Penn State Basketball Today; Watch If You Must.

Penn State Men's Basketball is at Purdue today.  The game will air on BTN at 3pm (EST).

Don't you want to be watching when they finally win a game...

Pro Bowl, today; Watch If You Must.

The Pro Bowl is today (no, you didn't miss the Super Bowl, it's still next week) - similar to the playoffs and the Super Bowl there is a serious lack of Penn State in this year's game.

But it is the 2nd to last football game of the year (season) -

The game is tonight (1/31) at 7:20pm EST (no, not 7 and not 7:30, 7:20, gosh darnit) - on ESPN.


It's All About the Benjamins Baby

This is old news. But I like to show up fashionably late to a party.

Last month, Outside the Lines (which I am not a fan of after the PSU/JoePa witch hunt) had a segment about college sports and tv revenue. In that piece, it was revealed that the Big Ten makes $242 MILLION in tv revenue, and that's before money brought in by advertisements. Holy Cow Delany! That is the most out of any Division I conference. And that is split equally among the eleven schools in the conference.

That is $22 million being earned by PSU for you non math majors.

I guess the Big Ten Network experiment worked. Really well.

Which really makes you think about the expansion talk. There is some interweb talk about who would be added? Everyone from Cincinnati and Rutgers to the old favorite Notre Dame. But apparently now this is a black horse candidate in the University of Texas.

In a great blog, Frank the Tank talks about the 11+1=13 Rule. Which basically comes down to money. And that leaves about two viable and really attractive schools, Notre Dame and Texas. I really suggest reading that article because it is fantastic.

Sure, there are some major downfalls to Texas, things like Texas size Big Hair, the Cowboys, insane travel to get there. But Texas is also academically smart, ranked 47th with PSU in the US News and World Report, clearly is a good program in sports, and last, but clearly not least, they can make the conference a ton of money.

Kind of hard to dislike this idea.

So unless ND realizes the basic math principle of $22million being greater than the $9million they make in their paltry NBC contract, I say let's Hook 'Em Horns.


They Grow Up So Fast; 2010 Senior Bowl.

Penn State will be fielding one participant in this year's Senior Bowl (Saturday, January 30th, 4pm EST, NFL Network) - All American DT Jared Odrick.

The game will be broadcast on the NFL network - so check your cable/satellite provider because the NFL network will also be broadcasting from the practice field this week.

Reports are that Jared is doing quite well.

As a member of the North Squad's defense - he may have a chance to play against Tebow...


And then there were... Hey, didn't Jim Caldwell coach for PSU? Colts and Saints Advance to the Super Bowl.

Why yes, yes he did (but then, you already knew that, didn't you ).  He was quarterbacks coach at Penn State from 1986-92 - he was at Penn State for the 1987 Fiesta Bowl and, reportedly, he was instrumental in coaching/recruiting Kerry Collins.

But he's also an iowa grad - so...

it all kinda balances out -

My guess is that I'll be rooting for the Saints on Super Bowl Sunday -

Big10 Shows How to Do It

In a mostly boring East*West Game, the Big11Ten really shined. Most of the game, on defense, they talked about Wisconsin's Defesive End O'Brien Schofield. On the offensive side of the ball, it was all Kafka from Northwestern. He saw the majority of the playing time of the three EAST quarterbacks going 18/27 with one TD and one interception. We'll get back to him.

Our beloved DC17 performed very well with limited playing time. Going 7/10 at the end of the second quarter setting up two field goals. A lot of people were underwhelmed by his performance, but I do not believe he was given a fair chance in relation to Kafka. He was only in for two drives and he managed to set up the two scores before Kafka's touchdown at the end of the game.

God's Gift, aka Andrew Quarless, saw a lot of playing time at tight end and did ok. He had three receptions, most importantly the game winner from Northwestern's Kafka. Kafka, gave some major props to God's Gift for the reception.

Punter Jeremey Boone did a great job punting during the game. He averaged 45.8 yards on five punts. His longest went 57 yards. He will be missed.

Back to Kafka, he saw the majority of the playing time among all quarterbacks on both sides of the ball. He really improved his draft stock if you listen to MSM. Northwestern is really going to miss him next year. He did do fantastic job and his two mintute drill at the end of the game was fantastic, depsite not practicing it during the week.

All in all, the East side, more specifically the Big11Ten showed everyone just how good of a conference we are.


East Side, is the best side; 3 Nittany Lions on the East Squad for the 2010 East West Shrine Game.

3 Penn Staters will be participating in today's East West Shrine Game:  Daryll Clark, Andrew Quarless and Jeremy Boone, yes Jeremy Boone.

I'm so going to miss Jeremy Boone -

The game airs today (01/23) at 3pm on ESPN2.


You Know It's the Off Season When; Tailgate Dates Announced, Mark Your Calendars.

