31-10. After the Wolverines cut the deficit to seven points with less than 10 minutes left in the game, Wagner capped the ensuing possession with a 42-yard field goal with just under six minutes remaining to push the lead back to 10 points. Michigan was unable to convert a fourth down on the next possession, but Penn State’s ensuing drive stalled and the Wolverines used their final timeout with 3:44 on the clock. Instead of kicking a field goal on fourth-and-four, PSU ran a fake and Wagner scrambled seven yards on his first collegiate carry for the first down. The Nittany Lions then ran out the clock for the win. Wagner nabs weekly accolades for the second time in his career and for the season after being honored on Sept. 27, 2010.
LAST PSU SPECIAL TEAMS POW: K Collin Wagner on Sept. 27, 2010.


PENN STATE v um; It's a Marathon, not a Sprint.

It's that time of year again.  That time when no matter where you are, or what you are doing, a certain distaste rises in your belly and you feel a tremor of agitation.  Your upper lip twitches slightly, and you squint your eyes...

It's michigan week.

The Nittany Lions host the michigan wolverines for their lone (home) prime time game of the season.  Kickoff is at 8pm (EST) and the game will be broadcast on ESPN.

um wears yellow with their dark blue, so leave the gold jewelry and money clips at home this week.

The 8pm start time means a day-long tailgate.  Parking lots open at 8am - we expect to be there by 10am - but there's no rush - we'll again be parking in the Green Lot - email or call for specific directions.

Our theme is "Pub Prowl" - featuring our favorite pub foods from around the globe.

As always, all are welcome - stop by if you can!


Blue White Roundtable Roundup - the small pop edition -

ARRGGHHH - We had the honor (horror?) of preparing the questions this week - but due to seriously annoying ailments (haff a stuffy knows), playoff baseball, and, yes, obligations of the employment variety (gotta start buying lottery tickets), I am not yet done with the roundup.

In the meantime - please visit each of the following wonderful sites and enjoy their witty (and often wrong) responses to our diligently crafted queries:

William F. Yurasko
JoePa's Doghouse
Galen @ LineBackerU
Devon @ Nittany WhiteOut


Only Hearts Can Build a Home; Penn State Homecoming 2010.

This is Penn State Homecoming Week.

If you haven't already figured that out, then I apologize - because I've been ridiculously neglectful in posting about this week's game and tailgate.

No excuses. Just Facts.

The game this Saturday is against the fighting (zookers) illini of illinois.  Kick off is at 12pm, and the game will be broadcast on ESPN 2 (glad I double checked that one - would have guessed BTN).

illinois sports garb of dark blue and orange - check the grommets and stitching on your dungarees.

The current accuweather forecast is:  Bright sunshine. Nice and warm.  High 72F; Low 44F.  Wear/pack layers and be sure to bring the sunscreen.

We will be tailgating in the overnight RV (19) Lot.  This is our lone RV tailgate this season, so be sure to stop by if you can.  Look for the checkered and "Don't Give Up the Ship" flags.  Email/comment/message/call for more specific directions.

With the early kickoff - parking lots will open at 7am - but our faithful crew will be there Thursday night and all day Friday as well.

Our theme this week is "Tour of Pennsylvania - Celebrating Yuengling Brewery." - This is our 2nd Yuengling sponsored tailgate (see Pounderfest, 2009).

It's Homecoming, and what could be better than to honor Pennsylvania herself?  We will be serving foods from and inspired by our fair Commonwealth, including, but not limited to:  stuffed cabbages (golabki, golubtsy, holubtsi, töltött kaposzta, pigs in the blanket - whatever you call them); mini beef on weck; shoo-fly pie; ring bologna; cheesesteak roll-ups; Goldenberg cupcakes; chow-chow and other assorted pickles; chips & pretzels; and, a variety of desserts and snacks from all over PA.

As always, everyone is welcome.  Contributions and tips are appreciated.

They Pronounce it Ellen Noy; Penn State v illinois Blue White Roundtable

And we're back!

Thanks to Galen from LinebackerU for this week's questions.

Penn State has lost to the two teams they were supposed to, albeit badly, and had a close scare with Temple. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being “OMG!! FIRE JOE NOW!!! and 1 being “no worries, things are going as we expected”) where are you on the Nittany Lion suicide scale and why?


