I've had too much coffee and my eyelid is twitching or: how I stopped worrying and started loving the fact that the season 2 weeks away.

The college football season is upon us - and yes we have been filling the tailgate coffers (ie freezer) with desserts and snicky snacks - but we're just now figuring out the tailgating theme schedule and talking about menus and different recipes we want to try.

So far it's been going pretty well - but this season is going to be different from those in the past.  

For one thing, we will not be parking in Lot 13 - yes you read that correctly.  Our main parking spot this season will be in the Green Lot (West Stands). 

And then there are the away games.  Many of the crew are making the trip down to Alabama - which is awesome and admirable and the whole gang is planning to tailgate at the Penn State Indiana game - you know, the one in Washington, DC.  Some folks think it's strange that the game is being played at FedEx Field - but if Indiana has a branch campus in PA - why not play home football games in DC?

Our "big" tailgate this year will be for Homecoming (as previously mentioned by Tailgate Maven) - for that game we'll be tailgating in the RV lots.  fun.

We'll be posting details for the ysu tailgate soon (like 10 minutes or so) and be sure to check back - we have so much to discuss.

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WFY said...

I'm quite eager to hear about the FedEx Field theme. :)