As you know, there are really just 2 seasons a year - Football Season and Waiting for Football Season.

One on the best ways to chase the blues during that latter is to prepare for tailgates!

So, yes, it's that time already - time to start planning for the next football/tailgating season.  The Tailgating Coordinator has already organized the planning page for this year's festivities.

While we will be (zug willing) at every home game this season, our marquee (ie RV) events are as follows:

April 24, 2010 - Blue White Game Tailgate
September 11, 2010 - @ alabama Tailgate
October 9, 2010  - Homecoming Tailgate (hosting illinois)
November 20, 2010 - @ indiana Tailgate (at FedEx Field in Washington, DC)

As you can see, the crew is planning on taking the Best Darn Formerly Non-Award Winning Tailgate on the road this season.  All part of the world domination plan, I suppose.


Who can fight and fight 'til he wins? Kennedy can. Kennedy can*; Vikings Still in the Playoffs.

So the big story around the NFL might be how Fran Tarkenton, Joe Namath, and Johnny Unitas are still in the playoffs...


Is it that Brett Favre and the Packers are in the NFC Championship game?


Oh.  Okay - didn't step into another time dimension?

Well. Anyway, regardless of what the big story around the NFL might be, the big story at 2tL is that our own Jimmy Kennedy, along with Brett Favre (with his Pants on the Ground) and the rest of the Vikings, is still in the playoffs!

Kennedy had a good day on Sunday.  After missing the final game of the season with a toe injury, and being listed as "questionable" for the game against Dallas, Kennedy recorded 3 tackles.  3? Meh? how about if the 3 tackles consist of 2 TFLs and 1 sack?  Better?

We wish Kennedy and the Vikings great and good luck as they travel to New Orleans to play the Saints in the NFC Championship.

*JFK campaign song from 1946 Congressional bid.


And Then There Was One

After the Cardinals were whipped like cream by the New Orleans Saints today, Jimmy Kennedy is all that is left of Penn Staters in the post season. The Vikings play the Cowboys tomorrow.

So I guess go Vikings!!!


JayPa Makes Us Proud

JoePa gets most of the attention for his awesomeness. Usually the only time JayPa's name is uttered (up until the SpreadHD in '08) it is usually followed by a string of curses. However in his column appearing on StateCollege.com JayPa does us proud.

The word "coach" has been a title of respect. A college or high school coach has a great responsibility; he or she needs to remember that the sport is a part of a larger academic life for the student-athlete. The word "coach" should encompass the roles of educator, mentor, guidance counselor and manager of on-field duties.

With all the college football drama over the past month, between Mangino at Kansas, the Leach debacle and now Lane Kiffin at USC, it is sometimes very easy to forget how we are at Penn State.

The best example is last year when Illinois came a courtin' Larry Johnson Sr. Johnson turned down goobs of money to stay Penn State because of loyalty and love of true meaning of coaching

"I made a decision not based on monetary gain or status," Johnson told the Patriot-News. "The overriding factors were my loyalty to Penn State, my love for my players and my loyalty to their families that are already committed to me.

"I owe it to them to make a good decision, and I think I made the best one I could have made at this juncture in my career," he added.

Often, in college sports, succes is measured only in wins, whether it be in football, basketball, or even volleyball. As fans we forget that these are young men and women who are really just beginning their lives. We forget that equally important success in college sports is success off the field.

Luckily, as Penn Staters, we have coaches that have not forgotten that fact.

How Tweet it is; Pirates Left Without a Skipper - Skip Holtz Skips to USF.

As seen on Twitter:

@beerisgoodfood Great point! RT @PSUgirl Looks like Skip Holtz is going to USF, leaving the Pirates w/o a coach... hmm, Pirates... who do we know who likes Pirates...


Is Your Brain Exploding? Lane Kiffin New Coach at USC

Wow. Zowie. Wha???

I logged into Twitter tonight and noticed that Lane Kiffin was a trending topic - I thought "why on earth would he be trending?   I hope nothing evil has happened to him."

Well, the evil did not happen to him (reportedly) - but to those who invested their time, trust and money in him and his "vision" (or pile of horse$*#!) for Tennessee.

Because, after one (very short, albeit spirited, and mediocre) season as the Volunteer's head coach he has, "in principle" accepted an offer to be head coach for the USC Trojans.

It's a really unbelievable turn of events - Pete Carroll's departure was surprising itself (perhaps not so surprising given the now reported "troubles" facing the program).  But Kiffin, and his team (supposedly) will be traveling to the west coast and setting up camp.


The Bowled and the Beautiful; Biased FBS Bowl Predictions; The Final Countdown.

once again, let us cue the Swedish hair band...

AmandaKT (if you hadn't already figured this out) is the Champion of the 2theLion Biased FBS Bowl Predictions for the 2009-10 bowl season.