Well, I'm certainly not happy with the way Penn State has been playing the beginning of this season - so if they were "supposed" to lose to these teams or what doesn't really change that. I wasn't devastated after the bama loss - but the iowa loss was more of a disappointment - dropped passes, absence of run and pass blocking, Bolden's (understandable) nerves/emotion, and our traditional offensive play calling and (somewhat new) certain lack of discipline on offense - and poor tackling/missed assignments on defense are, at this point a real concern.

But on the other hand, I'm not inconsolable. I have have hope - both for this season and for the future - This game will be a test and show if Penn State can compete in the Big Ten.

Nick Sukay has back to back games with a pick and is now tied for first in the Big Ten, can we finally say this is his ‘breakout’ year or is it too early yet?

It's way too early. He said that he just got the green light to be able to break on the ball - which probably explains the interceptions. He's still getting beaten on coverage and looking, generally, slow. He's 3rd on the team with total tackles - it does not make me happy that 4 of the top 8 tacklers are from the secondary - black and white evidence of our non-existent run defense.

Penn State is 11-2 against the Fighting Zookers in Big Ten play, they are 12-1 after a loss since 2005, and they have won 39 of 44 homecoming games for Joe Paterno; this game is in the bag right? What scares you the most about Illinois?

Of course I believe that Penn State will win - 100%. Illinois' defense makes me nervous -

There has been a lot of talk about benching Rob Bolden and giving Newsome some more playing time. Are the offensive woes Bolden’s fault or is this just wild message board overreaction?

No. Bolden is our quarterback. Kevin Newsome is a fine kid - and there was a time when we all believed that he was the next great thing - but he has not

Quick Hits
-Both offenses are at the bottom of the conference and both defenses are pretty high (4th and 3rd) if the over/under was 35 what would you take?

Oh, I don't make these kinds of predictions...

-Number of times Joe uses some form of “youth” in his post-game press conference?

Many - 20?

-It’s a noon start, what quarter (half maybe?!?!) does the student section fill up?

It's also Homecoming - so it may be a while - let's say 2nd quarter.


PENN STATE v temple - the Owls of Da'Hoode - Oktoberfest 2010!

Please pass me the cherry striped pants.

The mighty Temple Owls soar into Beaver Stadium this week riding a 3-0 record.  Yes, Temple has a better record than Penn State - I don’t know all the stats, but this has to be a rare occurrence -
Just as unique is game time:  3:30pm.  The game will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network and live-blogged on the700level.com
The Owls, and their coach, Al Golden, fight fight fight for the cherry and the white, so expect to see peppermint striped pants and candy apple red clad fans.  And yes, they do have fans.
The weather forecast is currently (an adverb that, this week, I can’t stress enough) high 67F low 48F, with periods of sun and clouds - and... 95% probability of a thunderstorm in the evening (according to accuweather). Yay!
We will be celebrating Bavaria’s 200th (and our 8th) Oktoberfest at the tailgate, serving up:  roast pork & sauerkraut; beer brats; kielbasa; a variety of other grilled and delicious meats; german potato salad; pretzels; beer; desserts; and, so on.
With the attractive later kickoff, the parking lots will open at 8am.  We will be there when they open the gates and we’ll be tailgating before and after the game.  We’ll be tailgating in the Green Lot (please email or DM for specific directions/cell #s if you need them) - and flying the state flag of Bavaria (blue & white checked).
As always, all are welcome and contributions are appreciated but not necessary.  Check 2thelionfootball.com (ie here) for any last minute changes/information.

Image from: google


Some of Claire Daines Best Work Ever; Blue White Roundtable, temple edition.

We're a quarter of the way into the season, and at this point we're starting to see how Penn State stacks up this year. What's the biggest positive and negative you've seen so far?

The biggest positive so far for me has been Robert Bolden. He has exceeded my expectations and quieted my panic that materialized after he was named as starting quarterback. I'm not going to pretend that he's been perfect or anything near it - but I really think that he has performed as well as any first year starter - regardless or age and/or experience. Seriously friends, can you imagine what would have happened to the 2005 team if they had faced that Alabama team?

The biggest negative for me has been the tackling - and the general disconnect on defense. The turnover ratio is a serious concern, serious.

The Big Ten has had mixed success this first month--Ohio State beat Miami, but Iowa lost to Arizona. Michigan and Michigan State have been better than advertised, but Penn State and Wisconsin have underperformed. As a conference, how do you think the Big Ten stacks up?

