Blue/White Roundtable - Blue/White Style.

It's the Blue White Roundtable for the Blue White game!  Yeah!

Devon graciously supplied the questions for this special installment.  Be sure to check out his recap on Nittany White Out.

1. Big Ten expansion talk is heating back up, with word coming out of an "accelerated timetable."  We'll split this question three ways:

     a.  What *should *the Big Ten do?
AmandaKT - *Texas.  Texas.  I've totally bought into the wholeTexas argument.  It makes the most sense.*
PSUgirl - “Should?”  - well what they should do is resist the cash cow and not expand to a “championship/division” system - because title games can only bring heartache.  If everyone is so dead set against a playoff or even a +1 - then why is it okay to have this extra game?  hmmm?  why, Mr. Delaney? why? 
b.  What do you *want *the Big Ten to do?
AmandaKT -  *LET'S GO PENS...oh wait...crap wrong sport.  Texas.  * 
PSUgirl - Because I’m just starting to accept the inevitable (i mean, even Joe Paterno is on board with this now) - I haven’t given it much thought.  If I had to choose - I would pick USC.
     c. What *will *the Big Ten do?
AmandaKT - *Pittsburgh.  Or the State University of New Jersey.  Just to irk me.* 
PSUgirl - They will expand - because it’s only entertainment, after all.  And, as Amanda says - it’ll probably be Rutgers or Pitt - just to tick her off.
2. Back to Penn State: Though Joe Paterno has continued to insist that there is a quarterback competition this spring, in your eyes is there any chance that it isn't Kevin Newsome under center against Youngstown State next August?
AmandaKT- *Well, to be fair, I haven't been paying ANY attention to any football because of hockey season (LET'S GO PENS!), but unless JoePa has been replaced in the off season Newsome will start against YSU.  But I could change my mind after the game on Saturday.* 
PSUgirl - No.  Although I don’t know that it means he’ll start throughout the season.

3. What do you make of Penn State's current recruiting situation, with no commits as of this Monday before the Blue/White Game while a team like Ohio State already has 9?

AmandaKT - *I am not concerned.  Tosu probably just had a few extra coins in the coffers they had to get rid of before the end of the college fiscal year and bought those commits.  I am sure the guys we like are too busy studying, taking SAT's or doing community service to commit.  * 

PSUgirl - Penn State had a big class this spring, many of whom committed very early.  My guess is that we’ll see a few names pop up after Blue/White. No worried, yet.  I do like it that Amanda used the term "coffers" though.

4. Aside from the QB situation, what is one aspect of the team you're going to be looking at closely during the scrimmage this Saturday?  
AmandaKt - *Offensive Line.  A good OL and I won't be as concerned about the QBsituation.  Bad OL and I am going to offer a lot of prayers to Zug. *
PSUgirl - Linebackers, kicking game and all the kids 7 and under who are coming to the tailgate/game this year.
Lightning Round:
    Will you be watching the Blue/White Game in person, or on ESPN2?  
    AmandaKT - *In Person.  Blue/White is an unofficial holiday for me.*
    PSUgirl - I’ll be there - unofficial?
    Who will be starting at linebacker come the Youngstown State game? 
    AmandaKT - *Fortt, Royer, Pollock.  * 
    PSUgirl - Stupar
    Which game will be selected as this year's night game/White Out, or will there be none? 
    AmandaKT - *Since the White Out shirt is already out (and it looks pretty cool) there will be a White Out (and let's face it, who thinks the University would miss out on money).  scUM or Illinois will be the White Out.*
    PSUgirl - Michigan

    What round will the Penn State players be selected in this year's draft? 
    AmandaKT - *Odrick early 2nd and the rest 3rd or later.* 
    PSUgirl - 1,2,3

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    barrister said...

    Maddy the sole reason for expansion is a five letter word that starts with the same letter as your five letter name. But frankly if the Big Ten is looking for a school to give it as muuch as PSU did whenit joined in the early 90's the conference is going to be disappointed.