How Tweet it Is; Clark's View from the Combine

Okay, so it appears that Daryll didn't participate in all of the workouts - but he's happy with how the day went...

As seen on Twitter...

@PSUgirl RT: @CaptainClark17 All done! And I loved it...everything went great! On the pro day now... LETS GO!

The Combine continues; 2010 NFL Combine.

Today the Quarterbacks work out - oh, and the wideouts and the

Timmy Tebow is a sick athlete, by the way - he has tied the all time highest vertical leap and, jumped a country mile in the broad jump.

Of course, the real quarterback news at the combine revolves around what the quarterbacks won't do - but our man, Daryll Clark, is taking advantage of his time in front of the scouts -

Daryll was the top performer in the QB benchpress with 21 reps!!!!  Okay, he was #1 out of 2 - but who cares?  He's still #1.


Combine the Ingredients with a Dash of 40; Position drills begin at the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is on - Today, Saturday, the Offensive Linemen, Tight Ends and "Specialists" (ie kickers - oh and a kick returner or two) will perform in the individual position drills.

6 Penn Staters are working out this weekend:

Andrew Quarless TE
Daryll Clark QB
Jared Odrick DT
Sean Lee LB
Josh Hull LB
Navorro Bowman LB

As mentioned, the tight ends workout today.  The TEs are in "Group 3" on today's schedule.  Quarless has all ready posted a "top performance" in the bench press - with 23 reps - good enough to tie for 5th among the 20 TEs in Indianapolis this week.

Quarterbacks workout tomorrow (2/28) - Linemen and Linebackers on Monday (set your dvr - it's going to be all Penn State, all day).

I really enjoy watching the combine - the commentary is wonderfully entertaining.   And you will learn so much more about the physicality and nuances of the top performers than you could have ever imagined.

You can check out the action on NFL Network (pretty much all weekend) - and/or you can stream the live action on NFL.com.

The TEs are just about to run the 40 - go Andrew!!!!


It's a Classic Combine Nation; NFL Combine starts today.

Okay - the Combine (in Indianapolis) begins today - but the major coverage (ie position workouts) doesn't start until the weekend.

We'll post stats and info for the Penn Staters as it becomes available.

And yes, there's more snow in the forecast.  This is not my happy face.


For ALL of you who are here, looking for the Diesel Tailgate...

website, the site will be back up and running soon - the Tailgating Coordinator is in the process of rejoining the population of Pennsylvania - the site will be back as soon as he's settled.

For (the three of) you who are here looking for 2theLion - Look, it's been a busy snowy month - we'll be posting again soon - we'll definitely be back by next week - it's the Combine!  I loves me some Combine (no really, it's true.)
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Super Bowl Today; Saints vs Manning.

I mean, the Colts.

So, today is the Super Bowl - I really don't care so much who wins this year - it's a little liberating - and yet I also get jealous of those whose teams are in the big game.

According to CBS and their pre-game tear inducing human interest segments - The city of New Orleans is really counting on the Saints to win today - I don't know if it will change anything - but they've got my vote.

Oh, and I'm rooting for Tater-Tot in Puppy Bowl VI.


Take a Letter Maria; It's National Signing Day!

Update:  All letters are in - no surprises or additions to the list - Levi was the last one to get his letter in today.


Bolden's letter is in.

Mike Thornton picked Georgia :(

100% lifted from Black Shoe Diaries , the list of LoIs so far:

2010-02-03 08:59:00 LOI Received: DaQuan Jones
2010-02-03 08:59:00 LOI Received: Brad Bars
2010-02-03 08:56:00 LOI Received: Mike Hull
2010-02-03 08:39:00 LOI Received: Zach Zwinak
2010-02-03 08:33:00 LOI Received: C.J. Olaniyan
2010-02-03 08:32:00 LOI Received: Miles Diffenbach
2010-02-03 08:29:00 LOI Received: Tom Ricketts
2010-02-03 08:27:00 LOI Received: Luke Graham
2010-02-03 08:17:00 Early Enrollee: Dakota Royer. No LOI Required
2010-02-03 08:21:00 Early Enrollee: Silas Redd. No LOI Required
2010-02-03 08:20:00 Early Enrollee: Paul P.J. Jones. No LOI Required
2010-02-03 08:17:00 Early Enrollee: Kevin Haplea. No LOI Required
2010-02-03 08:17:00 Early Enrollee: Evan Hailes. No LOI Required
2010-02-03 08:17:00 Early Entrollee: Khairi Fortt. No LOI Required
2010-02-03 08:17:00 Early Enrollee: Kyle Baublitz. No LOI Required
2010-02-03 08:03:00 LOI Received: Alex Kenney


Ooh, there's a List; Penn State's 2010 Recruiting Class; 2010 Signing Day.

Tomorrow is the one day in college football in which the fax machine reigns supreme - Signing Day.

Of course, we can never be sure what will happen - but take a look at the current list of "commits" 

Brad Bars (DE) is from Nashville, TN.  Bars is a 2 star recruit by Scout.  He is (so far) the one surprise in 2010, as he committed to Penn State after meeting with coach LJ, Sr - without having taken a visit to University Park.  As you've heard around the message board, if Coach Johnson likes this kid, then I like him too.

Kyle Baublitz (DE) is described with one word "tough." This 4 star (Scout) lineman from York, PA is yet another one of Coach Johnson's recruits (surprised? no, me neither).

Robert Bolden (QB) from Orchard Lake MI is a 4 star (Scout) recruit.  He's an all star quarterback who is well suited to the Penn State system.