It's early. I'm not ready to say that beating notre dame is "better than advertised" but they certainly have been entertaining to watch. We at 2theLion wish Coach Dantonio a speedy and full recovery - he's going to have to take a "time out" but I'm sure he'll be back to work soon.

As far as the Big Ten goes as a conference, I'd say it's a typical start to the year - nothing too shocking (although the iowa loss did surprise me). It often seems like the Big Ten as a whole looks past the early games and that the season "really" starts with conference play - I think they'll be fine.

It was recently announced that Penn State had extended the Temple series for another three years. How do you feel about playing the Owls on a regular basis?

I'm old so I like playing Temple - it reminds me of my childhood. I'm also a Temple grad - so I like it that they get a chance to play a team like PSU and be on TV, and, every 4 years or so, raise their attendance numbers.

Temple's Al Golden seems to be a popular choice to replace Joe Paterno, whenever it is that JoePa decides to call it quits. How would you feel about Golden taking over as the head coach of Penn State?

I'm on the Golden bandwagon right now. I'll admit that this is a new vehicle for me, but, so far, I'm really enjoying the ride. I'm proud of what Golden has done at Temple - on the field, but, more importantly, in the locker room, classroom and community. He has Temple players, fans, and admin believing that they can win - it's a big change. As we know, when Golden took over the only thing worse than the football team's record were its grades. The team lost 9 scholarships due to academics the year Golden was hired - he came in and set the standard, one I like to think he learned at Penn State (and maybe uva, but I'm not gonna count that). He's dedicated himself to improving the team as a whole, and each player as a whole. I wish him well - but not that well - at least not until he's wearing a blue tie on Saturdays.

Extra Points:

How many times will the BTN announcers mention that Al Golden played and coached at Penn State?

For those of you watching at home, please do not make this a drinking game - safety first!

Which of the embattled starters is most likely to have a breakthrough game on Saturday?

I'll be rooting for Evan Royster.

Who finishes with more rushing yardage: the entire Penn State backfield or Bernard Pierce?

Again, I'll be rooting for Evan Royster.

Temple has scored 9 points total in the last four meetings between these teams. Do they surpass that in this game alone?

Yes. Maybe.


Flash Player is Outdated and Cumbersome; Penn State v. Kent State

We're just to the 3rd game of the season and Penn State already has a Hockey team -

Thanks to JoePa's Doghouse for this week's questions:

Question #1: We just went toe-to-toe with the #1 team in the country and were defeated rather decisively. It is clear that Alabama’s program is operating on a higher level than Penn State’s. What does our program need to do to reach the elite level of Alabama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State…?

Well, obviously there is a lot of work to be done with this team - and I don't know if a Penn State team under the Paterno regime is ever going to be similar. I'm not saying that a Paterno team can't be successful - but they're just different.

Alabama did not play a perfect game nor were their players perfect. Another team, on another day, would have taken advantage of the sloppiness and inconsistencies on (the Tide's) offense and their inexperience on defense. On the other hand, bama certainly made the best of our inexperience on offense and our non-existent tackling on defense.

What does Penn State have to do? Well, they have to establish a program that supports and exhibits great recruiting, strength training, conditioning and game play.

Question #2: When I was in T-Town, several seemingly knowledgeable Bama fans said that “the $EC had Texas in the bag until the Pac Ten offer and subsequent ‘bending over’ of the Big XII.” (Shakes head, rolls eyes) What misconception would you love to erase from Penn State fans’ heads so that we don’t sound so misinformed when Tide fans visit us next year?

That we invented the "we are" cheer?

Question #3: What does Penn State need to do in the next 2 games for you to feel that they’re ready to take on Iowa in the Big Ten opener? Feel free to include roster shake-ups that you would like to see.

Seriously? Well, they need to win these next two games as a starter. But in addition to that the defense needs to show up and start tackling and Graham Zug needs to catch a ball.

Question #4: Alabama was a tremendous road trip against a blue blood program with a fanbase as ravenous as ours. It was a marquee game in every sense of the word. Unfortunately, our future schedules are devoid of such a matchup. Put on your AD hat and pick 3 teams you’d have Penn State play home-and-away to fill out the decade. Now take off that hat before you raise parking prices!!!

Texas; Florida; and, what the heck, how about Miami.

Rapid Fire:
Turnovers? Penn State ____, Kent State _____

Please let it be under 3 for PSU and at least 1 for ksu (sorry Flashes).

