The Bowled and the Beautiful; Biased FBS Bowl Predictions; The Final Countdown.

once again, let us cue the Swedish hair band...

AmandaKT (if you hadn't already figured this out) is the Champion of the 2theLion Biased FBS Bowl Predictions for the 2009-10 bowl season.

AKT finished with a record of 22-12 - which is pretty darn impressive.

In fact, both Amanda and I (21-13) finished the season with records far better than any we've posted before.  Before this, the best we'd done was during the 2005-06 season when we finished 17-11.  So whoo whoo for biased picks - proving that, we are awesome, you can't always predict things based on stats, and, it's totally unfair to other teams that the Big Ten has sooooooo long to prepare.

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