Gentlemen, Start Your Planning!

Yes, it's that time of year again. Time to start planning the themes for the upcoming season. There is a always a lot of reminiscing about previous tailgates (A Moveable Feast), reading through cookbooks (most recent purchase: bars & squares), and making lists of ideas that get modified, refined, and ultimately agreed upon. Being inspired by the recent YouTube video Pennsylvania Guys, we've landed upon 'A Tour of Pennsylvania' for Homecoming. It combines most of my favorite things (Middleswarth chips and Yuengling) with my favorite Pennsylvania Guys. And it is easy for the tailgating team to add in their favorites foods and drinks from around the state. So, I'd like ask...what is your favorite Pennsylvania food/drink? Post them in the comments and we'll review and pick a few to bring to the tailgate. Of course with our own special 'twist'...

And with that...let the planning begin!