How many non-BCS schools from Ohio will we play before Kent State shows up on the schedule again?

Who knows? Especially if the Big Ten expands to 9 regular season games. But we've played 3 since the last time we faced the Flashes - so, let's say 3.

Summarize our current recruiting “efforts” in 5 words or less.

Nothing remarkable, yet.

Football isn’t 100% of our lives. What’s the 1 tv show you can’t wait to watch this fall?

Penn State Football Story? oh, and Glee!


Temple hits the Big Time; Penn State v Temple kickoff at 3:30pm

The Big Ten Network announced today that the September 25th Penn State v Temple game will air at 3:30pm.  This is a departure from the traditional 12pm start that has become an annual component of the match-up.

We'll be hosting our (wait for it) 8th annual Oktoberbest Tailgate!


I'm not going to say that it's the biggest game of the year; Penn State v alabama

But it's certainly the biggest game of the year, so far.

Penn State battles alabama tonight at 7pm (EST) - airing on ESPN.

Check for us on Twitter and Facebook tonight.


Blue White Roundtable - the houndstooth edition; Penn State v alabama

1) Penn State's historical tendency is to "turtle up" on offense for big road games, playing not to lose instead of playing to win. What approach will we take Saturday?

Pg: tough question - It will be difficult to be too conservative with a freshman quarterback - because there is nothing conservative about that. We can talk all we want about the state of the bama defense - but the truth is, there is nothing proven about our offense. My guess is that it will be typical Penn State football - a quarter or so of scripted plays - but I think that Joe, Galen and the rest of the crew know fully well that they're aren't going to be successful without taking some chances.

AKT: Turtle up. I cannot imagine us, with a new QB in a hostile environment, all of a sudden opening up the playbook. Not going to happen.

2) Alabama has lost their last two games to Big Ten teams (to Michigan in the 2000 Orange Bowl and Minnesota in the 2004 Music City Bowl). What will it take for Penn State to make it three in a row? How much will Bama miss the Offensive and Defensive MVPs from the 2010 BCS Championship Game, Mark Ingram and Marcell Dareus?

Pg: I really don't see many weaknesses with alabama - Our Penn State team is going to have to play a nearly perfect game to keep competitive. Bolden will have to stay composed and connect with the receivers; who, in turn will have to catch the ball. The offensive line will have to improve on run blocking and give our young quarterback more time to let plays develop. On defense, well, the defense needs to allow so very little bend and absolutely no break this week - alabama is not going to wait around for our defense to settle in and get a feel for the game. Adjustments and reactions will have to be made mid play not at the half.

AKT: want to say we'll win. And if we do, I won't be surprised. However, with OLine having issues blocking for the run last week, I doubt there will be much improvement there. They will probably miss Dareus more than Ingram because Ingrams backup Richardson is just as good, if not better.

3) If I see__________early in the game it will make me happy. If  I see__________early in the game it will make me sad. (Be as expansive as you want.)

Pg: Well, if we see Penn State scoring some points early in the game, I'll be elated - also if we see some controlled aggression on defense. What will make me sad is bonehead plays, poor execution and/or lack of "fire in the belly."

AKT: If I see us scoring at least once early in the game, I will be happy. I would like to at least stay with Bama if we cannot win. If I see our defense come out like it did against YSU, I would be sad. They need to be pumped from the first snap.

4) Three 40+ Field Goals; four touchbacks in eight kickoffs; a touchdown on a kickoff return; a new punt protection scheme...Have the Penn State Special Teams turned the corner or is the jury still out?

Pg: The jury is out for me. The actual punting is still a big question mark, and yes, we still need to see how well that "scheme" is going to work against a real rush (ysu, btw, used the same/similar formation). Wagner kicked well into and with the wind, which gives me hope. Fera had some nice kickoffs, but into the wind he didn't make it to the endzone.
AKT: If I see us scoring at least once early in the game, I will be happy. I would like to at least stay with Bama if we cannot win. If I see our defense come out like it did against YSU, I would be sad. They need to be pumped from the first snap.

Quick Hits
  • Pick a side: PSU +11.5 or Bama -11.5?
  • This game has one of the lowest Totals (44) on the board: Over or Under?
  • Penn State rushing yards, Over or Under 130?
  • Where will you watch the game?
1. I still don't make score predictions
2. " "
3. Penn State rushing yards - oy after ysu I'm skeptical - but I'm going to say OVER!
4. I'll be watching the game at home - it's really the smartest place for me to be during a game such as this.