Miles Dieffenbach (C), from Pittsburgh, PA, is another 4 star recruit.  Scout touts him as a versatile offensive lineman.
Miles Dieffenbach

Khari Fortt (OLB) from Stamford CT, played in the US Army Game this year.  He's a tall and quick linebacker who fully intends to lead Penn State to a National Championship.  Scout ranks him at 4 stars.
Khairi Fortt

Luke Graham (OG) is a 6'5" 3 star recruit (Scout).  Graham, from Harrison City PA, was recruited by coach Tom Bradley
Luke Graham

Evan Hailes (DT) gets 4 stars from Scout.  Hailes hails from Chesapeake, VA and committed to Penn State last summer while attending football camp.
Evan Hailes

Kevin Haplea (TE), from Annandale NJ, is a 4 star (Scout) tight end.  Scout has high praise for his blocking abilities and expect him to contribute early (good!).
Kevin Haplea

Mike Hull (MLB), of Canonsburg PA, is a five star recruit and the #1 ranked middle linebacker in this year's class.  Hull impressed the "experts" at the US Army game.
Mike HullMike Hull

Daquan Jones (DT), from Johnson City NY, is a 4 star recruit.  Jones will join Larry Johnson's crew of prodigies.
Daquan Jones

Paul Jones (QB) is the #3 ranked Quarterback in the country and has a 5 star ranking (Scout).  From McKees Rocks, PA, Jones is a big, strong kid who can run and throw - it will be interesting to see how he and Boldon fit into the HD scheme
Paul Jones

Alex Kenney (WR) is another yet another recruit from State College, PA.  The 4 star (Scout) recruit helped the Little Lions get all the way to the PA State Championship.
Alex Kenney

Khamrone Kolb (OT) is from Burke VA.  This 3 star (Scout) recruit is (already) 6'6".
Khamrone Kolb

Levi Norwood (WR) from Waco, TX is a 3 star (Scout) recruit.  Where have we seen this name before?  Levi had to sit out the 2008 football season due to his family's move to Texas (because, yes, his father is Brian Norwood) -
Levi Norwood

CJ Olaniyan (DE) is a 6'5" 4 star (Scout) recruit from Warren MI.  He's tall - and has room to bulk up.

Shyquawn Pullium (CB), from Erie PA, is a 3 star (Scout) recruit.  Penn State can seriously use some talent in the secondary.
Shyquawn Pulliam

Silas Redd (RB) of Stamford CT is the #1 player coming out of Connecticut this year.  He's a 5 star (Scout) running back who can also catch!
Silas Redd

Tom Rickets (OT), of Wexford PA, is a 4 star recuit.  6'6", Rickets has good athleticism and control

Dakota Royer (OLB) is a 4 star recruit.  Another Pennsylvania linebacker, Royer is from Manheim PA.
Dakota Royer

Zach Zwinak (FB).  This 4 star recruit (Scout) is the #1 ranked full back in the nation.  From Frederick MD, he is touted as a speedy runner and a great blocker.
Zach Zwinak

Still on the board:

Keenan Allen (S) from Greensboro, NC is #1 safety in the country.  This 5 star recruit (Scout) has a reported medium interest in Penn State - we'll have to see what happens.

Marcus Lattimore (RB) is the #1 running back and Scout's #2 player in the country.   From Duncan, SC, this 5 star recruit it a major long shot for Penn State - but, again, you never know...

Michael Thorton (DT), from Stone Mountain GA, reportedly had a great visit at Penn State.  This 4 star (Scout) lineman has said that he's still looking at 11 or 12 schools - but that he will definitely be making his choice on Wednesday.
Michael Thornton

Photos and info from Scout.com

Coming In...Going Out!

While tomorrow is a big day for incoming Penn State recruits, today was a somewhat big day for some former Nittany Lions.

Six Lions have been invited to participate in the NFL combines. Seniors Darryl Clark, Josh Hull, Sean Lee, Jared Odrick and God's Gift aka Andrew Quarless will be joined by junior Navarro Bowman.

Odrick impressed scouts during the Senior Bowl and is all but certain to go first round.

The combines are Feb 24-Mar 2.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a sign; National Signing Day tomorrow.

So, tomorrow is National Signing Day or Letter of Intent Day or Grown Men (and women) Basing Their Every Happiness on the Whim of Youth Day -

Penn State's recruiting board has been set for quite a while - it's a solid class, without much glitz and/or glamour, but solid just the same - so there hasn't been much intrigue this year...

Until NOW - apparently there are some rumors swirling about in the internetical universe that some big name recruits are still (actually, just now) considering Penn State -

So maybe there is a reason to log into your Penn Live account tomorrow.

ESPNU will be broadcasting all day (starting at 10amEST) with all the recruiting news.

And, we'll be posting more information on the newest Nittany Lions tomorrow.

Update:  BTN will also air a Signing Day special tomorrow at 4pm (EST).

 not old enough yet, but oh so cute!


This Really Is The Best Game of All; 3 Penn Staters in the Texas vs the Nation Game.

I love this game - I love everything about it - I love how uncompromisingly and unapologetically arrogant it makes Texas seem (seem?) - I love the bling that the participants receive - I love the fact that Howard Schnellenberger is the coach for the Nation - and I most definitely love the fact that they have invited the pride of Millheim, the stache himself, Josh Hull to participate.

Hull will be joining him teammates, Dennis Landolt (T) and A.J. Wallace (DB), in El Paso.

The game is Saturday, February 6th at 2pm (EST) - it will be broadcast on CBS College Sports (check your listings).

5 Penn Staters participated in last year's game (of course Jordan Norwood did play for Texas ).