They're a Winning Combine Nation! 4 Penn Staters Workout at the NFL Combine.

It's the first day of defense drills at the NFL Combine.

Our fine friends, Jared Odrick (DL), Sean Lee (LB), Navorro Bowman (LB) and Josh (the Stache) Hull (LB) all workout today.

Odrick and Bowman are both on (most of) the experts' lists as top draft picks - and, surprise, surprise, they are both actually going through the drills.

Believe it or not, Lee and Bowman posted the same time (4.72 - unofficially) for the 40 yard dash - It would seem that the knees are doing well.

Bowman was a top performer in the benchpress with 26 reps.

NFL.com is really a great resource for checking out the action.

Penn State concludes it's participation today.

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barrister said...

I haven't seen much of the "Underwear Olympics". However, part of the closing ceremony of the "Real Olympics" seemed like it had been stolen from PSU!