He's the T Rex of the NFL; AQ Shipley plays preseason ball for the Eagles.

"...but his arms are so short."

So, the Eagles traveled out to Kansas City for their 3rd preseason game last night - and there was an array of former Nittany Lions to keep a look out for.

The former Lion who saw the most game time was AQ Shipley (#61 - Offense).  Ship got into the game in the 2nd quarter and then again in the 2nd half.  And by the end of the game he'd racked up a good number of successful snaps and one holding penalty - but look, you'll have that.  From what I saw (with my completely objective eyes) he held his own (and that one chief) and was instrumental in the Eagles 4th quarter comeback.

Anthony Scirrotto (preseason #47) and Jordan Norwood (#19) both dressed for the game but didn't make the box-score.  We spotted both of them on the sidelines (multiple times).

Norwood spent most of last season on the Eagles' practice squad - and was activated for one game last season.

Scirrotto got a call from his agent 10 days ago when the Eagles offered him a spot at their training camp. He's been away from the field for over a year - but he seems determined to make the best of this opportunity (squeeze thumbs).

Shipley, who was drafted by the Steelers in the 7th round of the '09 draft, signed with the Eagles as a free agent earlier this year.

All three "babies" are listed on the Eagles' current depth chart as 3rd string.

Here's hoping that they are able to impress the coaches enough to make the cuts, it would be nice to (finally) have Penn Staters on the Eagles roster.


barrister said...

I am not optimistic about any of them making the Eagles unless injuries crop up. It is too bad that the local pro team has had no Lions on it recently.

Free-Nokia-Ringtones said...

No love for Tamba Hali on the Chiefs? I know it's an Eagles focus, but he's their best defensive player.

PSUgirl said...

Oh there's time - and yes we adore Tamba! Quarless scored his first touchdown last week - and Josh Hull is tearing it up. We're planning a lot more Pro Lions updates.