1. I know nothing about spreads, but how but I say we don't win or lose by more than 6pts.
2. Under
3. Over. I really really hope Over.
5. Undecided yet. But it will be with alumni somewhere.


The Inspiration of Greece

We often get asked how we decide on the themes for the tailgates. Most of the time a magazine, cookbook or TV show sparks discussion about potential themes. During the summer we debate and discuss the options, refine the ideas, scrap ideas, and often what we end up at the end of the summer is vastly different than what our initial thoughts were. For example, our first tailgate of the season started when we spied Savuer magazine (http://www.saveur.com/in_this_issue.jsp?issueId=201006) issue #131 which was ‘The Greece Issue’.

Image from Saveur magazine.

Who couldn’t be inspired by the images? And that’s where the discussion started and menu planning was discussed for weeks. Initially there was talk of grilled lamb, souvlaki, and/or lemon chicken. A few weeks later when out to brunch one of the specials of the day was a greek meatball grinder and the menu took an unexpected turn. While meat on a stick (such as souvlaki) is always a hit, a meatball pita is something new to our tailgate and allows for a very mobile meal. We made two kinds of meatballs, one a more greek-traditional meatball and a second that had spinach, feta, and olives mixed in. The sauce for the meatballs was a home made tzatziki and of course, more feta.

With the ‘main’ dish now decided, it was time to turn our attention to the side dishes and desserts. Olives were a must and a white bean salad with artichokes, olives, and roasted peppers rounded out some of the sides. For dessert we debated the choices and had initially settled on buying some baklava (who would make that from scratch?), but decided that a homemade pistachio brittle would incorporate the flavors, but add a twist to the traditional. Rounding out desert were lemon cupcakes with a greek yogurt frosting that was to die for!

And that’s how My Big Fat Greek Tailgate was put together. Are you inspired yet?


One Small Post for PSUgirl; Posting from the Parking Lot, Penn State v ysu

Not since Blogger did away with the "audio blog" feature years ago have we been able to post from the football game/tailgate.  Now, thanks to Broadband To Go (I'd personally like to thank Sir Richard) I am sitting in my PSU folding chair at the side of the tailgate table typing away on the MacBook Pro - ONLINE.

Today we had a small, but delicious Greek inspired tailgate featuring greek meatballs, lemon cupcakes with greek yogurt frosting and so, so, so much more.

Our new camp in the Green lot is awfully convenient to the stadium and a great atmosphere.  It will be a challange to stage bigger tailgates - but we have some ideas ;)

My only complaint (apart from the first quarter of the football game) is the wind.  There always seems to be a "but for" - but, as TailgateMaven would say "I'm not complaining."

To the Lion!


Ch ch ch changes; Cooler Forecast for PSU v youngstown state

So, it turns out that Perfect did want its forecast back - and I thought we should post a quick update:

It will be cool - sunny, this time with clouds, and wind.  High 66 - Low 48 (excuse me? 48?).

Saturday morning's low is in the upper 50s - so the temperature change is really going to hit after the game.

So you should still bring along the sunscreen - but also be sure to pack a sweater if you are going to be staying outside later into the evening.

Oh - and last night they had a wind advisory, expecting wind gusts over 40mph - they've removed that warning as of this morning - but I'd still bring along weights/anchors for your canopies, paper products and starving freshmen.


Doobie Doobie Doo; Blue White Roundtable youngstown state edition.

1.This offseason seems to have more storylines than usual, quarterbacking issues, and Joe’s age aside what is the first thing you’ll be looking for come Saturday?

Up until yesterday - I wouldn't say that it was that chatty of an off season - luckily we didn't have a slew of "off the field" issues with the players this year.

I will definitely be watching the Defense in general - especially the linebacker corps - to see how it all comes together.

2. Penn State has a lot of depth in positions like Linebacker and Wideout. Considering the game should be in hand come the second half, which of the less talked about players on the Nittany Lion roster do you look forward to seeing in action?

I hope you are correct in your assumptions - if the Lions do find a reason to send in some of the reserves - I'd like to see if Mike Yancich and Mike Zordich can make a statement at linebacker -

3. How should Penn State handle the quarterbacking situation? How would you divide the workload?

I think they should start Bolden (har har) - this is an interesting situation- not only do we have a young and untested set of potential qbs, but they are going to be tested, early, no matter what pans out. My hope is that the O line can create situations where Royster is making an impact on the game, thus giving our new quarterback some opportunities.

