Super Bowl Today; Saints vs Manning.

I mean, the Colts.

So, today is the Super Bowl - I really don't care so much who wins this year - it's a little liberating - and yet I also get jealous of those whose teams are in the big game.

According to CBS and their pre-game tear inducing human interest segments - The city of New Orleans is really counting on the Saints to win today - I don't know if it will change anything - but they've got my vote.

Oh, and I'm rooting for Tater-Tot in Puppy Bowl VI.


barrister said...

I am for the Saints-but only because I cannot stand the Colts and the incessant Peyton manning hype.

Back to the game-I skipped out during halftime.

barrister said...


Unknown said...

Who Dat! I was indifferent going in but found myself rooting for the saints...

Good game.

Good blog by the way..big fan.

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