Who can fight and fight 'til he wins? Kennedy can. Kennedy can*; Vikings Still in the Playoffs.

So the big story around the NFL might be how Fran Tarkenton, Joe Namath, and Johnny Unitas are still in the playoffs...


Is it that Brett Favre and the Packers are in the NFC Championship game?


Oh.  Okay - didn't step into another time dimension?

Well. Anyway, regardless of what the big story around the NFL might be, the big story at 2tL is that our own Jimmy Kennedy, along with Brett Favre (with his Pants on the Ground) and the rest of the Vikings, is still in the playoffs!

Kennedy had a good day on Sunday.  After missing the final game of the season with a toe injury, and being listed as "questionable" for the game against Dallas, Kennedy recorded 3 tackles.  3? Meh? how about if the 3 tackles consist of 2 TFLs and 1 sack?  Better?

We wish Kennedy and the Vikings great and good luck as they travel to New Orleans to play the Saints in the NFC Championship.

*JFK campaign song from 1946 Congressional bid.

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barrister said...

My company's biggest insured owns the Vikings so I guess I should be cheering for them. No matter what I will be rooting for the NFC team in the Super Bowl.