4. What’s the best case scenario for Penn State coming out of this game? How does the offense/defense look in its development, and how many people has Jack Crawford killed?

Best case scenario is that the team comes out of the game healthy and with a win. It's difficult to say what to look for - because there are so many unknowns and they are playing a team that we really don't know so very much about. With such a ridiculously big game next week, the team, coaches and we, as fans, need to remember that ysu wants to play well just as much as we do.

Hopefully Jack doesn't hurt anyone too badly - hopefully he'll leave some of them with lasting memories (that is, if they can remember).

Rapid Fire

Over/Under (Penn State Score)—40 - I don't make score predictions
Going to the game - yes
Passing yardage > Rushing yardage? Rushing yardage
# of times Joe’s age/bowels are brought up on TV - most likely will reflect the score of the game


Hey, can I get my Quarter Back? Robert Bolden named as starter for Lions' home opener.

This is the day of Announcements - apparently.

Penn State (finally) announced that freshman, Robert Bolden, will be the starting quarterback for the team this Saturday against youngstown state.

Don't They Know We Have a Tailgate to get Ready for? The Big Ten to Announce Divisions.

So, we're one day away from the start of the 2010 Football Season - and just 3 days away from the Nittany Lions' home opener - and the Big T(w)e(lve)n powers that be will, tonight, be announcing the new conference divisions (and 2011 2012 conference schedules).

The rumored configuration is as follows:

Div 1 - um, neb, iowon't, msu, northwestern and minne
Div 2 - Penn State, tosu, wisky, purdon't, iu, and ill


So, anyway, the announcement will be aired on the Big Ten Network at 7pm (EST) - I'll be watching (and Tweeting).


Oh, the places you'll go

Thinking back to the Dr. Seuss classic I was reminded of some of my favorite lines from literature:

Oh, the places you'll go! There is fun to be done!

There are points to be scored. There are games to be won.

And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all.

I think this passage sums up how I feel just a few days away from the first football game and tailgate. I know I'll be going to State College in a few days and having fun tailgating, watching the game, and rooting for the Blue and White.

And yes boys, as you take the field know that no matter what, you ARE the winning-est winner of all.

For the Glory...


He's the T Rex of the NFL; AQ Shipley plays preseason ball for the Eagles.

"...but his arms are so short."

So, the Eagles traveled out to Kansas City for their 3rd preseason game last night - and there was an array of former Nittany Lions to keep a look out for.

The former Lion who saw the most game time was AQ Shipley (#61 - Offense).  Ship got into the game in the 2nd quarter and then again in the 2nd half.  And by the end of the game he'd racked up a good number of successful snaps and one holding penalty - but look, you'll have that.  From what I saw (with my completely objective eyes) he held his own (and that one chief) and was instrumental in the Eagles 4th quarter comeback.

Anthony Scirrotto (preseason #47) and Jordan Norwood (#19) both dressed for the game but didn't make the box-score.  We spotted both of them on the sidelines (multiple times).

Norwood spent most of last season on the Eagles' practice squad - and was activated for one game last season.

Scirrotto got a call from his agent 10 days ago when the Eagles offered him a spot at their training camp. He's been away from the field for over a year - but he seems determined to make the best of this opportunity (squeeze thumbs).

Shipley, who was drafted by the Steelers in the 7th round of the '09 draft, signed with the Eagles as a free agent earlier this year.

All three "babies" are listed on the Eagles' current depth chart as 3rd string.

Here's hoping that they are able to impress the coaches enough to make the cuts, it would be nice to (finally) have Penn Staters on the Eagles roster.


Oh the Weather Outside is Delightful. Sunny skies forecast for PSU home opener.

So, we all know that weather reports can get bad - quickly - in Central PA - even in September, but the weather powers that be say that it's going to be sunny, and lovely for the Lions' first game of the 2010 season.

The current forecast for September 4th (and yes we are 8 days out) is: "Sunny."

Not, "with a chance of hail," or "partly," or "and excessive heat."

No, it's going to be "Sunny" with a high of 77.

"Hello Perfect? We have your weather forecast on the line..."

Let's just see how long it lasts.

Picture of the sun:  Wikipedia


My Big Fat Greek Tailgate; Penn State v youngstown state

The penguins of youngstown state will be belly sliding into University Park on September 4th for the first game of the 2010 Football Season.

