Now Don't You Wish You Opened That Evite; The Indoor Tailgate.

We posted some pictures from the annual New Year's Open House. It was a great party - lots of fun, food and friends - we even watched (and played) a little football.

Thanks to the clever scheduling of New Year's Day this year (Thanks 2010), we were able to have the party on the 2nd. Some friends who usually go to the New Year's Day Mummer's Parade (in Philadelphia) were able to attend and there were plenty of bowl games anyway.

We had a great menu - a variety and plethora of delicious dishes, snacks and beverages.

We served: Hot Roast Beef sandwiches, with all the fixings; "pork sauerkraut" and sausages (kielbasa, franks, brats and chicken andouille); black eyed pea soup, with ham and kale; antepasto platter with meats and cheeses (including herb rolled goat cheese); gougeres; pasta salad (made with mini cheese ravioli); mediterranean artichoke dip; boursin spirals; puff pups (lil' smokies in pastry); marinaded feta; marinated pearl onions; marinaded mushrooms; marinated artichoke hearts; cheese straws; warm artichoke and spinach dip; horseradish hummus; white bean hummus; creamy salsa dip; blue cheese and pecan dip; onion dip; salsa; chips and crackers; pretzels; olives and pickles; cupcakes; brownies; a variety of cookies and holiday candies; puff pastry tartlets w/ chocolate mousse and with lemon curd; and, many different beverages.

We left on the shelf and in the fridge: mini cheese souffles; mashed potato dip; shrimps; black bean dip; queso dip; baklava; tart tatin; and, probably some other stuff I can't think of right now.


PSUgirl said...

forgot to list the polenta squares with bruschetta topping that will have to be enjoyed another day...

Anonymous said...

Hey cutie - next time send a MANVITE (www.manvite.com) - make the Nittany Lions proud. Joe Pa wouldn't be caught dead sending a frilly Evite.

Tom Testosterone
Manvite Founder