Big10 Shows How to Do It

In a mostly boring East*West Game, the Big11Ten really shined. Most of the game, on defense, they talked about Wisconsin's Defesive End O'Brien Schofield. On the offensive side of the ball, it was all Kafka from Northwestern. He saw the majority of the playing time of the three EAST quarterbacks going 18/27 with one TD and one interception. We'll get back to him.

Our beloved DC17 performed very well with limited playing time. Going 7/10 at the end of the second quarter setting up two field goals. A lot of people were underwhelmed by his performance, but I do not believe he was given a fair chance in relation to Kafka. He was only in for two drives and he managed to set up the two scores before Kafka's touchdown at the end of the game.

God's Gift, aka Andrew Quarless, saw a lot of playing time at tight end and did ok. He had three receptions, most importantly the game winner from Northwestern's Kafka. Kafka, gave some major props to God's Gift for the reception.

Punter Jeremey Boone did a great job punting during the game. He averaged 45.8 yards on five punts. His longest went 57 yards. He will be missed.

Back to Kafka, he saw the majority of the playing time among all quarterbacks on both sides of the ball. He really improved his draft stock if you listen to MSM. Northwestern is really going to miss him next year. He did do fantastic job and his two mintute drill at the end of the game was fantastic, depsite not practicing it during the week.

All in all, the East side, more specifically the Big11Ten showed everyone just how good of a conference we are.

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PSUgirl said...

I thought Darryl did a fine job - like you said, he set up the East's scoring when they were getting very little production - I'm glad he got some chances to pass the ball -

Boone was also the place holder for the kicker - so Penn State was just all over the place (on offense, anyway) - I didn't pay much attention when the West O was on the field.

the internets suggest that Quarless (wouldn't that be Zug's gift?) did very well in the drills during the week - which is when the kids really have a chance to impress the scouts -

"senior" games are not known for being entertaining (you know, everybody plays and juice boxes for all at halftime) - but a FTW score with 6 seconds on the clock? let's just say Kafka was lucky.