Let the Word go out to Friend and Foe Alike; Nebraska joins the Big Ten?

According to sources that are (these days) just about as reputable as you can hope for - I'm, of course, referring to Twitter - the Nebraska board of regents has given the green light for the Cornhuskers to join the Big Ten.

So much for the 12 - 18 month "exploration process."

In the wake of Nebraska and Missouri ("Mizzou") receiving the proverbial "rose" from the Big Ten, and with the Pac Ten's announcement (intention) that they could (will) offer invitations to some 6 Big 12 schools, the Big 12, reportedly, issued an ultimatum to Nebraska and Mizzou - "Pledge loyalty or get out."

The deadline is Friday - and it's expected that Nebraska officials will make it, well, official.

What this means for the future of college football is uncertain (at the very least) but this is obviously not going to be a typical off-season.


AmandaKT said...

I am a fan of this. I like Nebraska. While I would prefer Texas, this was my back up college.

barrister said...

The Nebraska fans are the 2nd best in college football(after us)-but 1994 is still a sore spot with me. PSU-Nebraska could be a great rivalry depending on how often they play.