Combine the Ingredients with a Dash of 40; Position drills begin at the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is on - Today, Saturday, the Offensive Linemen, Tight Ends and "Specialists" (ie kickers - oh and a kick returner or two) will perform in the individual position drills.

6 Penn Staters are working out this weekend:

Andrew Quarless TE
Daryll Clark QB
Jared Odrick DT
Sean Lee LB
Josh Hull LB
Navorro Bowman LB

As mentioned, the tight ends workout today.  The TEs are in "Group 3" on today's schedule.  Quarless has all ready posted a "top performance" in the bench press - with 23 reps - good enough to tie for 5th among the 20 TEs in Indianapolis this week.

Quarterbacks workout tomorrow (2/28) - Linemen and Linebackers on Monday (set your dvr - it's going to be all Penn State, all day).

I really enjoy watching the combine - the commentary is wonderfully entertaining.   And you will learn so much more about the physicality and nuances of the top performers than you could have ever imagined.

You can check out the action on NFL Network (pretty much all weekend) - and/or you can stream the live action on NFL.com.

The TEs are just about to run the 40 - go Andrew!!!!

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