AKT finished with a record of 22-12 - which is pretty darn impressive.

In fact, both Amanda and I (21-13) finished the season with records far better than any we've posted before.  Before this, the best we'd done was during the 2005-06 season when we finished 17-11.  So whoo whoo for biased picks - proving that, we are awesome, you can't always predict things based on stats, and, it's totally unfair to other teams that the Big Ten has sooooooo long to prepare.

You know it's the off season when...You're Counting the Penn Staters in the Playoffs.

1.... 2.... and done.

There is a serious lack of Nittany in the NFL Playoffs this season.  On the 8 remaining teams, there are only 2 - Levi Brown on the Cardinals and Jimmy Kennedy on the Vikings.

Levi started every game this season for the Cardinals - Kennedy has seen playing time as a back up to Pat Willimas, although he did not play in the last game of the season, due to a thumb injury.

So, depending on how the 2 teams do, we may have to consider alternative methods for determining for whom we should cheer this post-season (um, especially considering the fate of our PA teams).



How Tweet it is; Vote for Penn State as Best Bowl Game for a National Champ.

As seen on Twitter:  

@PSUgirl RT: @pennstatelive Fans can vote for Penn State national title games as all-time best http://live.psu.edu/story/43678

I voted for 1987 - 


The Bowled and the Beautiful - Biased FBS Bowl Predictions; One Game More.

...to revolution - or the National Championship - OR - the 2theLion Biased Bowl pick Championship!

After trailing Troy for most of the evening, the Chip Chip Chippewa clinched a win in the 2nd overtime.

CMU*  44
Troy^   41

PSUgirl(*)  21 -12
AmandaKT(^)  21 - 12

In Heaven There is No Beer; That's Why Iowa Won the Orange Bowl.

It wasn't the most entertaining game ever, and the commentary was ear bleedingly painful at times - but Iowa played Iowa (ie Big Ten) football last night and it worked.  When the match up was announced, I thought, yeah, Iowa is going to win this game; an ACC team (albeit the champion) just can't handle a Big Ten defense (especially one like Iowa's).

But then I started listening to the talking heads - and all about the devastating Triple Option - and how Iowa didn't have a chance.  Although my subconscious was screaming "option? option? against iowa's front line? that's not going to work" - the easily diverted portion of my brain was worried for the Hawkeyes.

The game got interesting at the end - and I actually found myself audibly cheering here and there.

So bully for the Hawkeyes and bully for AmandaKT and me - we both picked Iowa to win.

Orange Bowl
Iowa^* 24
GTech  14

AmandaKT 21 - 11
PSUgirl  20 - 12

I still blame Iowa - but maybe a little less today.


Now Don't You Wish You Opened That Evite; The Indoor Tailgate.

We posted some pictures from the annual New Year's Open House. It was a great party - lots of fun, food and friends - we even watched (and played) a little football.

Thanks to the clever scheduling of New Year's Day this year (Thanks 2010), we were able to have the party on the 2nd. Some friends who usually go to the New Year's Day Mummer's Parade (in Philadelphia) were able to attend and there were plenty of bowl games anyway.

We had a great menu - a variety and plethora of delicious dishes, snacks and beverages.

We served: Hot Roast Beef sandwiches, with all the fixings; "pork sauerkraut" and sausages (kielbasa, franks, brats and chicken andouille); black eyed pea soup, with ham and kale; antepasto platter with meats and cheeses (including herb rolled goat cheese); gougeres; pasta salad (made with mini cheese ravioli); mediterranean artichoke dip; boursin spirals; puff pups (lil' smokies in pastry); marinaded feta; marinated pearl onions; marinaded mushrooms; marinated artichoke hearts; cheese straws; warm artichoke and spinach dip; horseradish hummus; white bean hummus; creamy salsa dip; blue cheese and pecan dip; onion dip; salsa; chips and crackers; pretzels; olives and pickles; cupcakes; brownies; a variety of cookies and holiday candies; puff pastry tartlets w/ chocolate mousse and with lemon curd; and, many different beverages.

We left on the shelf and in the fridge: mini cheese souffles; mashed potato dip; shrimps; black bean dip; queso dip; baklava; tart tatin; and, probably some other stuff I can't think of right now.

The Bowled and the Beautiful - Biased FBS Bowl Predictions; Stuck in the Middle with You.

At the end of 2009 AmandaKT and PSUgirl were tied at 13 - 7; let's see how we've faired in the new decade...

