How Tweet it is; Vote for Penn State as Best Bowl Game for a National Champ.

As seen on Twitter:  

@PSUgirl RT: @pennstatelive Fans can vote for Penn State national title games as all-time best http://live.psu.edu/story/43678

I voted for 1987 - 


barrister said...

So far 1987 has 24% of the vote. FTR-It is my all time favorite PSU game.

nfl tickets said...

I already voted for them.

J Mays said...

As did I. As of 8:45 on 1/8 that game had 30% of the vote!

On a related note, have you seen this article?


Read it when it was first published (12/27/2006) and bookmarked for eternity. Best ESPN.com article EVER.

AmandaKT said...

voted as well. we're at 32% of the votes. next closest is 19% GO PSU!

barrister said...

On another topic-Congrats to Amanda on her victory in the bowl compettion. FTR-You both beat me-I was a very pedestrain 18-16.