Welcome to the Big Ten University of Nebraska

I watched the press conference held at the University of Nebrasaka.  I think it's important to get to know our new brethen:

NU (as they are called) is a fellow Land Grant University and obviously a member of the AAU.  It is also a high research university.  Nebraska has 140 undergraduate programs serving 22,000 undergraduate students. 

And some things that caught my attention:

**More expansion is possible.  Big12Ten Commish Jim Delany stated they are still following the 12-18 month timeline on expasion.  Just like before though, he wasn't being specific on who.

**The B12Ten Network will begin airing Nebraska athletics July 1.  They will begin playing in our conference July 2011.  Awesome!!!

**There is no idea as to if they are going to change the name of the conference. 

And this is their mascot.  Oh the fun!


barrister said...

I am hopintg that PSU-Nebraska can be the last game on our schedule every year. Given what happened in 1982 and 1994 there is clearly a history with the Huskers.

AmandaKT said...

Exactly. I was talking to a MSU fan today and I said "While I enjoy us beating up on you every year, I really want to play Nebraska."