Oh, the places you'll go

Thinking back to the Dr. Seuss classic I was reminded of some of my favorite lines from literature:

Oh, the places you'll go! There is fun to be done!

There are points to be scored. There are games to be won.

And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all.

I think this passage sums up how I feel just a few days away from the first football game and tailgate. I know I'll be going to State College in a few days and having fun tailgating, watching the game, and rooting for the Blue and White.

And yes boys, as you take the field know that no matter what, you ARE the winning-est winner of all.

For the Glory...


He's the T Rex of the NFL; AQ Shipley plays preseason ball for the Eagles.

"...but his arms are so short."

So, the Eagles traveled out to Kansas City for their 3rd preseason game last night - and there was an array of former Nittany Lions to keep a look out for.

The former Lion who saw the most game time was AQ Shipley (#61 - Offense).  Ship got into the game in the 2nd quarter and then again in the 2nd half.  And by the end of the game he'd racked up a good number of successful snaps and one holding penalty - but look, you'll have that.  From what I saw (with my completely objective eyes) he held his own (and that one chief) and was instrumental in the Eagles 4th quarter comeback.

Anthony Scirrotto (preseason #47) and Jordan Norwood (#19) both dressed for the game but didn't make the box-score.  We spotted both of them on the sidelines (multiple times).

Norwood spent most of last season on the Eagles' practice squad - and was activated for one game last season.

Scirrotto got a call from his agent 10 days ago when the Eagles offered him a spot at their training camp. He's been away from the field for over a year - but he seems determined to make the best of this opportunity (squeeze thumbs).

Shipley, who was drafted by the Steelers in the 7th round of the '09 draft, signed with the Eagles as a free agent earlier this year.

All three "babies" are listed on the Eagles' current depth chart as 3rd string.

Here's hoping that they are able to impress the coaches enough to make the cuts, it would be nice to (finally) have Penn Staters on the Eagles roster.


Oh the Weather Outside is Delightful. Sunny skies forecast for PSU home opener.

So, we all know that weather reports can get bad - quickly - in Central PA - even in September, but the weather powers that be say that it's going to be sunny, and lovely for the Lions' first game of the 2010 season.

The current forecast for September 4th (and yes we are 8 days out) is: "Sunny."

Not, "with a chance of hail," or "partly," or "and excessive heat."

No, it's going to be "Sunny" with a high of 77.

"Hello Perfect? We have your weather forecast on the line..."

Let's just see how long it lasts.

Picture of the sun:  Wikipedia


My Big Fat Greek Tailgate; Penn State v youngstown state

The penguins of youngstown state will be belly sliding into University Park on September 4th for the first game of the 2010 Football Season.

Gametime is 12pm and the game will be broadcast on the Big T(w)e(lve)n Network. The parking lots will (should) open at 7am - and we'll be there when they open the gates - Look for us in the Green Lot. Email for specific directions and/or cell numbers.

The penguin is, of course, indigenous to eastern ohio (pay no attention to those stories about how they got their nickname from their sports teams' aptitude for traveling in winter weather) - and the ysu faithful don red and black - so leave your Clearfield and Saucon Valley High sweatshirts at home, please.

If you couldn't guess from the title - our theme for this tailgate is Greece. We'll be serving a variety Hellenic cuisine featuring lemon, olives, feta, phyllo and spinach - a lot of spinach.

We'll be tailgating before and after the game - as always, all are welcome. Contributions are appreciated but not necessary. Check back here for any last minute details/information.

Penn State is Beating Alabama! Big Ten's Greatest Games.

So, Penn State is beating Alabama, really they are. It's on TV right now - on the Big Network's "Big Ten's Greatest Games" - they are currently broadcasting the 1985 contest between Penn State and alabama.

It's the second half, and Penn State is up by one and driving. So, Joe looks younger, but golly, the offense looks the same.

And this is a serious display of *bend don't break* defense. Go Duffy, Ray, Mike, Shane, Trey go go go!

BTN will also broadcast the 1983 Sugar Bowl on Monday (9am EST).

***Edit - OMZ refs bet the game.

***2nd Edit - I heart Duffy Cobbs!

I've had too much coffee and my eyelid is twitching or: how I stopped worrying and started loving the fact that the season 2 weeks away.

The college football season is upon us - and yes we have been filling the tailgate coffers (ie freezer) with desserts and snicky snacks - but we're just now figuring out the tailgating theme schedule and talking about menus and different recipes we want to try.

So far it's been going pretty well - but this season is going to be different from those in the past.  

For one thing, we will not be parking in Lot 13 - yes you read that correctly.  Our main parking spot this season will be in the Green Lot (West Stands). 

And then there are the away games.  Many of the crew are making the trip down to Alabama - which is awesome and admirable and the whole gang is planning to tailgate at the Penn State Indiana game - you know, the one in Washington, DC.  Some folks think it's strange that the game is being played at FedEx Field - but if Indiana has a branch campus in PA - why not play home football games in DC?

Our "big" tailgate this year will be for Homecoming (as previously mentioned by Tailgate Maven) - for that game we'll be tailgating in the RV lots.  fun.

We'll be posting details for the ysu tailgate soon (like 10 minutes or so) and be sure to check back - we have so much to discuss.


Chuck Norris wears Jack Crawford pajamas.

The Patriot News has published some of the lesser known facts about Defensive End Jack Crawford.  All true; very true.

A size 4XL hat tip to (the one and only) BWareLaFlare717.