Is Your Brain Exploding? Lane Kiffin New Coach at USC

Wow. Zowie. Wha???

I logged into Twitter tonight and noticed that Lane Kiffin was a trending topic - I thought "why on earth would he be trending?   I hope nothing evil has happened to him."

Well, the evil did not happen to him (reportedly) - but to those who invested their time, trust and money in him and his "vision" (or pile of horse$*#!) for Tennessee.

Because, after one (very short, albeit spirited, and mediocre) season as the Volunteer's head coach he has, "in principle" accepted an offer to be head coach for the USC Trojans.

It's a really unbelievable turn of events - Pete Carroll's departure was surprising itself (perhaps not so surprising given the now reported "troubles" facing the program).  But Kiffin, and his team (supposedly) will be traveling to the west coast and setting up camp.


AmandaKT said...

Oh this is just about the greatest thing EVER. The school is under investigation for NCAA violations hires a guy under investigation for NCAA violations. It's like USC is flipping the bird to the NCAA. FU NCAA!!! I can't wait to watch this deliciousness.

barrister said...

My brain is not exploding-because frankly nothing surprises me when it comes to coaching changes.

PSUgirl said...

barrister - I agree - but at 9pm on Tuesday - it was fairly unfathomable.