Gametime is 12pm and the game will be broadcast on the Big T(w)e(lve)n Network. The parking lots will (should) open at 7am - and we'll be there when they open the gates - Look for us in the Green Lot. Email for specific directions and/or cell numbers.

The penguin is, of course, indigenous to eastern ohio (pay no attention to those stories about how they got their nickname from their sports teams' aptitude for traveling in winter weather) - and the ysu faithful don red and black - so leave your Clearfield and Saucon Valley High sweatshirts at home, please.

If you couldn't guess from the title - our theme for this tailgate is Greece. We'll be serving a variety Hellenic cuisine featuring lemon, olives, feta, phyllo and spinach - a lot of spinach.

We'll be tailgating before and after the game - as always, all are welcome. Contributions are appreciated but not necessary. Check back here for any last minute details/information.

Penn State is Beating Alabama! Big Ten's Greatest Games.

So, Penn State is beating Alabama, really they are. It's on TV right now - on the Big Network's "Big Ten's Greatest Games" - they are currently broadcasting the 1985 contest between Penn State and alabama.

It's the second half, and Penn State is up by one and driving. So, Joe looks younger, but golly, the offense looks the same.

And this is a serious display of *bend don't break* defense. Go Duffy, Ray, Mike, Shane, Trey go go go!

BTN will also broadcast the 1983 Sugar Bowl on Monday (9am EST).

***Edit - OMZ refs bet the game.

***2nd Edit - I heart Duffy Cobbs!

I've had too much coffee and my eyelid is twitching or: how I stopped worrying and started loving the fact that the season 2 weeks away.

The college football season is upon us - and yes we have been filling the tailgate coffers (ie freezer) with desserts and snicky snacks - but we're just now figuring out the tailgating theme schedule and talking about menus and different recipes we want to try.

So far it's been going pretty well - but this season is going to be different from those in the past.  

For one thing, we will not be parking in Lot 13 - yes you read that correctly.  Our main parking spot this season will be in the Green Lot (West Stands). 

And then there are the away games.  Many of the crew are making the trip down to Alabama - which is awesome and admirable and the whole gang is planning to tailgate at the Penn State Indiana game - you know, the one in Washington, DC.  Some folks think it's strange that the game is being played at FedEx Field - but if Indiana has a branch campus in PA - why not play home football games in DC?

Our "big" tailgate this year will be for Homecoming (as previously mentioned by Tailgate Maven) - for that game we'll be tailgating in the RV lots.  fun.

We'll be posting details for the ysu tailgate soon (like 10 minutes or so) and be sure to check back - we have so much to discuss.


Chuck Norris wears Jack Crawford pajamas.

The Patriot News has published some of the lesser known facts about Defensive End Jack Crawford.  All true; very true.

A size 4XL hat tip to (the one and only) BWareLaFlare717.


Gentlemen, Start Your Planning!

Yes, it's that time of year again. Time to start planning the themes for the upcoming season. There is a always a lot of reminiscing about previous tailgates (A Moveable Feast), reading through cookbooks (most recent purchase: bars & squares), and making lists of ideas that get modified, refined, and ultimately agreed upon. Being inspired by the recent YouTube video Pennsylvania Guys, we've landed upon 'A Tour of Pennsylvania' for Homecoming. It combines most of my favorite things (Middleswarth chips and Yuengling) with my favorite Pennsylvania Guys. And it is easy for the tailgating team to add in their favorites foods and drinks from around the state. So, I'd like ask...what is your favorite Pennsylvania food/drink? Post them in the comments and we'll review and pick a few to bring to the tailgate. Of course with our own special 'twist'...

And with that...let the planning begin!


The Things You Have Missed.

My father, the reason why I, and, in my opinion, the people around me, are such fantastic and ardent Penn State Football fans has been gone (as they say) for quite some time now.

There are many moments in the history of our family, country and world that he has missed.  Or, at least, we have missed him.  But, really, isn't it the history of sports and especially Penn State what really matters?

I am not sorry that he missed the dark years  (or, as Ron Weasley would say "the years that shall not be named") - I have no idea what he would have thought.  He would have been really disappointed in 2000 - the team was so sullen and lacked spark.  Their win over (Drew Brees) Purdue was a bright(ish) spot - but it was just a bad season.  2001 had some glimmers - I would have loved it if Pop could have seen 324 - he'd have been so proud, having witnessed so many of the Ws.  2003 and 2004 were, obviously, devastating on the scoreboard - but they were actually a little "better" on the field - he would have seen some hope (ie Paul Posluszny) for the future.

