Extreme Makeover: Offensive Line Edition

Yeah, yeah, I know. I haven't been around (sorry PSUGirl). I have been distracted by Penguins hockey and the awesome that is Sidney Crosby. But I thought I would brush up on PSU Football in time for Blue White. I really hope the Pens finish their series up tonight...

Anyways...I was brushing up PSU Football facts when I stumbled across this little gem in the Post Gazette.
Penn State wrapped up its spring sessions Wednesday, leading up to Saturday's Blue-White Game at Beaver Stadium. Spectators might need a roster to keep track of all the moves on the offensive line.

Remember in the Blue/White Round Table I mentioned being concerned about the OL...well still concerned. It's almost like they have been playing musical chairs. But this is what I gathered from the story:

Right Tackle: Eliades
Right Guard: Wisniewski
Center: Klopacz
Left Guard: Pannell
Left Tackle: Barham

With the new position comes a lot of responsibility for Barham. He is responsible for protecting his quarterback's blind side.

"I feel good," he said. "The position is new to me and I'm still working on it.

"I don't think anything's set in stone right now for the fall. But I think I gave the coaches a pretty good prediction of how it's going to be."

Well, if anything, this is going to be a very intersting season.

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barrister said...

I am hoping that "interesting" is not a euphemism for "lousy". Personally I have some doubts about how good the team will be this fall.