In Heaven There is No Beer; That's Why Iowa Won the Orange Bowl.

It wasn't the most entertaining game ever, and the commentary was ear bleedingly painful at times - but Iowa played Iowa (ie Big Ten) football last night and it worked.  When the match up was announced, I thought, yeah, Iowa is going to win this game; an ACC team (albeit the champion) just can't handle a Big Ten defense (especially one like Iowa's).

But then I started listening to the talking heads - and all about the devastating Triple Option - and how Iowa didn't have a chance.  Although my subconscious was screaming "option? option? against iowa's front line? that's not going to work" - the easily diverted portion of my brain was worried for the Hawkeyes.

The game got interesting at the end - and I actually found myself audibly cheering here and there.

So bully for the Hawkeyes and bully for AmandaKT and me - we both picked Iowa to win.

Orange Bowl
Iowa^* 24
GTech  14

AmandaKT 21 - 11
PSUgirl  20 - 12

I still blame Iowa - but maybe a little less today.

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barrister said...

Personally I do not get the triple option; like the wishbone of my younger days it is a terrible offense when a team falls behind. In any event I am glad Iowa won as just maybe a 4-3 bowl record (with the 4 wins by the conference's 4 best teams) will shut up the Big 10haters.