And, of course, the one thing that really developed during those years was the tailgate.  I can't say that I would have gone to as many games if Dad were still around - shameful, I know, but truthful.  When Daddy was around, I made it home to State College for 1 or 2 games a season - since he's been gone, I've missed 3 home games (total) - and for each missed game I was out of the country (oddly enough, they won them all - no, I will not move).  By 2003 we had started our own solo tailgate (To the Lion) and by 2005 we had a website, 2 blogs and a whole new crew of enthusiastic tailgaters.  Pop would be proud of and impressed by our group - although I can imagine that he'd think it a little silly that I insist that we have a different theme every week.  He'd definitely love the food - and he'd be pleased that we surround ourselves with fun, energetic and intelligent folks.

The 2005 team would have, as it did for all of us, reaffirmed his hope for the future of the team.  I think that he would have cautiously (but optimistically) supported the slew of "babies" that took the field that season - any doubts would have been quelled by the end of the Northwestern game.  I like to think his favorite would have been Deon Butler (THROW THE BALL TO BUTLER!) - he probably would have liked Jordan Norwood.

He would have been so frustrated with the coaching staff in 2006 and 2007 (surprise?) - but listen, Dad was calling for Joe Paterno's head every season (starting around 1976) - so that wouldn't have been anything new.

He definitely would have appreciated the 2008 season for it's high points - and he would still blame Iowa.  But then again, he would be so proud of our "best darn formerly non-award winning tailgate, ever" (did I mention there is a banner?)

Oh, he would have been sooo in love the the women's volleyball team - and rightfully so.

There isn't a day that I don't think of my Dad - and there isn't a sporting event that I watch or enjoy without wishing he were there (or at least available to call and ask "did you see that?!?!?!?!").  But, in my heart, especially my football heart, I know he's already there.


Welcome to the Big Ten University of Nebraska

I watched the press conference held at the University of Nebrasaka.  I think it's important to get to know our new brethen:

NU (as they are called) is a fellow Land Grant University and obviously a member of the AAU.  It is also a high research university.  Nebraska has 140 undergraduate programs serving 22,000 undergraduate students. 

And some things that caught my attention:

**More expansion is possible.  Big12Ten Commish Jim Delany stated they are still following the 12-18 month timeline on expasion.  Just like before though, he wasn't being specific on who.

**The B12Ten Network will begin airing Nebraska athletics July 1.  They will begin playing in our conference July 2011.  Awesome!!!

**There is no idea as to if they are going to change the name of the conference. 

And this is their mascot.  Oh the fun!


You've Been Served USC

ESPN is announcing that USC will be punished by a two year post season ban, loss of scholarships and forfeiture of wins from 2004. 

I don't know about you, but I think this was a great day in college football.


Let the Word go out to Friend and Foe Alike; Nebraska joins the Big Ten?

According to sources that are (these days) just about as reputable as you can hope for - I'm, of course, referring to Twitter - the Nebraska board of regents has given the green light for the Cornhuskers to join the Big Ten.

So much for the 12 - 18 month "exploration process."

In the wake of Nebraska and Missouri ("Mizzou") receiving the proverbial "rose" from the Big Ten, and with the Pac Ten's announcement (intention) that they could (will) offer invitations to some 6 Big 12 schools, the Big 12, reportedly, issued an ultimatum to Nebraska and Mizzou - "Pledge loyalty or get out."

The deadline is Friday - and it's expected that Nebraska officials will make it, well, official.

What this means for the future of college football is uncertain (at the very least) but this is obviously not going to be a typical off-season.


Our Baby is ready for Kindergarten; 2theLion is Five (5).

Our wittle blog turns five (5) this week (June 6th, to be exact) - It's a monumental year, for a variety of reasons - not the least of which is this anniversary!  (2theLion.com is 5 as well, as is 2theLion/Diesel Tailgate - and other stuff too).

So, I proclaim this the week of celebration!!!!

There should be a cake.


Quick Reference; More PSU Football Game Times Announced.

Penn State has announced that the first 2 home games of the season (YSU, 9/4; KSU 9/18) will begin at 12pm.

The early start times are not surprising.  What is a little unexpected is that, while the YSU game will be on BTN, the Kent State game will be airing on the ESPN family of networks.