January 1, 2010

Outback Bowl
Northwestern^* 35
Auburn OT 38

AmandaKT(^) 13 - 8
PSUgirl(*) 13 - 8

Gator Bowl
fsu^ 33
WVU* 21

AmandaKT 14 - 8
PSUgirl 13 - 9

Capital One Bowl
PENN STATE Nittany Lions*^ 19
LSU 17

PSUgirl 14 - 9
AmandaKT 15 - 8

Rose Bowl
tOSU^* 26
Oregon 17

AmandaKT 16 - 8
PSUgirl 15 - 9

Sugar Bowl
Florida^ 51
Cincinnati* 24

PSUgirl 15 - 10
AmandaKT 17 - 8

January 2, 2010

International Bowl
Northern Illinois^ 7
South Florida* 27

AmandaKT 17 - 9
PSUgirl 16 - 10

PapaJohns.com Bowl
South Carolina^ 7
Connecticut* 20

PSUgirl 17 - 10
AmandaKT 17 - 10

Cotton Bowl
Oklahoma State* 7
Mississippi^ 21

AmandaKT 18 - 10
PSUgirl 17 - 11

Liberty Bowl
East Carolina^ 17
Arkansas* 20

PSUgirl 18 - 11
AmandaKT 18 - 11

Alamo Bowl
Texas Tech^ 41
Michigan State* 31

AmandaKT 19 - 11
PSUgirl 18 - 12

January 4, 2010

Fiesta Bowl

TCU 10
BSU^* 17

PSUgirl 19 - 12
AmandaKT 20 - 11

Three games to go and we're awfully close -


Every Party is a Tailgate; Football Themed Open House.

It Wasn't Pretty, But It's a Win - Now It's Time To Party; Penn State Defeats LSU.

I think that everyone would admit that the Capital One Bowl was a sloppy mess.   and that was just the field.

Penn State dominated the first half - possession wise that is. They had some difficultly getting points on the board - some of that you can blame on the field - but most of it was just classic Penn State.

LSU came out of the locker room after halftime - put points on the board and kept PSU out of the endzone.

Penn State came out and played like they were up by 40 with 7 minutes left in the 4th - that is, until they were trailing by 1, with 7 minutes left in the 4th.

They put together their best drive of the 2nd half and scored the go ahead field goal.

With 1 minute left on the clock, the PSU defense, and the Pac Ten officiating crew, kept the Tigers out of field goal and highlight reel range.

So Daryll Clark ended his Penn State career as a winner - and the MVP of the Capital One Bowl - so now he's not only the one who beat michigan but he beat the Citrus Bowl as well. And that's something. Well done young man.


Getting Ready for the Capital One Bowl!!!

It's less than 10 minutes to kickoff (of the broadcast anyway) - and the fans and teams are in the stadium!

The football faithful and I are decked out in our blue and white (with NO yellow!) and ready for some football!!!  We're having a small, but delicious, at-home tailgate - with all of the tailgate staples (ie kielbasa) and many yummy additions.

We hope that you and yours are enjoying a magical and joyful New Year...


Let's go State!!

The Bowled and the Beautiful - Biased FBS Bowl Predictions; Final Results of the Decade.

When we last checked the tally of our Baised Bowl Picks, AmandaKT was out to an early lead - let's see  how we've fared through the end of the year...

December 27, 2009

Music City Bowl
Kentucky* 13
Clemson^ 21

PSUgirl(*)> 5 - 5
AmandaKT(^)> 9 - 1

December 28, 2009

Independence Bowl
Texas A&M 20
Georgia^* 44

PSUgirl> 6 - 5
AmandaKT> 10 - 1

December 29, 2009

EagleBank Bowl
UCLA^ 30
Temple* 21

PSUgirl> 6 - 6
AmandaKT> 11 - 1


Champs Sports Bowl
Wisconsin* 20
Miami^ 14

PSUgirl> 7 - 6
AmandaKT> 11 - 2

Wiki Sours for everyone!!

December 30, 2009

Humanitarian Bowl
Bowling Green^ 42
Idaho* 43

PSUgirl> 8 - 6
AmandaKT> 11 - 3

This was Amanda's favorite game so far.

Holiday Bowl
Arizona 0
Nebraska^* 33

PSUgirl> 9 - 6
AmandaKT> 12 - 3

December 31, 2009

Armed Forces Bowl
Houston^ 20
Air Force* 47

PSUgirl> 10 - 6
AmandaKT> 12 - 4

Sun Bowl
Oklahoma* 31
Stanford^ 27

PSUgirl> 11 - 6
AmandaKT> 12 - 5

Texas Bowl
Navy* 35
Missouri^ 13

PSUgirl> 12 - 6
AmandaKT> 12 - 6

Come sail away, come sail away...

Insight Bowl
Iowa State 14
Minnesota^* 13

PSUgirl> 12 - 7
AmandaKT> 12 - 7

Chick-fil-A Bowl
Tennessee 14
Virginia Tech*^ 37

PSUgirl> 13 - 7
AmandaKT> 13 - 7