Pro Bowl, today; Watch If You Must.

The Pro Bowl is today (no, you didn't miss the Super Bowl, it's still next week) - similar to the playoffs and the Super Bowl there is a serious lack of Penn State in this year's game.

But it is the 2nd to last football game of the year (season) -

The game is tonight (1/31) at 7:20pm EST (no, not 7 and not 7:30, 7:20, gosh darnit) - on ESPN.


barrister said...

I have never watched the Pro Bowl. Given that I can do some last minute trial prep tonight I will not have any trouble preserving that record for at least one more year.

Anonymous said...

hi guys, nice job, although i must comment that all this touching the ball with your hands is a bit bizzare, you see, from where i come from - barcelona and where i work -
is actually some thing else, any way, good luck!